False Flag Terrorism

Monopoly media news fabricators would have us believe that false flags are conspiracy theories.  In the real world, however, false flag terrorism is military doctrine. [1]

Western-supported al Qaeda terrorists [2] in Syria have a long history of conducting false flag terror operations, largely because they serve imperial agendas of advancing terrorist interests. 

In the following video, Father Gerges Rizk describes 2011 false flag tactics, committed by terrorists in Daraa, Syria, to displace peaceful protestors, and to falsely blame the Syrian government.  

Interview by Eva Bartlett

Prof. Tim Anderson explains the complicity of “Western Liberal Media” in advancing false flag agendas:

“Even after Syrian nun Mother Agnes Mariam had denounced ‘false flag’ crimes and reported on the recycling of photos of dead bodies (SANA 2011), and after western journalist Nir Rosen (2012) reported that the Islamist ‘rebels’ were dressing up their own casualties as ‘civilians,’ the WLM stuck to its jihadist-linked sources, reporting that the Syrian Army was constantly targeting ‘civilians.’ [3]

The entire cycle of false flag attack, followed by media complicity, followed by escalated military “interventions” based upon false pretexts, is entirely illegal according to international law. 

US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s recent threat, which basically telegraphed an upcoming false flag chemical weapons attack, is criminal.  The threat itself, explains international lawyer Christopher Black, “is an act of aggression meant to terrorise the people of Syria.” Additionally, Black asserts that “any military action against Syria will be an act of aggression and a war crime.” [4]

In light of an anticipated criminal aggression against Syria, based upon a predicted false flag attack, the Global Network for Syria made the following statement:

“We therefore urge the US, UK and French governments to consider the following points before embarking on any military intervention:

  • In the cases of three of the previous incidents cited in the 21 August statement (Ltamenah, Khan Sheykhoun, Saraqib) OPCW inspectors were not able to secure from the militants who controlled these areas security guarantees to enable them to visit the sites, yet still based their findings on evidence provided by militants.
  • In the case of Douma, also cited, the interim report of OPCW inspectors dated 6 July based on a visit to the site concluded that no evidence was found of the use of chemical weapons and that evidence for the use of chlorine as a weapon was inconclusive.
  • Western governments themselves acknowledge that Idlib is controlled by radical Islamist extremists. The British government in its statement on 20 August justified its curtailment of aid programmes in Idlib on the grounds that conditions had become too difficult. Any action by the Syrian government would not be directed at harming civilians, but at removing these radical elements.
  • Any military intervention without a mandate from the United Nations would be illegal.
  • Any military intervention would risk confrontation with a nuclear armed comember of the Security Council, as well as with the Islamic Republic of Iran, with consequent ramifications for regional as well as global security.
  • There is no plan in place to contain chaos in the event of sudden government collapse in Syria, such as might occur in the contingency of command and control centres being targeted. Heavy military intervention could result in the recrudescence of terrorist groups, genocide against the Alawite, Christian, Druze, Ismaili, Shiite and Armenian communities, and a tsunami of refugees into neighbouring countries and Europe. “ [5]

Now that Syria is on the cusp of total victory, the West is scrambling to engineer yet another disastrous false flag. 


Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


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