COVID Operation is a U.S. Department of Defence Operation

The COVID Operation is actually a Military Operation which is being carried out beneath the fabricated pretext of a “Public Health Emergency”. The U.S Department of Defence (DoD) classifies the experimental mRNA injections as “Counter Measures” in response to the fabricated “pandemic”. Approval of the countermeasures is based upon Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar. Large scale manufacturing contracts (i.e with Pfizer) are classified as Other Transactional Authority (OTA). DoD subverts Regulatory Agencies, which serve to create the (false) perception that the injections are safe and effective even as they have been shown to be dangerous and ineffective. The injections are bioweapons, and we are the targets. — Mark Taliano

Truth Justice:

The U.S. Government and DOD is running the Covid-19 Vaccine program classified as countermeasures (Weapons). Approval to release these weapons was based on one man, HHS Secretary Alex Azar under a public health emergency if he thought it may be effective.

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Video: US Military Oversaw Secret Contents of COVID Jabs/By Sasha Latypova, Dr. Sam Dube, Lara Logan, and et al.

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