History Is Repeating Itself/ Commentary

Some people object to my overt stance against al Qaeda, ISIS (1), and nazism(2), and Canada’s support for all three. They think that I am a conspiracy theorist.

There is nothing new about this, but more people need to take a long look in the mirror.

During the Second World War, Nazis exterminated between 5 and 6 million during the holocaust. Men, women, AND CHILDREN were sent to ghettos, loaded onto rail cars, gassed to death and delivered to crematoriums after their bodies were liberated of gold. (3)

Since 2014, neo-nazi battalions have slaughtered thousands of Russian speaking peoples in Eastern Ukraine, and they continue to commit war crimes in their daily operations.

By voicing my objections to Canada’s support for nazis in Ukraine, I am lending my voice to the voiceless victims of nazi’s past and present. I am proud to stand with and for these victims.

I am also proud to continue standing for and with Syria in its battle for sovereignty and territorial integrity against the West’s pernicious al Qaeda, ISIS and associated terrorist proxies.

When silence and censorship suffocate the truth, the killing escalates.

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