Caesar Law, media misrepresented protests, Syrian resistance – Vanessa Beeley with Sweida citizen

Photo Credit: Vanessa Beeley

Yesterday, I travelled to Sweida, to the eastern countryside of Sweida City.  

It is almost two years since the harrowing events of the 25th July 2018 when ISIS attacked Sweida and the villages of Shrehi and Shbeki, massacring women and children as they lay sleeping, in their homes at 4am.  

My article for Mint Press News details these attacks based on witness and survivor testimony. I also covered the kidnapping of women and children by the ISIS gangs and their eventual rescue by the Syrian Arab Army. 

Yesterday, I spoke with Diaa Abo Ammar from Shbeki, we discussed the response of the Syrian people to the Caesar Law, the latest in a long line of US Coalition maximum pressure measures, designed to place Syria under blockade and to increase the siege of 20 million Syrian people, the majority of whom are living inside the Syrian Government-protected territory.  

We also discussed the alleged “protests” in Sweida being amplified by Western, Gulf and Zionist media.  

On the road back to Damascus, we stopped at the tomb of hero and martyr, General Issam Zahreddine. A young man drove up and asked us, very politely, who we were. After reassuring himself that we were legitimate, he told us that Saudi Orient News had desecrated the image of the General in one of their reports.  

This is a rewind to the start of the “Arab Spring” narratives in 2011 but nobody is buying it anymore.  Please listen to Diaa, an eloquent and principled representative of his country. 

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