Days Of Sorrow: FDA Votes On Poisoning Infants and Children, Toby Rogers Shines His Light To The Very Last Moment/ By Celia Farber

Do We Stand A Chance?

Celia Farber

Today is Black Tuesday; Tomorrow is Black Wednesday. Short of a miracle, two of the darkest days in medical history: The abject surrender of our children, as young as 6 months old, to barbaric injections they have zero need for. It is child sacrifice, en masse—that is what it is, if you ask me.

“On June 14, 2022, under Topic 1, the committee will meet in open session to discuss amending the EUA of the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to include the administration of the primary series to children and adolescents 6 years through 17 years of age.  On June 15, 2022, under Topic II, the committee will meet in open session to discuss amending the EUA of the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to include the administration of the primary series to infants and children 6 months through 5 years of age, and also to discuss amending the EUA of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine to include the administration of the primary series to infants and children 6 months through 4 years of age.”


Dr. Toby Rogers has written brilliantly, frequently, lucidly, and bravely about this—analyzing the “data” swill at every juncture. Rogers believes that we do have a chance to fight and win against pre-destined ritual FDA events like this. He is very admirable, to be able to sustain this strong attitude, despite his despairing clarity about what is happening.

From his most recent piece:

“The parents who enroll their children in these studies are insane and many of these children were ALREADY vaccine injured before the trial even started. Think about it: who is going to enroll their child in a dangerous medical experiment? — the true believers who already over-vaccinate their kids.

“The descriptions of the serious adverse events (SAE) in these kids include prior nut and eggs allergies (vaccine injuries), a history of seizures (a vaccine injury), and one child who was described as “a 4-year-old with a history of seizures, failure to thrive, gastroesophageal reflux, hypotonia, and lissencephaly.” Why on earth is this child in a clinical trial given that she is already badly vaccine injured!?

“Then, when serious adverse events happen in the trial, they usually just keep vaccinating the kid anyway, giving them the next dose as soon as they recover from the first injury. Here’s one of the descriptions of a severe adverse event:

A 4-year-old was reported to have an SAE of severe appendicitis with onset 11 days post Dose 2. The event was reported as resolved the same day following appendectomy. This participant reported no other AEs after any dose.

“Did you catch that? They removed the organ and marked the case as resolved. Nothing-to-see-here(TM).

“And then there is this serious adverse event:

A 2-year-old [Pfizer-vaccine] recipient had a febrile convulsion 21 days post-Dose 1, which resolved the same day, with unknown cause after evaluation in an emergency department. The participant received Dose 2 three days later without additional adverse events reported.

“What kind of parent vaccinates their kid AGAIN three days after a serious vaccine adverse event!?”

Read Toby Rogers’ The Pfizer Clinical Trial In Kids 6 Months to Four Years Old Is An Embarrassment here.

Mainstream pharmaceutical propaganda knows no bounds of shame and has altogether abandoned its supposedly former sacred cow, “balance.” Watch this report, written to inspire pathos and pity for the poor parents who can’t “vaccinate” their youngest kids but are very eager to do so, to “stop the spread” (WHAT SPREAD ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?) and once again be allowed to play outdoors, see grandma, etc. I resoundingly agree with Toby Rogers, these people are insane.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko once coined the phrase “revoltingly normal” in a poem.

“You who are so revoltingly normal, you are abnormal from birth,” was the line, in a poem excoriating literary snobbery, among a set of poets who rejected a girl who wanted to write poetry but had a slight disability.

It’s this revolting normalcy that has wrought genocide and potential extermination upon humanity. Has anybody properly identified normalcy as a gateway to tyranny and genocide? I know Hannah Arendt based her work on identifying precisely what was not unusual in Nazi era Germans. But “normalcy” is active, requires active gestures, demonstrations of itself, displays—like now, this. “I’m so normal I am eager for the FDA to give emergency use approval of injectable mRNA to my infant. And I’m so normal I oppose all reading of data, all knowledge of all true outcomes.”

That’s the new suburban normal—the new housewife-greeting-her-husband-at-the-door-with-a-cocktail.

As a child, in Sweden, I always wanted to be normal, for my mother to be normal, for our curtains to be normal, for us to say normal things, think normal things. Now I want to be as far away from these dangerous suburban needle cultists as I possibly can. Now, nothing frightens me so much as this cool, air-conditioned, bland form of insanity, as this woman so perfectly embodies, with her vacant stare, her pseudo-affection, her “how was school today?” chatter. Anybody who gave this to their kids has committed a horrendous, possibly irreversible assault against the child. I’ve said it before: I can forgive many things, but not this.

I was in a cafe in Granada, Spain, last night watching a baby on the floor, who’d just learned to walk, and was delightedly taking turns rushing into the arms of her mother and father, by turns.

Very few masks here, except on public transportation. The “pandemic” had decided to pack up and leave, and Granad-ians went back to normal. Laughing, greeting with kisses on the cheek, and radiating harmony. I can never get enough of these sights.

The baby girl had red soft shoes. Her parents allowed her to play on the floor.

Sometimes she shrieked with delight.

I thought of the American babies, in their cribs, sleeping, trusting their parents, having no idea about the dark cloud approaching. The betrayal to come. Unless of course, we get he miracle Toby Rogers and so many others have been fighting for, against all odds.

It seems to me they never “vote.” The media narrative tells us very clearly what happens next. No surprises.

I hope I’m wrong.

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