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Joining me once again for his second outing is Mark Taliano, a former high school teacher like myself. He currently is a Research Associate with Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research. That’s He’s the author of Voices from Syria as well as the second revised edition of Voices from Syria. The second edition is co- authored by Basma Qaddour. His website is We talked last time about Syria, so you can go back to the archive and and dig into that where we’ll be talking about COVID This time, welcome back to TNT Radio Mark.

Mark Taliano 0:33
Hi, nice to meet you again. I was listening to the earlier part of the conversation as well.

Hrvoje Morić 0:42
Yeah, did we put you to sleep? Or was it all right?

Mark Taliano 0:45
No, I was very happy to hear that we’re on the same page. Yes, very comforting to know. And someone mentioned segregation. And it’s not only by skin color. And I agree with him, too, because we’ve been segregated in Canada. You’re in the States, right?

Hrvoje Morić 1:04
I’m in Mexico. So yeah, oh, Mexico, sorry.

Mark Taliano 1:07
Well, in Canada and throughout the world, actually. I mean, we were living in basically an apartheid state, where people such as myself, who believe in and have the time to do research, didn’t go along with the agenda. And we were discriminated upon terribly, and it affects relationships with family with everybody. And part of that is a function of the military grade Psychological Warfare being waged against us. So really, it’s in many respects, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s horrible on many levels.

Hrvoje Morić 1:47
Yeah. You Yeah, I wanted to get your take on it. You know, I just saw that the Biden administration renewed until at least, I mean, I was predicting predicting this in December until at least April now, unvaccinated foreigners cannot enter the US. And as you said, I’ve mentioned that I went to the US recently, everyone that my family except my wife is a US citizen. And so yeah, first time, took my kid to visit family in the US. And you know, she she got sad, because after she was without her mom for a while, and I think that caused her to get a flu or whatever, just common illness and then yeah, all of this because of these insane policies. These you know, tyrannical military. Great, as you said, and I’ve had over the past year guests, Canadian guests, Daniel Bulford, was on with me the former Army Oh, yeah. Who’s his job was to protect Trudeau. Yeah, I’ve had Henry Hill the breath. Yeah, he quit because of the mandate. And then I’ve talked to Henry Hildebrand, sarjapur, Loski, and many others. So basically, you know, I had a guest on at the start of this week, talking about COVID. And he posited that the big picture here is that Western elites after World War Two, could no longer keep up the charade of democracy, and so had to resort to the sort of strategy of tension or false flag tactics to keep us plebs in line. Everything from NATO Gladio to 911 to 911, part deux COVID 911. So what’s sort of, what’s your assessment of what went down starting 2020 And it’s, it hasn’t stopped?

Mark Taliano 3:24
Well, it to me, it’s a horrible nightmare. And you know, I was wondering before this, I can … Okay, so I saw the signs. I’m not saying I’m more intelligent than anyone else, but I saw all the signs. And just like your previous speaker there, who’s in marketing, he saw all the signs that this whole thing was contrived. Okay, I remember I was walking my dog from the lake and then all the lights were off (and I thought) Oh, my god, we’re in trouble now. And we were in trouble. And I also recall wondering, Are they going to get away with this? Can they actually kill and injure millions of people globally and get away with it? And I think they can. And if I think too hard about that I’ll get really depressed but I mean, even according to the CDC figures like over 2 million  jab injuries and I suppose that’s only 1% and and and they’re they’re taking the they’re removing the record (scrubbing/deleting records), apparently to try to cover themselves, but according to the CDC VAERS itself like over 30,000 dead and that’s a huge underestimate and people can look that up openVAERS CDC and there’s EudraVigilance  and there’s Yellow Card (UK). If you bring all these together, the death toll is just horrible and even more accurate probably is excess mortality. Edward Dowd has done a lot of work with that, and the excess mortality is, is, is very, very high. And he’s an insurance guy, a numbers guy. And that may be the best way because all of the increased excess mortality is  synchronous with the rollout of the COVID jabs, which are bioweapons. So I mean, we can get depressed over this. And I think that’s probably is a normal thing to do. Because it’s such a tragedy, catastrophic tragedy. Now I am, I am involved with …. many people who are on the same page as me. Okay, so that’s my social network. And that’s the survival. And that’s my sports network. So that’s kind of how I survive. But on the other hand, people have closed the door on me because they think I’m infectious. They think I’ve got the plague. And this is happening to all of us to one degree or another. And so I it’s very, very important topic. And I made some notes because I think the more we amplify it, the better. So I have some information for you, which I’m sure you’re familiar with as well.

Hrvoje Morić 6:13
We’ll have to jump to our break again, Mark our guest fortunately, like you, I’ve heard other people have these experiences. I haven’t really had that shunning from people who were Vax, maybe because people are, I’m sure like in Canada or us maybe because people in Mexico are generally a little bit more respectful and chill. So I haven’t had that experience. No, you have some notes, but I thought maybe just get your get your thoughts. You know, when all of this was happening for me, one of the biggest key things to focus on, you know, right out of the Gates in 2020 was the pandemic pandemic simulations. And because you mentioned this is what we’re going what’s what’s going on is it’s a military operation, a global military operation, and yet everything from you know, Dark Winter in 2001 and there’s just so many I can even keep track keep track of these pandemics, simulations, clade X, sparse Crimson Contagion, urban outbreak. Yeah, most people never mentioned that in September of 2019. The Chinese ran Coronavirus simulation at the Wuhan airport. And of course, everyone knows in October 2019, event two one and so right before 2020 There were three Coronavirus pandemic simulations. And then we recently had in Brussels a couple of months back, I think Catastrophic Contagion. And so, you know, I recall when I was researching 911, you know, Webster Tarpley, he had put together, I’ve got the file somewhere, a PDF, like how many simulations had been running right up to 911. And he had counted like, close to 40, or 50. Simulations, many of which were emulating what actually happened. On on 911. So just your thoughts on on these simulations or other worlds you think are important?

Mark Taliano 8:04
Yeah, it’s very important. First of all, who’s doing (it)? Rockefeller foundation, the same players, the same villains really? Rockefeller, the intelligence agencies, you mentioned, the military part, DARPA is involved. Why can we not get the ingredients for these bio weapons because it’s a military secret. So if we don’t know what’s in them, which we don’t, except for some people on the side are investigating on their own, but there’s, there’s a lot of variance in the batches. There is an Italian judge who tried to get ahold of it. And she was told it’s a military secret. So how can you possibly have informed consent? No, you cannot because nobody knows what’s in it. We know … some of the catastrophic results of taking these things, but we don’t know what’s in it. So therefore, it’s a violation of Nuremberg Code on many, many levels. And yes, it was, it was pre-planned and also, who, who is a major donator to the World Health Organization? Gates, he’s just behind Germany as far as that. Okay, so a lot of these oligarchs including Gates, they knew roughly when it would happen and what happened shortly after the initial Public Health Emergency of International Concern, which wasn’t a public health emergency, but it was announced as such, because there were maybe 1000 or whatever cases outside of China, very negligible. And those are cases in quotation marks, with fore-knowledge of the stock market crash, when the stock market crashes and you have foreknowledge, you can make a lot of money. And Chossudovsky and myself, we I agree that I mean, there must have been an intense amount of insider trading, which is criminal, based upon foreknowledge of when this thing would  happen. So people can hedge their bets. So Chossudovsky says on that same day outside China, there are like 1073 so- called cases (of which 621) … were passengers and crew on the Diamond Princess. Okay. Well, shortly thereafter, there’s a financial collapse. Some people, not you or me, but a lot of people made a lot of money off of that. So it was pre- planned. Yes,  the evidence is there, and we even know the players involved. But really the tragedy … Okay, so I’ll let you ask another question if you like, or I could go on, but so I agree with you. Yeah, it was pre planned. It’s right there. I mean, they’re not even hiding it. They weren’t hide. Yeah,

Hrvoje Morić 10:38
As you mentioned. Yeah. And right. Before, I mean, so many parallels to 911. This way, I like to call it some very mad with 911. Because you had the insider trading right before 911. And as you know, same thing, same thing with COVID. You had people recall in late 20, late 2019, early 2020. So many CEOs were just stepping down from their positions. And yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s a military operation. But you know, before getting to the vaccines, you know, I kind of separate things. You’ve got like, the biosecurity protocols, right. Apart from Yeah, seems you’ve got the mat, the masking and the gel and the temperature checks and distancing. Yeah. Sounds and it really seems like a military regimen. And it was it in every single country, country. It’s absolutely insane. And I think that was more just the regiment, people like, you know, soldiers would in the military. So they were trying to regiment us in these military style biosecurity protocols. I mean, and then there’s a lot of stuff, you know, masks are bad for you, obviously. hand gel, I remember reading over the past two years, people actually died from taking too much of his handle on their hands, because it was some brands were toxic. So just your thoughts on some of these protocols? Well, they’re

Mark Taliano 11:57
They are toxic. I remember seeing someone who was using so much hand gel, and his hands were bloody. And I said, Well, it’s kind of counterproductive, isn’t it? But he didn’t really clue in. And that’s another thing. It’s hard really to get through to people. And there’s some theories on that too, it’s part of the psychological warfare, but maybe there’s something else. But I mean, I’ve always thought the best way to defeat this. And I still think this is just to say No. And I went to and I went to visit a relative who’s in Long Term Care, and I just didn’t abide by the rules. And next time I tried to get in, I could not get in. So this is how they’re doing it. And they’re trying to get people to jab and test and all this and I just don’t play that game. Well, I haven’t been here. So this is segregation and apartheid, but also part of their protocols. It means that they’re destroying the medical profession, they’re turning doctors into clinicians. Now, a lot of good doctors believe all good doctors should, I would assume believe in early therapeutics, but they’ve been denied early therapeutics like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, and that has created so many deaths, I would have to look up how many, but the fact that people have not been treated correctly, is part of the criminality of all this. Because early treatment has proven to be successful against this virus, which if we look at this virus, the WHO has admitted it’s in line  with the flu, okay, …. and says it’s .1 to  .3% Infection Fatality Rate. So everything, they threw out the tried and true pandemic protocols, and brought in these ridiculous militarized protocols to turn us into robots or sheep, or turn us into the dark ages, where we’re not thinking and sorry, but Shame on those doctors who, who are following along because a lot of deaths…. Yeah, go ahead.

Hrvoje Morić 14:00
I was just gonna ask him your thoughts as to the nature of because I think the real danger here is the injection, right? I’ve said from the beginning, I’ve never believed it. We’ve never been in a pandemic. And that if it was, you know, a gain of function virus, that again, it was like the flu, it was nothing to freak out about. But the real, you know, the real problem was the purported solution, because I mean, there are people saying that they don’t believe in infectious infectious disease or virus now. And I just think that that’s, you know, it’s a moot point. It’s the injections and all of these locked down dystopian protocols that have no place anywhere ever. You know, there’s no exception for them. Just nature.

Mark Taliano 14:47
Sorry, what were you saying? What what do I think about?

Hrvoje Morić 14:49
You think it was a bio weapon that was intentionally released or was that

Mark Taliano 14:56
I agree with you that hardly matters it’s basically a red herring, I think people are … up. It’s part it’s part of the mechanism of getting people fearful as part of the mechanism of getting people injected with these bio weapons, which is the end goal, Problem, Reaction Solution. So, I mean, okay, there’s probably something out there, but there always is something out there. That’s the thing. But But the real problem is the injections like Dr. Yeadon. I know you know him, former VP, Pfizer and Chief of Science at Pfizer, he’s, he’s saying that just read a bit here, he elaborates after the boosters three to four shots, the immune system has lost up to 80% of its defenses, thus, people are more vulnerable to catching any kind of disease. So this is horrifying. Now I just know anecdotally, some people that I know who believe in the jabs, the injections, experimental mRNA injections, they are a lot of them get colds, they seem to be more prone. Now, that’s just anecdotal. But doctors who do speak out are saying they’re seeing turbo cancers as well. They’re seeing they’re seeing and people that had protests that I’ve been to, like, nurses or former nurses who stood up and refused the jab. They’re saying, Well, all the people in hospital have taken these jabs. Okay, so I mean, and then we can get into these testing then, which is also part of the military operation, but I’ll let you ask the question. So anyway, I agree with you there is there may be a virus, okay, maybe there is, but it doesn’t satisfy Koch’s Postulates. And the tests are totally fraudulent. But okay, so if there is Dr. Ionniditis,  said it was Low Infection Fatality Rate. So their reaction to it has been insanely criminal.

Hrvoje Morić 16:58
rewarding. Regarding the tests, my view has always been, again, there’s they don’t make any sense. But for me, you know, maybe we can talk about this later. I mean, the, the big picture for me is that they were using this military biosecurity operation to basically the key here is the digitalization, they want to create this credit system, and, you know, cashless society, digital passports. And the testing, I think was, you know, for the social credit system, they need to have all your data, your surfing data, but also your, you know, biometrics your eyes, scan your fingerprints, but also your DNA or blood. And I recall photos lately. Yeah. And during the pandemic, I found a mainstream article out of China talking about how the Chinese and again, I’m not saying like, it’s, as you mentioned, I think it’s, most governments are involved. It’s DARPA, it’s every country to different degree is running involved in this, but China has scared its citizens. They invented some health scare to get people to give their blood tests and then later they recognize it was, oh, would they really have done it just to get the DNA for the DNA database? And then the CDC actually tweeted, like a year or two ago, Oh, guess what, 10% At least 10% randomly taken of the PCR test results of people are sent to DNA labs. So I think the goal there is Yeah, so I mean, just so your thoughts on the tests or anything else?

Mark Taliano 18:45
Okay, so getting a lot of people okay, so China, I guess is more advanced and more advanced in this in this matter. Anyway, they’re following these protocols. Reiner Fuellmich figures the Lion’s Den is in the US. But also possible that we the best chance of getting criminal convictions might also be in the US Okay. A digital ID okay. I was part of the I spent four nights and four days at the freedom rallies in Ottawa. It’s just that one of the best experiences of my life is totally peaceful, free food free. There’s everyone was celebrating and the truth was right out there. It was right out and old, which is in modern society isn’t. But how what did they do? The government, the the Trudeau Government, and Fuellmich figures, the government’s aren’t ours anymore. And I agree with that, because he he’s (Trudeau) one of these young global leaders (and Freeland too). So as , so they a lot of people were contributing to the Freedom Convoy, that’s digital, and what did the government do? They (froze the funds) it. So this is just one tip of the iceberg of what can happen if we have digital completely digital money they will have total control over us over how what we how we spend our money, where we spend our money if we spend our money and so it just we’re just relinquishing our freedom, all of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and (rights), and this was what we were protesting at the Freedom Convoy, which was a magnificent protest. But this is also they want to turn us into a world dictatorship basically. And a digital currency is one way of doing because they can stop it. They can turn it off just like that. And they can know everything. If it’s digital, they can know where we spend our money, how we spend our money.

Hrvoje Morić 20:44
Yeah, we’re seeing this happen now everywhere now in Canada I’ve seen in Brazil now people protested Bolsonaro  last Brazilians had their bank accounts frozen in the US people haven’t been as frozen. There’s that Russian journalist Alina Lipp had her and her whole family’s bank accounts frozen. So Europe is happening. Yeah. And so we’re gonna have to jump to our break Mark. Again, the website is You can check out his book Voices from Syria and we’ll be right back on TNT radio


Harvoje Moric :

We are on our final segment with author Mark Taliano. He’s got his book Voices from Syria. He works as  Research Associate with Global Research. You can check out in the archives . There are chats on Syria and goes a month or two ago. And we talk about COVID this time . His website is I know that I just going to the injections the other the real key. Here is this bioweapon and just in Mexico . It was on the news all week or two ago. And in the State of Guanajuato there has been an outbreak. This is mainstream news in Mexico, a mainstream newspapers outbreak of a facial paralysis, and they are saying could be Guillain Barre,  and then like a year ago I had a Mexican friend of mine tell me that might my Mexican friend’s cousin who is probably in thirties or forties triple vaccinated got Guillain-Barre. So I ‘m hearing firsthand people getting younger right now…. break a facial paralysis that we have got these two NFL players: One guy just dropped dead at age 38, the other guy has heart attack. We have never,  I have never in my whole life, I do not watch sports much, but I have never seen this, like ever in any sport and ended the norms that you are talking about this Stockholm Syndrome is so strong and someone made a great point . He was a past guest of mine. Let me read his quote. It is so good. He says the reason that people don’t want to be injected. The only reason the injected are so desperate to deny the  possibility….This is vax related is because they are terrified they’re next. Right? And what do you think? This Injection. I mean part of it has to do with extermination is basically  par to what the Nazis did. So this is like part to extermination, part to depopulation, part to control and then I think there is a third aspect that has to do where they are running experiments in genetics where, the elites are trying to get like immorality somehow. They are learning from what they are so just a thought that you have further thoughts on all of these.


Mark Taliano:

I agree with him. Okay, Dr. McCullough says if a young fit athlete dies like that, they have a name for some deaths, but it is actually quite …  If someone dies unexpected (and suddenly, it is the jab until proven otherwise)…. and come to think of it, I know of someone that that happened as well. But people just for the reason you stated they don’t want to put two and two together. Dr. Yeadon says that the central operational deceit is the PCR test and the central conceptual deceit is the mask. Mass do not work and they signal that you are part of the program. The PCR test does not work. CDC withdrew its recommendation for the PCR test on about December 31st, 2021. The World Health Organization said that  it was fraud….They changed coding to death certificates for COVID only just prior to the announced pandemic. So the mainstream media which is part of this crime scene is using invalid data. So I went the drugstore just to pick up (one of these) ttests that I know someone, who has like a whole box of tests. They do believe it is  the Holy Grail. “I am going to test my self and I can be safe.” So, I said Okay, let me read the insert, so I got one of these tests free of course, and people our taxes paid for this. So people who make the tests are making a fortune. And it says on the (Rapid Antigen Test Device insert)  the following under Intended Use.. “the results indicate the presence of viral antigens, but clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine infection status. Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.” So they are slipping in the truth in the fine print. They cover themselves legally I suppose. But the tests are useless. I mean the CDC no longer supports PCR test. Kary Mullis,  Nobel Laureate, who invented the test said the PCR process does not tell you that you are sick. Michael Yeadon says all or a substantial part of these cases could be due to …. false positive test. It goes on and on and many other causes like I agree, but we are probably running out of time . So that this Central Operational Deceipt is the test… if you have the flu, in the past of doctors (do not use a test) to tell you if you have the flu. They do not because they use their medical experience and their discretion to make a diagnosis and to provide care. Now they are inhibited, they’re in a straitjacket …. tests do not work. They provide invalid data. This whole crime scene is on a bedrock of invalid data. …Part of it is extermination, and the crime is so big that many of us have a hard time believing it because it is so big, but the biggest crimes are the ones that tend to sell easier I guess.


Harvoje Moric :

Yes you mentioned Debbie Show , just reading Mexico newspaper… When could the COVID emergency end? in another talking, there are so many implying like you in Mexico. And then the second line says: This is what the WHO says. Wait a moment .  I am living here in Mexico. It’s like …the Mexican government. WHO.. Basically  they are putting in our head this idea and  it is pronounced , will pronounce an end to the COVID in emergency. If a basic like, basically like that, they are saying: if you little peons do what we tell you, if you work adequately  enough by doing what we tell you, we will say it is over. If you do not want, we won’t say its over, And I’m like…I do not care about the WHO..I am here at Mexico. There is no emergency. I t is just  just this attitude that they are trying to normalize with people that Tedros the  terrorists had half of it. I was going to say..Imean it’s …

Mark Taliano: 51:08

Yes, the WHO is terrorizing the world…

Harvoje Moric :

We just got a couple minutes left. You have mentioned the world’s control because there is international basically the pandemic city and health regulations as the one-two punch. They want to use to take control over all states and I think you know which part of the warm up to all of this for the lockdowns, which they are trying to wipe out the middle-class that there’s all gravy and so they want to bring this Neo techno feudalism play, so you have no middle class in the  is just going to be like hunger game yet the poor and the rich and then they establish this global digital system .


Mark Taliano:

And it is happening already. I agree totally, they are destroying the economy. You can not lock people down and expect the economy to thrive. Sorry, it does not work that way. Just like you said, the middle class…. Okay they are destroying the economies, destroying the Chinese economy as well. They are destroying the Canadian economy. And that is part of the plan. Well you destroy the economy and we become slaves to the international financial institutions, who are going to move in and tell us exactly how much and what we have to do if we want to borrow their money. So they created this mass impoverishment and the oligarchs, the billionaire class is growing exponentially . The rest of us,  the economy has been destroyed  especially like I said, the middle-class, the main street economy, the real economy and then they are going to come in with AI or New World Order  but I hope not, if enough of us say No (we can) stop it. That is why some of these oligarchs are talking about “useless eaters”. It is totally dystopian. We have read all about this in George Orwell and so on. I used to be a firm believer in man-made climate change and now I’m sorry. I don’t because I see how that Big Pharma science may as well be  advertising. This is not science and if they are using …

Harvoje Moric: 53:26

That’s awesome that you admitted that because some people are still cling to that. I mean if they are lying about this too long, they are lying about everything war and Karma and environmental ..


Mark Taliano: 53:42

I used to be firm believer in this, and now I have all sorts of questions and doubts about it because the same players …. are involved. I mean you do not improve the environment by creating these vast monopolies where Gates owns most of the farms and that’s not how it’s done. That is the problem.

Harvoje Moric:

We got about a minute left, you know any other thoughts on what we can do to stop and resist this

Mark Taliano:

Okay. So yeah, It is a great question. I think that what we have to do and it is going to be painful for a lot … It is easier for me because I am not working, but I mean some nurses , they say No and they are fired. Some doctors, they say No they’re fired and investigated. I think all we can do is say NO … But I think that is the only way to end this because they can not force all of us do anything if we are all saying NO, and the good news is many many  more people are saying NO .  I think they are really having a hard time unloading all of these, what they call vaccines, people are talking to their neighbours, and realizing, “Oh my God that happened to you after you took the jab.” So people are getting smart that way from on-the- ground experience. Thank you..


Harvoje Moric:

Yeah, thanks being on again. Hopefully we talk maybe next time, we can get to Ukraine. Keep up the great work and just keep at it. It’s  it’s sad  what we are dealing with, but we just got to keep going on..I’ll be right back after this break





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