Dr. Gilani and Vaccine Choice Canada on the Fraud and Crimes of the “COVID Pandemic”

So proud of VCC! This takes courage and is a feast for my eyes to read. Thank you VCC!

The only way out of this nightmare is to stop promoting the agenda of the Biosecurity state which is predicated on the scientific fraud of PCR.

Stop ruminating about “variants,” AB tests and how to prove natural immunity. This is the wrong path, it argues within the confines of the prison they want to construct for us. Rather, call out the outright criminal acts of our government.

The data is very clear, no signature of a lethal pandemic in Canada in 2020. What we had was 2 signatures of murder of innocent people by draconian policies, lockdowns are deadly.

#1.Sharp Covid Peak/ First “Wave” – expedited murder of vulnerable elderly in LTCFS from lockdown, isolation, severe staff shortages , these people were effectively DNRs, died from neglect

#2.Excess deaths of 2,000 young men in summer of 2020 – needs to be investigated, deaths of despair? (especially in Alberta)

#3.”COVID” deaths, median age = 86 “Covid” must be defined. NO ONE should discuss this topic without first defining it.

According to the Canadian government a confirmed case is ANYONE “positive” with PCR or AB, no symptoms required. And the majority of symptoms are generic cold and flu symptoms.

PHO and TBH have both admitted they are not distinguishing who died “with” and “from.”

PCR assays are not validated, no gold standard, the results are absolutely meaningless incidental findings.

Despite massive inflation of deaths (1600% according to IPAK), and a cumulative death count, Mortality Rate for this nebulous category is 0.0007 in Canada. This is the elephant in the room which the so-called “Health” Authorities refuse to address.

What is “Covid?” It is largely a re-labelling of deaths of end of life scenarios, chronically ill people. This is why it mirrors natural mortality, even more than influenza/pneumonia and children are not affected. It’s not because of this ACE receptor nonsense, Occam’s razor! (If ACE receptors are the key reason, then an equal number of elderly outside LTCFS would have died. No actual evidence of organic community transmission/outbreaks, once PCR is taken out of the equation.)

There are no variants, injected are being poisoned then incidentally testing “positive” with PCR.

There is NO proof of contagion. If a person takes rat poison, then tests “positive” with PCR, will you blame the rat poison or a virus? It takes a great psychological toll on the populace to watch the death clock. A Canadian dies every 5 min from Cancer, imagine if we announced these deaths every day as a matter of public health policy? So, here is the statement I was ELATED to read:


There is No Proof of CONTAGION. The survival rate of COVID-19 illness for all ages is ~99.85%. COVID-19 simply has not resulted in significantly more deaths than those of recent years. A pandemic did not occur.

However, COVID measures and COVID-19 injections (termed ‘clot shots’ by physicians who treat this documented injury) have harmed and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

It’s time we ask ourselves and the leaders of the Canadian freedom movement these questions: Can we reduce fear if the truth about there being no proof of contagion is widely revealed?

Are we caught in a spell of diversion, a spell that causes us to discuss the illness as though it is contagious, to discuss the variants as though they are contagious and real, and as if masking, testing, and vaccines, and other chemical medicine interventions are the standard and most reliable response to this ‘pandemic’?

Please look over the following list of videos and resources and share what you think may reach your friends and family members who are on the fence and seeking honesty in order to make their informed vaccination decisions.

• Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Sally Fallon Morell challenge us to reconsider what we think we know about health and illness. Video

• Show Us the Virus – Sars-CoV2 Isolation Court Case, Republic of South Africa. Video Information cited provided by Canada’s Christine Massey. Website

• The Vaccine: A Religious Exemption for the Whole World, by Jon Rappoport. Website

• Death of Germ Theory with Sacha Stone and Guests. Video

• Sally Fallon Morell, President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, presents Building Natural Immunity video and interview on the book The Contagion Myth.

• Dr. Andrew Kaufman on VCC Live Video

• Covid: Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell Podcast

In this war, we desperately need an army at the grass-roots level with boots-on-the-ground families who are not buying the official COVID narrative, and who are standing up for our rights and freedoms, fearlessly against the lie of contagion that we’ve been sold.

Families across Canada are standing in UNITED NON-COMPLIANCE against the COVID lie to protect the children and generations who will follow.

Join them! Find local Action4Canada A4C Chapters and VCC chapters in your community.