Fabricated Shocks and Open Windows

Fabricated shocks open the window to Emergency laws and emergency guidelines that would otherwise require more transparency.

The shock surrounding Covid-19 — a virus with Low Infection Fatality rates — precipitated changes to procedures and guidelines concerning the diagnosis of patients and the documentation of deaths. The changes were in large part a result of World Health Organization diktats.

Definitions were broadened. They became less “specific”. Rosemary Frei reports, for example, that,

“there are enormous implications to having overly broad definitions of symptoms and outbreaks, particularly in combination with other rules put in place at the beginning of the epidemic.” (1)

Normally, diagnoses would be more specific, and considerations given to underlying issues, but as per WHO diktats, probable Covid-19, or presumed Covid-19, or WITH Covid-19 are now recorded as (death) BY Covid-19. Furthermore, deaths are deemed “natural”, as per new rules issued by Ontario’s Chief Coroner, and so they are exempt from further investigations and post-mortems.

Additionally, Frei reports that until April 9, 2020, Death Certificates were filled out by physicians or nurse practitioners who cared for patients before they died. After April 9, that duty was delegated to the Chief Coroner.

“Covid-19” deaths in New York State are treated in much the same way — as per WHO and CDC guidelines — but apparently such deaths are not deemed “natural” because New York State performed autopsies on all “Covid-19” deaths.

Not surprisingly, as reported by Dr. John Lott, one third of those deaths classified as “Corona deaths” tested negative for Coronavirus. This, in addition to the fact that the CDC double-counted many cases, and the fact that there are financial incentives on (U.S) hospitals to inflate numbers, suggests, according to Dr. Lott, that the death toll might well be half what is recorded. (2)

If the Covid-19 epidemic had been treated appropriately, by, for example, quarantining vulnerable people and not entire populations, and by evidence-based rules and guidelines as opposed to “Emergency”-based diktats, then much harm would have been prevented.

“Do No Harm”

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