INSIDE THE M10 HOSPITAL, EAST ALEPPO – Nusra Front, SAMS, UOSSM/Interview with Pierre LeCorf, by Vanessa Beeley, November 12, 2017

The Imperial Hand behind the terror and mass murder is always in clear view when the SAA and allies liberate areas.

In this April 2017 interview with Pierre Le Corf, Le Corf details evidence of French, US, Turkish, and Qatari agencies that were working in what was essentially an al Qaeda-controlled hospital during their occupation of parts of Aleppo.

April 2017. Inside the M10 hospital with Pierre Le Corf who explains the presence of UOSSM and SAMS inside a hospital that had been taken over by Nusra Front, during the terrorist occupation of East Aleppo for almost five years.

Transcript by Rawan R. Mahmasa

So here you have all the associations that managed the hospitals, which are the UOSSM, which is a group of French associations, here this is the Syria American Medical Society which is running the hospital, which is strange that because at the entry of the door you see Al Nusra saying that it is forbidden to work with America.

And here, for example, you see it is the terrorists of Libya who give a message to the terrorists of Syria saying that democracy is for Kafir (in Arabic it means infidel), so all of that is about being in hospital but everything is under control of the Al Nusra, these flags, … under their…

And so yes, this was the Turkish, Ok, the name of the hospital was Al Hilal Hospital, it was a hospital build by the Red Crescent initially  but it became the M10, the terrorists called different hospitals in Aleppo with M and a number, the one thing that which was very important about that is that the Red Crescent which is here but we can see inside the building it is the Qatari Red Crescent, which is forbidden.