Azov Crimes Against Civilians

Reality Theories, Eva K Bartlett, [2022-05-23 11:41 AM]
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“Tatyana Ivanovna lives in a village near Azovstal. Listen to her story of the Azov battalion shooting the animals in the area and how they almost killed her for trying to save her chickens.

How they mocked her when she asked for water and food: I told their commander: ‘I want to eat, I haven’t eaten for six days …’ And he’s like: ‘I also want to’.

But ‘DPR people… came, hugged me, one brought me stew, another brought me bread, and one even thought of bringing sweets’.

We turned to the subjects of the film VolunTears ( They helped Tatyana Ivanovna and other residents of the village of Uspenovka by bringing them food, water and medicine.

Ukraine #Mariupol #Azovstal


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