In Praise of Eva Bartlett

Eva Bartlett is Canada’s best journalist/reporter, by far. Why? She actually tells the truth. She recounts the truth about Gaza, Syria, and now Ukraine. She travels to places she writes about. She deserves accolades and protection. The Canadian Nazi-allied government offers her neither accolades nor protection. Pure shame that any citizen should be on a Ukraine kill list, as Eva is, and more shame that the Canadian government does nothing.
SHAME. – Mark Taliano


Journalists Demand that the Mirotvorets “Death List” Website be Classified as a Terrorist Organisation and Closed Down/ By Christelle Néant

Video: Award-Winning Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett on Ukraine “Kill List” as Canadian Government Does Nothing

Ukraine’s Kill List and What Western Media Ignores About Donetsk Civilians w/Eva Bartlett