Looking at COVID Infection Levels after Vaccination Versus Natural Immunity/ By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Data from Israel consistent with everyday information showing vaccines are ineffective

By Joel S. Hirschhorn Global Research, December 21, 2021

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Recent research from Israel gives some impressive data.  For simplicity and a fair comparison, we look at data for 6 to 8 months after the event; in other words, the event being getting COVID infection and natural immunity or getting vaccination.

Here are the numbers in terms of confirmed infection rate per 100,000 risk days.  The reason the researchers used ‘risk days’, rather than just ‘people’, is that the composition of each group changed over time.  For example, some previously infected people chose to get vaccinated.

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Here are the key data:

1. recovered from infection:  14

2. vaccinated and booster:  89

3. hybrid (natural immunity plus vaccination):  17

The point here is that the infections rate is much higher for vaccination and booster versus natural immunity from prior infection; in fact, it is more than six times greater.  And even getting vaccination when having natural immunity adds a little higher infection rate.

Only one big scientific conclusion: Vaccination increases COVID infection and natural immunity is far more protective.  You lose a little protection when you get vaccinated on top of having natural immunity, and that is not counting the many possible harmful health impacts of vaccines that can occur soon or much later than when you get the shots.

Every day all I hear about are all kinds of people, including many high level politicians like governors and senators getting COVID despite being vaccinated and also having received booster shots. Don’t reasonable, intelligent people say to themselves “than why in the hell is the government still pushing vaccines?” Now we also are hearing that omicron variant is becoming dominant. But the vaccines were not working when delta was the dominant variant. I guess the vaccines may be even more ineffective for the highly mutated omicron. Yet we still cannot get the government to sanction use of ivermectin and other treatments that a relatively few doctors are using with great success.

The real science data shows vaccines do not work and for many people they produce all kinds of bad health impacts. Who do you want to trust?


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