“Against sanctions in Syria Protest in Berlin today. Here is the speech that I held at the Protest amongst many great speeches from Syrians, an Iraqi, and a Palestinian speaker”/By Hanuna Majnouna

I am often asked the usual questions about Syria. “It all started with peaceful protests!”
It is true that there have been peaceful protests for reforms in Syria. But, from the very beginning, armed gangs of the Muslim Brotherhood, spurred on their website “Syrian Revolution”, whose makers Fidaaldin Al Sayyed Issa disempowered Syrian President Assad and served up the Syrian spring a la Egypt and Tunisia in Syria. After 1982, when the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood seized power in Hama which ended in a massacre, the extremists vowed vengeance.
However, they only made up a small percentage of Syrians. It would equal the amount of KKK in the US trying to bring down the government and take over the White House….The majority of the Sunni population does not want to have anything to do with them.
This internal unrest played into the hands of the USA, the Gulf States, Turkey and some NATO countries. They wanted to destabilize Syria for geopolitical purposes and seize control. It was a well-organized strategy by the countries that had previously brought Iraq and Libya into chaos on the grounds of non-existent weapons of mass destruction or invented stories of babies thrown out of incubators. Uncontrollable leaders with whom one could no longer do business or who wanted to drop the dollar as a currency, slam the door in front of Monsanto or refuse to have gas pipelines built through their countries, exchanged by easily controllable puppet presidents under the guise of human rights, democracy and freedom .
The media helped to plausibly justify the whole thing. And when all the fraud came to light, people were distracted with other things. No consequences or changes to the plan in the Middle East were planned. Syria was next on the list.
At the end of 2011, there were as many deaths in the Syrian army and Syrian security guards as there were on the opposition side. Because the so so. Alles Opposition were equipped with money and weapons from the start. There were even factories that make Captagon, a drug that was given to the fighters to keep them aggressive, wide awake and coldblooded.

During this time, Al-Jazeera and Alarabiya functioned as a propaganda tool. They spread lies about the facts. They spread that the Syrian security guards fired on soldiers in the Syrian army because they allegedly refused to shoot peaceful demonstrators. You could spread this lie about three months and convince a lot of people during this time. However, when the rebel massacre of Jisr Al Shigour was discovered in June 2011, in which 120 Syrian soldiers and security officers were massacred and executed, the Anti Assad Camp was forced to recognize that it was an armed takeover. From there, the “Free Syrian Army” brand (with the flag from the time of French colonial rule) was created because it could no longer be sold as a peaceful protest.

Geopolitical interests of the West and the Gulf States and a sophisticated long-term plan to try to get the resources of the entire Middle East first, to have control over the rulers at the top and to benefit from the wealth of natural resources and geopolitical location for control purposes. This brought a lot of money and weapons into the hands of all sorts of radical groups and recruited mercenaries from around the world, with the plan to overthrow Assad as ruler and instead wanted to install a caliphate.
They tried to cover up the fact that Assad was elected by over 80% of the population, through all kinds of unproven reports, which consistently say: “Oppositionists claim that ..”, resulting in the brutal terrorist attacks on a sovereign country by the foreign funded and armed opposition , better known as freedom fighters or moderate rebels, which helped to justify the war crimes. It was rarely mentioned that none of these fighters wanted to bring freedom and democracy, since they all came from the radical Islamist (Salafists, Wahabists) faction. That most of them weren’t Syrians, either. 300,000 mercenaries from all over the world were smuggled into the country with the blessing of NATO countries, Israel, Turkey, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, previously trained in Turkey and Jordan, equipped with weapons and endless ammunition were shipped into small Syria and released on its peaceful population to destabilize and destroy.
The gruesome acts, murders, rapes, kidnappings, mutilation, beheading and torture, oppression of the population were hushed up in the Western press. IS marched across the Iraqi border into Syria to occupy the neighboring oil-rich areas and subjugate the population. IS sold the oil and artifacts from destroyed antiquities (such as Palmyra) across borders, buying more weapons and sex slaves, publishing recruitment videos, employing selected imams in mosques worldwide and attracting even more recruits. The Kurdish population was also armed and marketed as a freedom fighter force against IS. The lack of women’s rights often made the Islamist rebels unbelievable and many skeptical, which was compensated for by the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. At the same time, the United States promised them their own autonomous Kurdistan if they also turned against Assad. Which in turn got Erdogan on the palmtree…
The arms trade runs like clockwork …
The less radical groups were not so well-equipped and trained fighters and soon joined the more radical ones with the more armed and trained fighters. Each fighter funded by the West and the Gulf States earns more than 20 Syrian soldiers at a time.
100,000s fled from Syria.
Assad, of course, was to blame.
Barrel bombs on his own population, chemical weapons use against innocent civilians, who then turned out to be chemical weapons used by the rebels.
Syria asked its long-time allies, Russia and Iran for help. They agreed. Russia mediated and suggested that all chemical weapons in Syria to be surrendered. Carla De Ponte of the UN found after an investigation that the chemical weapons came from the rebels and were also used by them. This has also been confirmed by a Russian security commission.
However, the allegations remained.

The White Helmets

In the meantime, the White Helmets made a name for themselves from East Aleppo.
They told people in the West about the terrible bombings of the Syrian regime and how they pulled children and civilians out of the rubble and saved lives free of charge and apolitically and were previously carpenters, bakers and bank clerks.
Occasionally, however, you could find films on the net that hadn’t been edited and accidentally got out. Where corpses came back to life and a lot of red paint was used.
Like a car explodes and then a film team lines up to rescue it and suddenly starts running and saving when the director days „action“. Some actors were also recognized several times in the films. There are also exceptions where an execution apparently takes place and 2 seconds later the white helmets carry the dead away, so they were obviously part of the execution.
The founder of the white helmets is James Le Mesurier, a former British military officer, now dead after mysteriously falling from his balcony in Turkey….who specialized in outsourcing warfare, private security operations as a global supplier of mercenaries and killer commands, among others; Operation Blackwater.
After being nominated for an Oscar, the spokesman and leader of the White Helmets was barred from entering the United States for an award because of the proximity to extremist terrorist organizations. The USA did not want to comment further on this.

There were terrible recordings on the Internet in which the same terrorist organization Nour Din Al Zinki, an offshoot of the Al Nusra Front (later Ahrar Al Sham), a boy of about ten, who had previously been kidnapped from the hospital, on an open pickup vehicle in broad daylight was beheaded with a blunt knife after asking in front of the camera to please just shoot him.
I had never seen anything so terrible before.

Mahmud Raslan, who photographed and filmed the legendary boy, Omran in the orange seat in the ultra-clean new expensive ambulance, dusty and traumatized for the world to see in order to achieve a “no fly zone” and a third world war, has found his Facebook profile depicted laughing and hugging with the boy’s killers.
Nevertheless, he was one of the rapporteurs who provided the West with “real” news from Syria, along with other members of the same terrorist group.
In addition to the White Helmets, there was also the Aleppo Media Center, supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SOHR (Syrian observatory of human rights), a shop based in Sheffield, England, owner of the press worldwide and exclusively with news, filtered through the mouthpiece of the radical Islamist opposition passed on to the west.

Aleppo is burning

After Aleppo was liberated and civilians fled through humanitarian corridors to government areas, afterwards reported terrible conditions among the rebels, mass executions and over 26 dead people who were shot from behind while trying to escape the rebels who had used civilians as human shields “Aleppo is burning”, one of the most successful psy ops that had spread wildly on the internet and in the media and whose followers could easily be recognized by a Ferrari -red square on Facebook and Twitter.
The rebels filmed themselves before the takeover of the government and began telling stories of the last clown of Aleppo, the last cat and the last apple. All of this was continuously broadcast on CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, Channel4news etc.
After all the panic spreading , the rebels were simply chauffeured by the Syrian government to Idlib in green buses.
After all the panic and the latest news they sent out to the world, and also the numbers of the supposed population density that was with them,
Instead of the alleged 250,000, only around 50,000 of whom 45,000 fled directly to the government areas. The people for whom the world had worked so hard consisted of about 5000 armed radical Islamist fighters who were then brought to Idlib in some buses, even armed and with explosive vests.
In the meantime they started to kill each other there. Infighting between mercenaries.
No Syrian sheds a tear for them.

As the people from East Aleppo reported after the liberation, the rebels hoarded food and medicine, starved the population, started Organ trading and refused medical assistance. They were pure human shields that acted as a means of pressure.

Important sources of drinking water in Wadi Barada were contaminated with gasoline, others were blown up and there was no drinking water for 5.5 million people in Damascus. This state of affairs persisted in Aleppo for a long time because ISIS had cut drinking water from the Euphrates.
The government has since restored it.
Electricity plants have been destroyed, gas and oil were in IS areas and the population is also suffering greatly from the sanctions.
Aid organizations only collect money for rebel areas. And the Oscar-winning White Helmets, which the liberated population in Aleppo calls terrorists and paid actors.
Allegations that Assad used chemical weapons against his people in Ghouta, which was occupied by evacuated militants, have been the subject of heated controversy from government, frontline reporters, and the Syrian army.
Motive, evidence and a credible investigation of the accusers are completely missing.
The 59 US bombs, which subsequently attacked and bombed the only air force to defend Syria in the effective fight against ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda terror, killed and injured a number of civilians, were based on purely inflammatory YouTube videos in which the white helmets without gloves and Masks, allegedly contaminated chemical weapon victims carried around ..
Kids later said they had been lured to the location and then excessively sprayed with water while being filmed.

This is a clear violation of all international war laws.
After the attacks on the Syrian Air Force, there was no trace of sarin or other chemical substances. The Syrian and Russian governments offered to conduct independent investigations there. However, the prosecutors rejected this.
Meanwhile, OPCW scientists have revealed that there has never been any evidence of chemical attacks by the Syrian government. However, this is ignored by our media and the whistleblowers have been discriminated since.

Israel routinely bombs Syria and uses Iranian troops in the country as an excuse for these war crimes.
Mostly Israeli bombings go hand in hand with IS advances.

The United States has collected the oil from Syria, which Isis has given them without a fight … Coincidence?
Certainly not.
They burn the fields with the harvest for the people and nothing is heard about it in the western media.
Sanctions against Syria are being tightened more and more. All reasons are pulled by the hair.
It’s about regime change, not human rights.
We demand sanctions against the real perpetrators of the war’s and misery in the Middle East.
We demand that all foreign involvement against the Syrian people comes to a halt and that sanctions will be lifted.
The resilience of the Syrian people and the support of our allies had brought us through the dark 10 years and Syria still stands strong!
The lies and sanctions must finally come to an end!
Free Syria from Sanctions based on lies- Now!+8