HELP Melbourne Dr Mark Hobart who cared for abandoned elderly in 2020 Lockdown.

Melbourne doctor Mark Hobart explains that patients dying WITH (alleged) COVID, but not FROM (alleged) COVID are being falsely categorized as “COVID DEATHS” on Death Certificates.

He uses the example of a patient who died FROM a blood clot, but was nevertheless listed as a COVID death on the Death Certificate.

One result of the data manipulation and fraud is that authorities are, as Hobart acknowleges, “over-stating” the severity of the disease.

This data manipulation and fraud is consistent on a global scale, and reinforces the fact that all COVID data is invalid. — Mark Taliano

The Solitary Reaper:

Video above is an interview of Dr Mark Hobart who took care of the elderly abandoned in Aged Care Homes in Melbourne during 2020 Lockdowns.

He spoke with 3AW radio’s Tom Elliott on 4 Sep 2020.


2. Melbourne Doctor Dr Mark Hobart is being unfairly targeted and persecuted by the Victorian Government and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) over his criticism of the Australian and Victorian Governments’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Victorian Department of Health raided Dr Hobart’s medical practice on 10 November 2021 WITHOUT SEARCH WARRANT and SEIZED CONFIDENTIAL PATIENT RECORDS, his APPOINTMENT BOOK and left WITHOUT GIVING HIM AN ITEMISED LIST OF DOCUMENTS THEY SEIZED. These medical records contain some critical confidential information about patients’ medical problems, the treatments they are receiving, and in some cases, their prognosis and if they will live. Dr Hobart is deeply concerned that his patients could suffer significant loss or damage if those records fall into the wrong hands. Watch the footage of the raid LIVE streamed by Morgan Jonas here: ===

3. More info on Dr Mark Hobart’s commitment to the people of Melbourne, particularly the elderly in aged care homes. They are some of the most vulnerable people in our community:

a) Dr Mark Hobart is the ONLY doctor who cared for the elderly in his community in 2020 when other doctors abandoned them. He’s the ONLY doctor who spoke up against locking up the elderly alone in their room for 4 MONTHS. Dr Mark Hobart is also the ONLY doctor who wrote to Brett Sutton about testing the elderly prior to jabbing them.

Read the letter here:…

b) Dr Mark Hobart and his colleague Dr Eamonn Mathieson are part of the COVID Medical Network. Dr Mathieson also wrote to Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA’s Prof John Skerritt on HCQ. Read the letter here:…

c) The COVID Medical Network also wrote an Open Letter to ALL Doctors and ALL Australians on various issues: PRIMUM NON NOCERE — FIRST, DO NO HARM, Lockdowns, Cases & PCR Tests, Mortality Risks, Restrictions, Masks, Early Treatments, The Vaccine Technologies, Informed Consent, Professional Autonomy & the Doctor Patient Relationship. This letter begins with the following paragraphs: “PRIMUM NON NOCERE — FIRST, DO NO HARM We, your fellow doctors, write to you motivated only by our concern for the welfare of our patients and the health of our community. Every doctor, like any individual, must answer to their own conscience. Doctors in particular must answer to an Oath, the swearing in of which has fallen away, yet not without leaving its spirit alive. This oath was, and is, founded upon ‘primum non nocere’ or ‘first do no harm’. And so this letter is aimed at reminding all doctors of our ethical obligations and to furnish our consciences with information so that none can claim ‘I did not know’ or ‘I was wrongly advised ’or ‘I was just following orders’.” The doctors end the letter with this section: “PROFESSIONAL AUTONOMY AND THE DOCTOR PATIENT RELATIONSHIP

The government has decided it is the best arbiter of what information you are provided access to and has threatened practitioners with disciplinary action should they offer any critique against the government’s public health responses, including the vaccine rollout. They have also been inhibited in discussing and recommending early treatment alternatives such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, even risking jail for 6 months in Queensland for transgressing such draconian directives and legislation.

We of the Covid Medical Network believe it is the duty of doctors to advocate for their own professional Doctor -Patient relationship and stand against undue government interference in the consulting room.

Doctors who fail to do this risk placing their patients’ needs secondary to the interests of the State, thereby risking damage to our noble profession as a source of independent, considered and fair advice.

We thank you for your consideration of these important matters and urge you to join with us in returning our nation to rationality and excellence in medical care.”

Read the letter here:…

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