Canadian analyst: President al-Assad protects Syria against the worst of the worst

Damascus 2019

The Canadian political analyst Mark Taliano, who came to Syria and participated  in the Trade Union Conference recently held in Sahara complex near Damascus said: ” President Bashar al-Assad is very intelligent and very thoughtful. He is humble.  He has humility. He is a leader.” 

 He went on to say: “I met President Assad.  I was with a group from the GFTU conference. There were hundreds of us.  He shook everyone’s hand. A person in front of me said that  he wished Assad was President of his country.  The president laughed and everyone laughed but I share the sentiment. So, what is Assad like??”

The president gave a speech and took questions from people.

“I was in a group consisting of maybe hundreds of people, but I would be very comfortable sitting and talking with him in a small group. He protects Syria against the worst of the worst. This is why Syrians love him,” Taliano concluded. 

Basma Qaddour