“Canada 1984”

Consistent with military-grade psychological warfare, words and expressions in Canada “1984” have been corrupted and decoupled from reality to serve the COVID Agenda.

George Orwell described in his foreboding novel “1984” how Newspeak created a dramatic decrease in the quantity and quality of words, coupled with a dramatic rejection of the meaning of words, with the intended goal of creating barriers to meaningful communication.

Newspeak variants are manifesting themselves in Canada now. Hence, when someone expresses a reasonable alternative to the nonsensical Establishment COVID narrative, he or she is de-platformed, or smeared, and the reasonable narrative is sent to the “memory hole” of non-existence.

Similarly, Big Pharma-captured regulatory bodies such as the WHO and the CDC have given false meanings to words such as “pandemic” and “vaccine” and “natural immunity” with a view to enabling their false narratives and their agenda of mass injections.

Just as Orwell’s “Ministry of Love” is a setting for ghastly torture and hatred, so too have Canadian Ministries and institutions devolved to the polar opposite of their intended purposes. The Ministry of Health, for example, as it coerces Canadians to accept dangerous experimental injections, even as it endorses therapeutic nihilism, would now be more accurately described as the Ministry of Ill-Health.

The Great Reset, as named by Klaus Schwab and his peers, would more aptly be described as the Great Poisoning (1) when the tally of jab “adverse events”, including deaths, is tallied.

Similarly, the “common good” as preached by Globalists and their marionettes would more accurately be described as the “destruction of the commons” as masses are indoctrinated to practice anti-social distancing, masking, and myriad other COVID measures that impose social segregation and apartheid.

The fabricated destruction of economies globally, supposedly a consequence of “COVID”, is more accurately described by Catherine Austin Fitts as “Economic Piratization” since vast flows of monies are being transferred at a dizzying speed, behind shrouds of chaos and confusion, from low and middle income classes to the billionaire classes. (2)

Finally, as for “democracy and freedom”, masked and jabbed Canadian politicians are doing their best to ensure that those two abstractions never bloom again.

The ultimate goal of Newspeak is to render practioners and audiences alike into a state of unconsciousness. Canadian Newspeak is the velvet glove concealing globalist-imposed totalitarianism. In far too many cases, Canadians remain unconscious to the real sickness enveloping them — and it isn’t COVID or any of its variants.


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