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Statement from Syria Support Movement

The recent exposé by Richard Kerbaj in his new book, The Secret History of the Five Eyes, of a Canadian spy, Mohammed Al Rasheed is more than disturbing. This man, in the course of his work for the Canadian government, trafficked underage girls to Syria to effectively become sex slaves for ISIS terrorists. He trafficked these children, along with other British citizens and foreign nationals, from Turkey into Syria, and provided their information to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, whose inaction in this context demonstrates the despicable depths to which the Canadian government was complicit in the actions and coverup of the US-led, failed, regime change operation in Syria.

Both Harper and Trudeau governments have been accomplices of US efforts to overthrow the government of Syria. Here’s a partial list of Canada’s dirty role in Syria:

– In December 2011, Canada’s ambassador to Tunisia, Glenn Davidson, was tasked with organizing the pre-conference to launch the Friends of Syria Group of Countries (FSG) in Tunis in February 2012. The FSG was the coalition of countries the USA used to coordinate, fund, and supply terrorist mercenary forces in Syria in obvious violation of international law and the UN Charter.

– Canada’s Foreign Minister, John Baird, invited members of the Syrian National Council to Ottawa in December 2011 and later travelled to Turkey to attend international conferences in support of the proxy warriors. In addition, Defence Minister Peter MacKay invited key figures of the Syrian armed opposition to the Halifax International Security Forum, a major Department of Defence and NATO gathering;

– The Harper government unilaterally broke off diplomatic relations with Syria in May, 2012, and delegated an ambassador to the Syrian National Council, the pretender government created by the USA;

– In June 2013, the Harper government hosted a meeting of the Sanctions Sub-Committee of the FSG which drew up the harsh regime of unilateral economic sanctions which has impoverished 80% of the Syrian people. These sanctions are illegal because they lack the approval of the UN Security Council;

– The Trudeau government supported the Syrian White Helmets with at least 7.5m dollars of funding and toured the group’s spokespersons in Canada. The White Helmets, a propaganda tool of the West against Syria, were a creation of British intelligence in the person of John LeMesurier, who later died under mysterious circumstances in Turkey, after allegations of financial corruption.

– The most notorious fraud committed by the White Helmets was to stage a fake chemical attack in Douma, Syria, in April 2018 and blame the Syrian government. This led to USA, UK, and France launching a missile attack on Syria, an act of undeclared war. Later, inspectors of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) submitted detailed reports. Due to political and economic pressure from the US and NATO allies including Canada, the OPCW suppressed the inspectors’ reports. This scandal threatens to destroy the organization’s reputation.

– Later, when the Syrian Arab Army liberated Daraa, hundreds of White Helmets and their Al Nusra / Al Qaeda terrorist allies fled into Israeli occupied Golan. Trudeau’s Global Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, took credit for their “rescue”. Several hundred of the fugitives disappeared; many of the rest were given refugee status in Canada;

– Successive Canadian governments participated in the US coalition to fight ISIS/Daesh in Syria and Iraq, although it is now clear that the organization was created by the USA and its allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel, to provide a pretext for the USA to maintain its hold on Iraq and its illegal occupation of the eastern third of Syria. Canada provided fighter jets, reconnaissance, and refueling aircraft for the coalition and military trainers for the Kurdish separatist state in Iraq, and later for the Iraqi army;

– The RCMP and CSIS monitored ISIS recruiting efforts in Canada but did not prevent some 160 Canadians from travelling to Syria to join ISIS in violation of Canadian law. Many of the volunteers, including women, perished in Syria. The Canadian government took away the passport of a Canadian mother who exposed the complicity of CSIS in the terrorist recruitment network. The Canadian government has only laid charges against one Canadian ISIS recruit who is imprisoned in Syria;

In response to the report that CSIS intelligence asset, Al-Rasheed, was recruiting people to Syria, including two schoolgirls who allegedly perished there and one who is still a prisoner of Kurdish proxies of the USA, Justin Trudeau defended CSIS and repeated the mantra that CSIS is “bound by strict rules, by principles and values that Canadians hold dear”. He promised to “ensure to follow up on this.” However, we know from his previous campaign promises and from his failures to open the investigation into the Afghan torture scandal (for which Harper prorogued parliament) or to respond to calls to investigate the role of Canadian “peacekeepers” in Haiti, that Trudeau’s promises are worthless.

Clearly, Canada does not deserve its benign reputation in international affairs.

SSM calls on the government of Canada to stop meddling in the internal affairs of Syriaend the illegal sanctions regime and re-establish diplomatic relations with the legitimate government of Syria in Damascus.


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