Death and Destruction of Ukraine

Article by Andrey Kochetov
Member of Council of Federation of Trade Union of Lugansk People’s Republic.

Historically, Ukraine consists of completely different parts that differ from each other in religion, language, culture, and, most importantly, mentally. We can conditionally say that Ukraine includes such parts: Donbass (Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye,), Central Ukraine (Kharkov, Poltava, Kiev, Chernihiv, Sumy, Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Zhytomyr, Vinnitsa), Southern Ukraine (Kherson , Nikolaev, Odessa – although, to be honest, Odessa has always been a special city with its own unique atmosphere), Western Ukraine (Khmelnitsky, Ternopol, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Volyn, Rivne), Transcarpathia (Uzhgorod). And Crimea has always been a completely separate region of Ukraine with an exclusively Russian mentality. Most of the territories adhered to modern Ukraine during the formation of the Soviet state. So, for example, the western regions became part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic only in September 1939. In the same year, the very modern center of the revival of Ukrainian nationalism, the city of Lviv, also became part of Ukraine. It was the years of Soviet power marked by great industrial growth throughout Ukraine with the formation of large industrial centers located in the East – South-East of Ukraine. Residents of Central and Eastern Ukraine successfully integrated into all spheres of life of the Soviet state. At the same time, the inhabitants of Western Ukraine, for the most part, were completely isolated. Even during the years of Soviet power, representatives of Galicia (Lviv region) stood out for their ardent anti-Russian rhetoric and, at that time, still tacit aggressiveness towards everything Russian. Moreover, they considered the inhabitants of Central and Eastern Ukraine to be un-Ukrainians or simply “Muscovites” (the derogatory name of Russians used in Western Ukraine). And so it continued until the collapse of the USSR.

Now many politicians and the so-called nationalist activists talk a lot about Ukraine’s independence they won. Moreover, completely ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union was destroyed by Gorbachev and his team. Ukraine, the Baltic countries, like the rest of the republics of the USSR, gained their independence, not as a result of a long struggle, but received it, in fact, from the hands of Gorbachev, who blindly believed the promises of the West. The collapse of the USSR in December 1991 was finally consolidated by the leaders of the three largest republics of the USSR: the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Belarus.

After the collapse of the USSR, the political elites of the newly independent Ukraine actively mastered the market economy. An active division of the inheritance leftover from the Soviet Union began. The era of the 90s gave birth to a new social-class structure of society – the oligarchs. By privatizing state property and actively deceiving people who do not understand anything about the market, the new masters of life are fabulously wealthy in a short time. At the same time, new “friends” from the West and the USA appeared in the country. Naturally, Western “friends”, like the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, slipped an apple after an apple, which Ukrainian politicians, along with business elites, were happy to treat. Propaganda about the reliability of the Western banking system was especially active, and for greater safety and concealment of stolen money, the river flowed from Ukraine to foreign bank accounts around the world, mainly in the United States. Thus, the new elites quickly and correctly got hooked, creating invisible “arcana ropes” for which the “partners” would pull them to make decisions on all political issues vitally interesting to the West. So in a fairly short period of time, the West achieved its goal – the soul of Ukraine (its sovereignty) was sold. Yes, only the whole country has to disentangle the results of greed of Ukrainian politicians after years.

In the Baltic countries, where there was no such developed industry and local elites more easily severed all ties with Russia, the Western “partners” acted even easier. The stream of achievements of the benefits of “Western civilization” poured into the Republic in the form of all kinds of goods: from food to cars. And, of course, Western banks came at the same time, which easily granted loans left and right, with only one small condition. Secured by real estate. At the same time, at the direction of the West, the Republics privatized the land. And banks began to give loans with great pleasure under the privatized land. Slowly, but confidently, the owners of much of the real estate and land became citizens of Western countries, quietly acquiring property confiscated by banks for bad loans. That is, it was not necessary to spend money on wars of conquest. Everything happened quietly, calmly and peacefully. True, as a result of such a policy, we are observing a completely unique situation, similar to which is not found anywhere in the world. In conditions of political stability, economic growth and the absence of military conflicts on their territory, the inhabitants of the Baltic States massively refuse to live in their countries and leave them faster than refugees from the plains of revolution and citizens Danish conflicts in Asia and Africa. Never before has the indigenous population of this region escaped from it as it does now. The title nations of the Baltic countries simply do not want to live in the countries created for them.

Such an example. According to a study by the University of Latvia, 62.7% of those who left Latvia said that they did not want to return because they were disappointed in Latvia, as in the state. Of those who returned, 40% changed their minds and left again. Studies show that more than a quarter of the working-age population plans to emigrate in the future. Do not forget the fact that in the first place the most active people wanting to make a career left, who are able to adapt themselves to life in another country.

But the path that its elites chose for Ukraine is even tougher and much sadder. By the beginning of the 2000s, there was a ghostly hope for a revival – the Ukrainian economy had come to life by this time, commercial and industrial relations were again actively integrating into the Russian economy. Such integration was particularly active in the years when the government was headed by Viktor Yanukovych. He consistently advocated the need for manufacturers of Russia, Ukraine, and the CIS countries to solve the problems of unification of goods, changes in the structure of commodity production for economic growth, which would allow them to present competitive products on world markets. But since the West had somewhat different plans for Ukraine, they hastened to change the vector of development by urgently turning Ukraine to Europe in front and to Russia the opposite place. To do this, the 2004 Orange Revolution operation was launched, which launched an active phase of the collapse of the country. Contrary to the constitution, under the most powerful pressure of the West on the post of president of the country, a completely amorphous candidacy of Viktor Yushchenko was stretched. Man frankly near and weak. But he was not chosen by chance. He perfectly suited the role of executor of the plans of the West for the collapse of Ukraine. It was under him and with his help that ideological time bombs were laid in Ukrainian society, which would inevitably divide Ukrainian society, breaking it into clans and subgroups.

One such bomb was Stepan Bender’s recognition as a hero of Ukraine, which created an ideological split in the country. I will give a number of examples of ideological time bombs:

– The stubborn development of the non-canonical church and the complete silence over many years of the seizure of churches, the crowding out of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church led to a spiritual split. In early 2019, this charge exploded to the fullest – the schismatics received a Tomos from the hands of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who is constantly located in Turkey. It sounds especially mocking if you remember that the “patriots of Ukraine” claim that they are supposedly the heirs of the famous Zaporizhzhya Sich, which has always been an implacable enemy of Turkey.

– The growing gap over the years between the rich and the poor provoked a pronounced social split.

“Do you remember:“ Donbass needs to be fenced with barbed wire and thrown with atomic bombs, ”Yulia Tymoshenko stated in 2004? Or Viktor Yushchenko’s campaign slogans that only “bandits” live in the Donbass? By chance? No, we needed a territorial split based on nationality, because Donbass is mainly inhabited by Russians.

Along with the glorification of controversial historical characters, Viktor Yushchenko simultaneously laid down, perhaps, the largest bomb in the future, working on Russia’s “image”. Surely, many remember his many tours with a call to the world community to recognize the Holodomor of 1933 on the territory of Ukraine as genocide. At the same time, claims were made by the modern Russian Federation, but no one specified that similar historical facts were in the 30s and on the territory of Russia itself – in the Kuban, in the Volga region. Nevertheless, Yushchenko’s efforts were in vain – the beginning of the image of a bloody aggressor in the person of Russia was laid.

All these actions were aimed at rocking Ukraine. There were many more “bombs”, but the above became the basis for a slow but sure collapse of the state. Today we can already state the fact that each of the planted bombs exploded, creating chaos in the country and complete political schizophrenia. It’s a pity, but there weren’t any competent “sappers” in the country, but the “bombers” turned out to be trickier and more agile, and the performers didn’t fail …

The purpose of these manipulations is quite clear: divide and conquer. The USA is a world raider that never buys anything at a market price. They, like a boa constrictor, throwing ring after ring on the victim, exhaust the forces, squeezing more and more … It is more profitable for them to take everything cheaper. Better – for nothing. Sparing no money, they give out “30 pieces of silver to modern Judah,” who is willing to sell everything and everything for that money.

By setting up networks, the USA always gives room for maneuver – the victim usually has a bad, very bad and super bad way out of the situation. The choice always depends on the passions. It’s more correct to always turn off emotions and, acting with a cold head, Do not go online at all. But such daredevils in Ukraine, unfortunately, were not found. With the tacit connivance of millions, the country lost its statehood, allowing a pathetic handful of Western lobbyists to destroy, kill, poisoning their own people.

And this rocking of the country resulted in a state armed coup, which was committed in Kiev at the end of February 2014. The formal reason for the “popular outrage” was the refusal of President of Ukraine Yanukovych to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union, which Europe actively insisted on. They were in such a hurry that the text of the Agreement itself was not translated and a wide discussion of this document was not held. But at the initial stage, the protests were not massively supported. And then the organizers went along the long-tried path of arousing the discontent of the masses – a provocation was organized against the police, the response from the police was recorded on video and instantly replicated by the media of Western countries. All this happened on the central square of the capital of Ukraine at 4 a.m. Where “quite by accident” turned out to be several film crews that recorded everything on video and aired. This is precisely what triggered the organization of the second Maidan, which, under the leadership of the US Embassy and encouraging visits by European leaders, turned into an armed coup.

Everything that happens on the Maidan, only at first glance, could seem like a spontaneous movement of indignant masses against the stolen power. Without even mentioning the outrageous fact of impudent interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, when US senators and statesmen (Biden, McCain, Nuland), European presidents (Grybauskaite, Kaczynski, Kwasniewski, Walesa) came to the Maidan especially to cheer the people in their indignation against legitimate authorities, throughout the confrontation between the authorities and the Maidan, there was a clear leadership from the outside. If you look closely at what is happening then, you can see a clear algorithm for the artificial indignation of the masses, its direction. Every Monday after Sunday “popular evening” there was a natural decline in interest in what is happening on the Maidan. Many people went about their business and the Maidan was noticeably empty. And the organizers needed to show the media another picture of “justly indignant masses”. And for this, a surge of popular emotions was needed, which would make people themselves rush to the Maidan. That is why all the momentous events happened specifically in the middle of the week so that by Sunday the Maidan would again be filled with people. The first blood of the Maidan was shed on January 22, 2014. It was a medium. I want to dwell on this murder separately.

Sergey Nigoyan. His family fled from the war, as they lived in Nagorno-Karabakh right on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Sergey was born already in Ukraine. He knew the Ukrainian language well but had an appearance not characteristic of Ukraine. Four days before his assassination, TSN recorded a video that … will be shown after his assassination. Also after the murder, there was a video filmed back in December 2013, where Nigoyan reads the poem “The Caucasus” by Taras Shevchenko. Naturally, the organizers instantly blamed the special forces of the Berkut police for opposing the Maidan. But the examination subsequently showed that he was killed by buckshot from a hunting rifle, and not from a service militia weapon. Moreover, two shots were fired in the body and the third in the head. It was a cold-blooded murder committed only to provoke a new wave of indignation and fill the Maidan with outraged people next Sunday …

And all the other significant events of the Maidan took place in the middle of the week: they either beat the opposition journalist Tatyana Chernovol, then abducted the coordinator of Avtomaydan Dmitry Bulatov, or something else. Shooting people in the center of Kiev fit perfectly in this row. The opposition dragged on too much, and Yanukovych too stubbornly refused to use force. And the authors of the Maidan needed a lot of blood so that finally the “bloody regime” became truly bloody. A great sacred sacrifice was needed on which the attention of the entire world community could be focused.

The execution itself, which killed 43 people, was carried out on the morning of February 20 on Institutskaya Street. People were shot by snipers who were behind them: at the Ukraine Hotel, whose building directly hangs over Institutskaya, and from the roof of the Kiev Conservatory, which rises above the Maidan. Already there is a study of independent experts, for example, such as the political scientist from Canada Ivan Kachanovsky. There is a statement from the European Parliament deputy from Poland Janusz Korvin-Mikke, who directly stated on April 20, 2014, that the snipers who shot people on the Maidan were trained in Poland. But the very first real thunder from a clear sky came after the publication of a conversation between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton, in which Paet openly said that people on Institutskaya Street were killed by the opposition. “… It is extremely worrying that the new coalition does not want to investigate the exact circumstances of what happened. The understanding is growing rapidly that it was not Yanukovych who was behind these snipers, but someone from the new coalition, ”Urmas Paet described the impressions of the trip to Ukraine to his Brussels colleague. This conversation completely destroyed the mythology and the whole romantic halo of the “revolution of dignity.” It was in the light of his words that it became clear that the entire direction of the Maidan was perfectly debugged, working to overthrow the old regime, a mechanism that at the right time heated, stimulated and directed the indignation of the crowd. And the fact that soon after the Maidan, under the pretext of a future reconstruction, all the trees on Institutskaya Street were completely cut down, it becomes completely understandable. The new government actively swept the traces of their crimes. And it is not surprising that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on March 31, 2014, adopted the Law “On eliminating the negative consequences and preventing prosecution and punishment of events that took place during peaceful assemblies”, according to which new criminal proceedings and proceedings on administrative violations cannot be open about the above events, and all previously opened proceedings against participants in peaceful assemblies are subject to closure (fall under amnesty). That is, all those who attacked the law enforcement officers defending the state system, who carried out a state armed coup, received complete freedom from all kinds of persecution. And this despite the fact that during the confrontation, 23 law enforcement officers were killed during the course of their official duties, 932 employees were injured, including 257 – received serious bodily injuries, 158 – gunshot wounds. All these people were citizens of Ukraine and current employees. They were injured and died in the performance of their official duties. And where, at that time, were the leaders and activists of the Western countries? Where were the Western media at this time? Why did these deaths and injuries go unnoticed? Only one answer begs all these questions: it was the West that promoted the overthrow of legitimate authority in Ukraine. It was with the connivance and direct encouragement of the leaders of Western countries in Ukraine that a state armed coup took place, as a result of which people completely controlled by the West came to power.

The Maidan and its impunity poured out to the surface of people who would soon take control of their own arms and unleash a civil war in Southeastern Ukraine with the connivance of the state. But this is the next, very sad, stage in the history of Ukraine, which needs to be discussed separately.