Anthony Fights For Our Inalienable Human Rights in the face of Canada’s Vichy Misgovernance

Update: Anthony was fined yet again at the November 29/2020 anti-lockdown rally.

Interview With Anthony – Rally in Hamilton Ontario Nov 22, 2020

Anthony: [00:00:00] OK, we’re in Hamilton again, and I’m speaking with a rally coordinator in Hamilton, a brave young man and his name is. What’s your name? Anthony. Anthony. And it is Hamilton. And Anthony tells me that his freedoms and our freedoms are being denied and abrogated by this what is essentially a psychological war and even police actions. [00:00:33][33.0]

Mark: [00:00:33] What happened Anthony? Can you tell us what happened? [00:00:35][1.5]

Anthony: [00:00:35] Yes. So I hold a rally here at City Hall on November 8th, four days later. Well, let’s look back up a little bit, actually. So a week before the rally, an officer gave me a phone call saying, don’t go, don’t do the rally. You’re subject to a fine or something along these lines. Yes. [00:00:53][17.5]

Mark: [00:00:53] How did he know? [00:00:54][0.5]

Anthony: [00:00:55] He called my grandparents? How did he know about the rally? I don’t know. OK, I don’t know how he knew about the rally. He called me up and told me he’s like, don’t hold the rally. Just to let you know I’m giving you a warning. If you hold the rally, you’re subject to fine. I simply replied to the officer, well, you can’t do that. [00:01:13][18.5]

[71.1] Anthony: [00:01:13] I’m practicing Section 2C of my Charter of Rights. And he just kinda I mean, I was on the phone, but the tone of voice he used was like he rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. I’m just doing my job. [00:01:24][10.9]

Mark: [00:01:24] That’s OK. And what rights are being infringed when an officer tells you, you can’t have a rally at City Hall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada? [00:01:32][7.4]

Anthony: [00:01:32] Well, that would be Section 2C of the Charter of Rights, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Peaceful Assembly. [00:01:37][4.8]

[Mark: [00:01:38] Yes. [00:01:38][0.0]

Anthony: [00:01:38] Meaning the right to protest. [00:01:39][0.7]

Mark: [00:01:40] Was the protest peaceful? [00:01:41][0.9]

Anthony: [00:01:41] It was very peaceful. There was no violence. We did have a little incident on the way back from the march. A couple people hung out, hung out back from the march. We did have a gentleman come up and yell and scream to our main organizer of Hugs Over Masks. His name is Vlad. [00:01:56][15.1]

Mark: [00:02:00] So you’re going by the name, Hugs Over Masks, and then Vlad shows up now I know from my experience in rallies in this country that sometimes they insert, police insert provocateurs into the just to ruin our assembly and peaceful assembly, is that a possibility? [00:02:17][17.4]



Anthony: [00:02:18] Anything’s a possibly at this point. Right? [00:02:20][1.8]

Mark: [00:02:20] Right. [00:02:20][0.0]

Anthony: [00:02:21] I mean, these are the times where we live in where I mean, you get a ticket for having a peaceful assembly. [00:02:25][4.6]

Mark: [00:02:26] Yeah,. [00:02:26][0.0]

Anthony: [00:02:26] Right. [00:02:26][0.0]

Mark: [00:02:27] And what was it tell me about this ticket. How much and what do you have to do? [00:02:29][1.9]

Anthony: [00:02:30] So for right now, there is no set dollar amount for the ticket. So they,they fined me four days after the rally. [00:02:36][5.9]


Mark: [00:02:37] After the peaceful rally. [00:02:37][0.8]

Anthony: [00:02:38] After the peaceful rally. They fined me 4 days well it wasn’t a fine they summons me to court for February 22nd. The fine was for Breach of Section 10.1 Re-Opening Ontario Act and they just told me not to do it again. Well, I’m here every single week, every Sunday at twelve o’clock, and I have my group of people that come with me. [00:03:02][24.7]

Mark: [00:03:03] And thank God for that because if we don’t stand up for our rights we will lose them and we are losing them now. And the gentleman to my right tells me that there was not declared a state of emergency at the time. So that that it sounds to me like there is no legal case that they have against you. I’m hoping that’s the case. Could you add [00:03:23][20.8]

SPEAKER [00:03:25] So basically what Anthony was doing because the police were not, Anthony was here safeguarding our fundamental rights freedoms. [00:03:33][7.4]


Mark: [00:03:33] Yes. [00:03:33][0.0]

SPEAKER: [00:03:33] And the police were not. And the police gave him a summons. [00:03:36][2.8]

Mark: [00:03:37] Right. [00:03:37][0.0]

SPEAKER: [00:03:37] So it’s really the police that really you’ve got to stop sabotaging the safeguarding of our fundamental rights and freedoms and start safeguarding our fundamental rights and freedoms. [00:03:46][8.6]

Mark: [00:03:47] So when is this going to court? [00:03:48][1.4]

Anthony: [00:03:49] This is going to court February 22nd. I’m also holding a rally at the courthouse on February 22nd. And my goal is to make it bigger than the actual rally we have here on November. [00:03:59][10.6]

Mark: [00:04:00] Who is paying? I hope you have a lawyer who is paying for your lawyer fees. [00:04:02][2.5]


Anthony: [00:04:03] I am grateful, M.J, M.J. S Legal Services has taken on my case pro bono. My legal counsel, her name is Jane Scarf. [00:04:12][8.4]

Mark: [00:04:13] Thank you. Anything else you’d like to add? And I do thank you for standing up for everyone, for our rights and freedoms. Anything you’d like to add. [00:04:20][7.5]

Anthony: [00:04:20] We’re just here and we’ll keep on fighting. Well, I mean, we’ll fight, till we lose our lives. [00:04:25][4.9]

Mark: [00:04:26] Thank you, sir. [00:04:26][0.0]