A stroll through the streets of the Old City in Damascus/ By Vanessa Beeley

Now peaceful. I remember the days when these streets were daily targeted by mortars fired by US Coalition terrorists in Eastern Ghouta before liberation in 2018. Christmas 2017, this area was a ghost town, now flourishing again.  Thanks to the Syrian Arab Army and allies, these people can enjoy the sunshine without the threat of death which was always hanging over them when the terrorists were embedded only a few kilometres from these alleys and markets stalls. 

For those who are enquiring about the Stork on a string. Plans are afoot to rescue and release. Another one of the things I spend a lot of time doing in this country where families struggle to take care of their children under sanctions and animals do not take priority, sadly. They often end up mistreated, abandoned or worse and it is one much forgotten aspect of war, economic depression, poverty and lack of education that is hard to bear sometimes. xx DamascusSyria