Commentaries by Reverend Andrew Ashdown and Anthony David Canivet Webber regarding Hezbollah

Reverend Andrew Ashdown

“I am personally very grateful for the young Hezbollah fighters who were protecting with their lives the monastery of St. James the Persian at Qara from the ISIS terrorists 1km away when I was staying there in 2015. Many of the Christian towns, villages and monasteries of the Qalamoun region in Syria have Hezbollah and the Syrian Army to thank for their survival and protection from western-backed terrorist groups.” – Reverend Andrew Ashdown

“UK designates Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, yet Hezbollah has been defending Christians from ISIS Daesh and Al Qaeda in Syria.

Anthony David Canivet Webber

So according to the UK government, Hezbollah is terrorist yet the UK funded Al-Qaeda linked ‘white helmets’ are not designated as terrorists.

It is indeed a crazy world which we live in, where the UK tries to bring down a Christian supporting government in Syria, and sides with the Islamists who hate the Christians…” — Anthony David Canivet Webber