Fitting Together The Pieces of the Puzzle

The as yet unfolding story of Coronavirus is a story of corruption and conflicts of interest. Some pieces of the puzzle remain missing, but the big picture is increasingly apparent.

The big picture speaks to the unaccountability of Big Monopolies and Big Money, and the fabricated neutralization of the masses, in a world where the truth has been largely deplatformed and suppressed.

The global economy is crashing beneath our feet, kept alive by public bailouts, and we are in “lockdown”, fearful of an invisible virus that is more of a distraction than a real threat. Consider these comparative statistics:

Once reliable evidence is available, the mortality rate for Coronavirus will likely be even lower.

The real threat is a multi-headed monster that conceals itself beneath lies of benevolence, as it always does.

The truth lies in the common threads that run through the Coronavirus story, which include Big Money, the billionaire foundations (1), and Big Pharma. These forces, allied with neoliberal ideologies of privatization, deregulation, and the emaciation of the public sphere, have formed toxic alliances that are destroying global economies, as well as the health and welfare of impacted populations.

The U.S Center for Disease Control (CDC), as an example, even as it positions itself as a neutral regulating agency, is actually a for profit, Big Pharma subsidiary. Robert Kennedy Jr. for example, has claimed that the CDC owns patents on at least 57 different vaccines, and profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales (2) Hardly a neutral regulating agency.

Given its ties to Big Pharma, it comes as no surprise that the CDC is the driver behind “manipulated” Death Certificate guidelines (3) that serve to inflate the number of Coronavirus deaths for statistical purposes.

In similar fashion, the propaganda of unreliable evidence is channelled through oligarch-funded agencies such as McKinsey consulting, which become sources for msm, including the New York Times. Author/Journalist Naomi Wolf commented in a April 10, 2020 Twitter post:

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Will Big Pharma and other profiteers construct roadblocks to reliable science and real evidence? Time will tell.

Currently, flawed data and vested interests are driving transnational “lockdown” policies. Instead, reliable evidence should be the foundation for public policy.

The hidden agendas and vested interests currently driving public policies need to be exposed as the fear-mongering, anti-public toxins that they are.

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