Austria: Clear Sight or at the Abyss of Chaotic Tyranny. “Parliaments only serve to Ratify what the Dictators Decide”/ By Peter Koenig

Austria’s politics are in disarray, to say the least. They may be entering “dangerous waters”.

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On 9 October 2021 Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (35) resigned from his chancellor position, but said he would remain in politics as a member of Parliament. The media said he was involved in “financial scandals”. His friend and party ally (the conservative ÖVP – Austrian Peoples Party), then Foreign Minister, Alexander Schallenberg, took over as chancellor. Yesterday, 2 December – just two months after taking office, he resigned, but said he would remain in the post until his party agrees on a new leader.

Just hours earlier, Schallenberg’s predecessor and People’s Party leader Kurz said he was leaving politics altogether and would officially step down as party chair on Friday, 3 December. He cited family reasons. Mr. Kurz’s wife just had a baby, and he wanted enjoy being a dad. Schallenberg too, mentioned family reasons.

“Family reasons” are always good reasons to escape politically sensitive jobs. Nobody can or dares to ask personal questions. Mr. Kurz was also said to have already a lucrative private sector job lined up.

What could possibly be complementary reasons? Maybe conscience, ethics? Or Fear? Austria was the first country to announce the most severe and drastic covid measures, including compulsory “vaccination” – forcing the public to take the untested gene-therapy jab (or worse), as of 1 February 2022.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets. Maybe millions. And protests continue and are expected to further escalate during this coming weekend of 4/5 December. These events and the related police brutality were hardly covered by the mainstream media.

Yes, perhaps family reasons. The two ex-chancellors are better off just sticking to a good life, then having to obey orders from an obscure Power that is manipulating the fate of the entire world – with apparently no way to escape.

Now, a successor has already been found. He is the Interior Minister, Karl Nehammer. He has a military background and a reputation to be a hardliner. He has been voted unanimously by his party as the new head of the ÖVP, and will most likely succeed Schallenberg as the new Chancellor. He may be a good choice for the “outside of Austria” – globalist – Powers that Be. He must implement harsh measures. He knows it and is apparently willing to do so.

Importantly, as a sideline, Germany’s new “red-green-yellow” coalition, is also strongly considering implementing a lockdown for unvaxxed people, as well as compulsory “vaccination”, provided the Parliament approves the move. This latter conditionality sounds rather like a joke, since in a dictatorial government, like what Germany has become, along with most of her European allies, Parliaments only serve to ratify what the dictators decide. See this.

This concept may be pushed and spread to other countries in Europe. That’s when we all know, or should know, that our constitutional and human rights have been trampled like dirt and abolished – that we are mere subjects at the mercy of a heinous and evil super power. Except, of course the elite and government officials that go along and implement the dictated measures. They may be rewarded with placebo jabs.

Germany, where barely more than 50% of the population is vaxxed, has produced probably false public polls, indicating that 71% of the people would support the compulsory (poison) jab. The “new variant Omicron”, emanating conveniently from savage southern Africa. The propaganda is so devastatingly strong and omnipresent in literally every newscast, that people must be scared.

Is Austria at the onset of a major chaos, reminiscent of WWI and WWII which both broke out in Austria? See this and this. Throughout WW II, 950,000 Austrians fought for Nazi Germany’s armed forces.

Adolf Hitler was an Austrian; he was Germany’s dictator throughout the Third Reich 1933-1945. But who put him there? One might be inclined to ask.

Already then, the US, mostly with corporate funds, IBM was one of them, and Federal Reserve (US Central Bank) money funded large portions of Hitler’s war. For example, the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, which was destroyed by the USSR, but resulted nevertheless in some 25 to 30 million Soviet deaths.

Are we perhaps at the beginning of WWIII?

Many would say that we are already in the midst of WWIII; that it may have started in March 2020, when on 11 March 2020, WHO declared a Covid-19, alias SARS-CoV-2, pandemic. This led to a global lockdown around mid-March, of all 193 UN member countries, followed by draconian and dictatorial “measures” implemented across the board, throughout the world. This, at first glance must immediately be recognized, can have absolutely nothing to do with health and health protection. A different agenda is behind this extraordinary move – that actually started at midnight on December 31, 2019. It’s a clockwork conundrum, fitting coincidentally the UN Agenda 2030.

A lot of what follows now is speculation and may give rise to “unconventional” thoughts. Ideas, that are often shredded as “conspiracy theory”; and later when they become clearer and actually the conspiracy part disappears under a rush of evidence, then sets in, what is commonly called “cognitive dissonance”. People deny to themselves the truth that they are seeing, but don’t want to accept, as it destroys their (false) image of a safe and comfortable world.

This psychological phenomenon is further pointedly fed by an atrocious and ferocious propaganda fear campaign, funded mostly by the governments, i.e., by tax-payers money and by prominent interest groups, like the pharma industry and the largest wealth and investment financial conglomerates, Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity, plus the IT Super Powers, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple.

They are all interlinked as shareholders and as partners in crime, financial and tech-companies, with the IT Technology conglomerates providing the data needed by the financial superpowers. Their combined assets exceed 20 trillion dollars. For purposes of comparison, the US GDP is about US$ 22 trillion; the European Union’s GDP is about US$ 15 trillion; and Germany’s GDP, Europe’s strongest economy, is about US$ 3.8 trillion equivalent. These are all 2020 values – see this.

The Finance-IT Conglomerate has a combined leverage power exceeding an estimated US$ 80 trillion – the world’s GDP is about US$ 84.5 trillion (2020).

Given this background, it becomes easier accounting for and understanding what is going on. Also, by driving the world economy into the ground, the bankrupted assets are simply transferred to the top, for a penny on the dollar, accumulating further capital for the few billionaires who head this financial cum IT conglomerate.

According to Oxfam, the last 20 months witnessed destruction of medium and small enterprises of at least US$-equivalent of 3.8 trillion worldwide, but mostly affecting developing countries – unemployment, absence of social services – leading to disease, despair and death. Imagine! We are only at the beginning of this abject plan of destruction – what Klaus Schwab (WEF) calls in his “Great Reset” a “Constructive Destruction”.

In other words, this financial and IT Super Power can exert total control over the world, including the entire UN system, and world leaders have to follow, or else. There is hardly anybody on this globe who would have suspected only 2 years ago what has unraveled in warp-speed in the last 20+ months. Except, of course the “leaders” of these 193 UN member governments. They were prepared, and once they accepted, they had to play along.

Austria, being the first country worldwide to impose mandatary vaccination with an untested substance that has already caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, may again be at the center of what may become the next World War, i. e. WWIII. At the onset of this enormous vaxx-atrocity – what looks like a massive eugenist scheme – two successive chancellors have for ethical or other reasons, decided they didn’t want to be part of this monstruous tyranny.

Only history will show how these next few years – always part of the infamous UN Agenda 2030 – will unravel. There is already a great awakening of people throughout Europe, especially in those countries where oppressive tyranny is already openly announced. In Austria and Germany people take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands, but they remain unreported by the mainstream media. This desperate censoring that has been going on for months, but seems to escalate further, may be an indication that the evil plans are running into serious resistance.

Our battle scream from the heart: We, The People, shall Overcome!


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020)

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

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