Latypova and Wodarg deconstruct the on-going “Fifth Generation Warfare” Directed at Citizens Globally

The Wuhan lab story is largely a red herring, meant to distract and divert our attention. The great crime consists of the bioweapons disguised as vaccines, coupled with totalitarian anti-constitutional misgovernance flourishing beneath the pretext of “health”.

The virus stories, medical mandates, and fraudulent testing protocols are all intended to lead us to accept and demand that they (our governments) inject us with experimental, proven dangerous,injections. There was no “pandemic”.

In the following video, Sasha Latypova and Wolfgang Wodard deconstruct the “Fifth Generation Warfare”/on-going Psychological Operation, designed to instill unreasonable fear as a foundation for further assaults on our health and freedoms. — Mark Taliano


COVID-19 Pandemic Psychological Warfare – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Video: “Fifth Generation Warfare” Ongoing Psychological Operation. Latypova and Wodarg