Are the Neocons Setting Up the World for Nuclear War?/ By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, May 04, 2022

PCR Institute for Political Economy

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Oliver Stone on Facebook writes that rabid anti-Russian propaganda has set the stage for a false flag low-yield nuclear explosion in Ukraine that the world has been trained to interpret as Russia’s doing. The success of Washington’s perception war and saturation of the CNN/Fox airwaves with condemnation of Russia could lead to hopes that a false flag nuclear event would bring down Putin’s government.  A new Yeltsin installed would return Russia to Washington’s control and leave China, alone, as the next target.  Such an event is not a fantasy.  It is an expression of Stone’s understanding of the neoconservatives commitment to Washington’s hegemony.  Biden officials have made it clear that they are at war with Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy, with the goal of exhausting Russia into weakness and disposing of Putin.  

A false flag event is not the only avenue to nuclear war.  The expansion of NATO to Finland and Sweden is another.  Washington is not only pressuring the governments to apply for NATO membership but also is bribing Swedish and Finnish government officials to do so.  

Think about this expansion of NATO for a minute.  One reason for Russia’s intervention in Ukraine is the stark refusal of Washington and NATO to take Russia’s security concerns seriously.  Ukraine’s membership in NATO is totally unacceptable to Russia, so why was it pushed?  With Western intervention in Ukraine threatening to spin the conflict out of control, why pour gasoline on the fire by bringing Sweden and Finland into NATO?  Currently Scandinavia and the Baltics are nuclear free.  Finland’s entry into NATO would bring more NATO to Russia’s border, a development that the Kremlin has declared as unacceptable. By piling on more provocations, Washington and NATO are intentionally widening a conflict that was deliberately provoked.

Clearly, it is irresponsible for Finland and Sweden to further destabilize the situation by joining NATO.  Dmitry Medvedev has made it clear that NATO membership would mean the end of the nuclear-free Baltic.  More NATO on Russia’s border creates an imbalance that Russia would have to correct with deployment of hypersonic nuclear missiles.  How can it be possible for the governments of Finland and Sweden to regard NATO membership as an increase in security when the result is to have their countries targeted with nuclear weapons? Finland and Sweden are in no danger of being attacked by Russia unless they join NATO.  No one in their right mind would see NATO membership for Finland and Sweden as anything but a reckless act of destabilization.  Like Switzerland, Finland and Sweden have benefitted from their neutrality.  It is nonsensical for them to turn themselves into nuclear targets.

Everyone needs to understand that the neoconservatives’ ideology of hegemony is an expansionist ideology. It is the American Empire that is expanding toward Russia, not Russia expanding into the West.  It is truly amazing how opposite from the truth the anti-Russian propaganda is.  Sooner or later the Kremlin will comprehend that Russia’s enemies are the American neoconservatives and that the pressure point on the neoconservatives is Israel.

As my audience knows, I have been concerned for years that Russia’s low-key response to provocations brings about more and more dangerous provocations that eventually will bring Armageddon upon us.  I saw recently that the Chinese government thinks similarly when a Chinese spokesman said that China can accept no provocation from Washington as the result would be more and worse provocations.

The Kremlin’s policy of relying on reason, negotiations, and good will has not been reciprocated by the West.  The Kremlin’s limited military operation in Ukraine was not of sufficient ferocity to convince the West to abandon its policy of provocation.  It seems Washington will continue its provocations until the fatal line is crossed.

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