Fair and Transparent Elections in DPR, LPR, Kherson, Zaporozhye Regions/ Commentary by Fiorella Isabel

Reality Theories, Eva K Bartlett, [2022-09-23 6:39 AM]
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I specialize in elections. From what I’m seeing in this referendum, with IDs, paper ballots, & a clear chain of custody, the DPR, LPR, Kherson, Zaporozhye regions have far more fair & transparent elections than the U.S., in SPITE of attempted shelling by Ukraine. Yet the U.S media-politic calls it a sham.

Meanwhile in the US, black box voting means your vote is done on a machine owned by the subsidiary of a ghost corporation, no paper ballots, no audits, easily hacked, no ID, can vote by mail with no ballot tracking or chain of custody & you’re a terrorist for questioning this.

I was on the ground in Nicaragua when the New York Times lied, saying they were closing polling locations (false) & that their elections were a sham, but along with other journalists, we destroyed that narrative. It seems like what the US calls a “sham” is actual sovereignty.

Reality Theories, Eva K Bartlett, [2022-09-23 8:53 AM]
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