Cory Morningstar: This is a Complete Descent Into Global Fascism

Geopolitics & EmpireBy Geopolitics & Empire

February 20, 2022

Updated:February 21, 2022

Cory Morningstar gives us a report from the front lines of the Great Reset in Canada. Everything the media says is a lie and you can forget about the whole left-right paradigm, this is a global class war and descent into fascism.

Covid has been a huge catalyst and cover to unroll this huge reset of the global economic system, a project of Prince Charles. The British Commonwealth has just partnered with WHO to vaccinate the entire planet by July 2022 and is working with the World Bank in a huge campaign to get Digital Identity to everyone by 2030.

The vaccine is a portal to the Digital ID. We’re going into global governance and the Digital ID is the umbilical cord to the Smart City. The conduit to the 4IR is your smartphone, for now.

The eugenicist aspect of the program is simply a business decision (e.g. pension crisis). What you can access will be dependent on your level of compliance.

Freedom, health, and your immune system will become a service or subscription.

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