Al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib Plotting a New Chemical Attack False Flag Op/ By Arabi Souri

Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim - Syria - مركز المصالحة والتنسيق الروسي في حميميم

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Al Qaeda ‘civilian’ wing the Hollywood-praised Oscar Award winners the so-called White Helmets are plotting for a new chemical attack false flag, the Russian Ministry of Defense warned. The hoax plotting is to accuse the Syrian armed forces and their allies with it and to bring in NATO on their side in order to halt the imminent Syrian military operation to clean Idlib from all sorts of NATO-sponsored terrorists.

Vice-President of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim, Admiral Vadim Kolet, stated in a press statement yesterday, Thursday 25 November:

“The Russian Center received information that terrorists from the “Al-Nusra Front” organization stored containers containing toxic materials in an underground shelter near the city of Sarmada in Idlib province to stage a chemical attack in order to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of using these weapons against civilians.”

Russian Admiral Vadim Kolet

Idlib was described by NATO officials as ‘Al Qaeda’s last stronghold in Syria’ yet all of NATO member states and their regional minions work overtime to prevent the Syrian state from cleaning this province from these terrorists, freeing up to 2.5 million people trapped under their control, restoring peace and stability in the region and even in NATO countries in Europe as well, and preventing the Syrian state from rebuilding what these terrorists and their NATO sponsors destroyed during the past almost 11 years.

The White Helmets, Al Qaeda’s so-called ‘civil defense’ besides being highly celebrated by Hollywood and western ‘intelligence’ agencies, still receives all logistics and funding from those countries and their regional stooges to carry out its already busted as hoax false flag operations which despite being exposed as hoaxes, the US-led self-proclaimed ‘International Community,’ which comprises of only NATO member states and their minions, continue to use these fabrications in their agenda against the Syrian people.

OPCW continues corruption - chemical attack false flag
White Helmets and the UN – OPCW

The biggest problem is that a large segment of their people, the Sheeple of NATO and minions continue to believe these hoaxes and continue to prioritize funding these terrorists from their hard-earned tax money over their own well-being and their own children’s welfare, those Sheeple taxpayers in the USA are even borrowing money at interest from the Federal Reserve private group of bankers to fund these same terrorists their Pentagon claim it’s fighting all around the world!

The main purpose of exposing such attempts to carry out false flag chemical attacks by the NATO-sponsored White Helmets and other terrorist entities in Syria is to prevent these hoaxes from happening by depriving the terrorists of their needed surprise factor and their sponsors of their needed political excuse to come to the rescue of these terrorists.

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