Mark Taliano: Syria’s victory is a victory for civilization itself ” Voices from Syria”. Informed analysis refutes dominant Western media narrative/ Baath Weekly” Political Affairs Editor

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Baath Weekly” Political Affairs Editor

As a writer and researcher who studied and wrote a lot about Syria, and as a Canadian investigative journalist who visited it many times during the war, Mark Taliano documented many of the stories, novels and resounding scandals made by the West and its terrorists in this safe country. For years, he has realized that official accounts of Western public opinion, particularly in North America and Australia, on television, on newspaper paper and on the Internet, were misleading and false. The invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are all based on lies, as well as for Ukraine. All the post-9/11 wars were sold to the Western public through a sophisticated network of dominant roller coaster agencies, which spread propaganda to both the domestic and foreign public, and “this time the dirty war on Syria was something different, and the intensity of propaganda directed here and attempts to contaminate humanity at this moment of war must have been probably unprecedented.”

Between September 15 and 23, 2016, with the third international peace round, Taliano returned to Syria in an attempt to hear what was already happening from the Syrians themselves, not surprised when he arrived, what he saw was a completely different story, Syria is civilization itself, and its people are proud, ambitious and forward-looking. “We sent to this ancient and sacred land mercenaries, hatred, bloodshed and destruction. As a visitor, I was ashamed, but the Syrians welcomed me as one of them,” he says in a radio interview about his book Voices from Syria, which he wrote at the end of this trip, and dedicated it to “the Syrian people on the front lines of the first confrontation in the fight against international terrorism.” Your blood is shed because of our sins.”

“Regime change” war

In his book, published in September 2017 by The Global Research Center, Montreal, Canada, and published in Arabic by the new Dilmon Publishing and Distribution House, translated by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush and Basma Kaddour, Taliano mobilizes a summary of years of research and field observations to document the continuing tragedy of the West’s disastrous war on Syria and syrians under the title “Regime Change”, striving to provide an informed analysis that refutes the dominant Western media narrative about Syria. Taliano gathers dozens of testimonies of ordinary citizens, and restores open-source Western documents and historical memory, skillfully blending the stories of soldiers, doctors, politicians, clerics and ordinary citizens with his earlier readings, and proving that Syria, which refused to be subordinate to the predatory forces of capitalism led by the United States, is now in the trench of the first confrontation against the dictatorship of globalization, and against the economic ideology that is pressing to impose capital and market dominance on the people and state of patriotism.

Taliano exposes Washington’s strategy and reveals its political objectives through the words of the Syrian people themselves, in a strong message from this people calling on the West to stop killing innocent people. Testimonies of Syrians who chose to stay in their country confirm that what is happening is neither a revolution nor a civil war, that Washington is the mastermind and the main planner of the war, and that these terrorists (ISIS, al-Qaeda/Jabhat al-Nusra, the White Helmets, the Levant Liberation Authority) are Atlantic agents who have committed hundreds of heinous crimes against Syrians, and no moderates among them.


The author presents documented facts that refute Western media narratives about the war, emphasizes that the Western media act as agencies of imperialist war, not as truth agencies, and that their representatives follow the same usual scenario of blaming the victim for crimes committed by aggressor states, as well as a number of Syrian testimonies, a number of WikiLeaks documents, and a list of massacres committed by America and the West in Syria.

Ammar says: “As usual every morning. My sister was on her way to university when a bloody Salafist and Hippie suicide bomber detonated a car bomb at a bus station, killing and injuring many civilians and university students on their way to their exams. Ten minutes later, another suicide bomber blew himself up in the same place, taking advantage of the gathering of people and ambulance teams. Usually when there is a terrorist attack we contact all family members and friends to make sure they are all okay, but.”

– “We started looking for her in hospitals. The shock was in the bloody scenes there. There were many burned bodies and human remains scattered on the ground. That’s where I saw my sister, a soulless body.”

Lily Martin, an American resident of Syria, says: “U.S.-backed terrorists destroyed my house on March 21, 2014, beheaded my neighbors, raped elderly women who were kidnapped and taken to Turkey and destroyed the entire Syrian village of Kassab. This isn’t a rumor. It’s a fact and it’s been well documented.”

Dr Declan Hayes: “The descent of Kassab to hell began at 5.30am, specifically, on March 21, 2014, when ruthless shelling from the Turkish side of the border with Syria rained down the unprotected village, not only panicking its inhabitants, but warning them of the end of the world that was about to take them.

– Djorian and his wife executed their only son in front of them, leaving him to rot for three days in the sun, before throwing him like a dog, as they described it, into a pit they had hastily dug in the apple orchard owned by the parents. The parents were then forcibly detained in Turkey for 40 days, where the kidnappers brought the U.S. ambassador to Turkey to express his admiration for the way the kidnappers treated the “humane” abductors.”

Samuel Buldian, who lives only 200 metres from a Turkish police station, said: “It was Turkey that led the attack on Kassab.”

A witness to the massacre in Adra area of Damascus countryside describes the scene in these words:

“The rebels began attacking government centres and attacked police stations, where all the policemen were killed after only a short clash because of the large number of attackers. They (the attackers) then went to the checkpoint on the outskirts of the city, before moving to the clinic, where they slaughtered a medical staff member and placed his head in the popular market. They then dragged his body in front of the residents of the town who gathered to see what was happening. Bakery workers who resisted taking over their devices were roasted in their own oven. Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS fighters moved from house to house with a list of names, and none of those taken were seen afterwards.”


The author talks about a large number of documented terrorist crimes, which the western mainstream media ignore. He recounts the events of Maaloula, the looting and destruction of the archaeological shrine of St. Taqla before it was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, as well as about depriving Damascus of drinking water by blowing up the spring of Ain al-Fayja. with the support of the West.

It also addresses the story of the child Imran and the propaganda lies of terrorists and the West, and exposes the father of the child to their lies, and also mentions what happened to destroy the bride of the desert destruction and presents documentary the suffering of the people of Aleppo, and the liberation of the Syrian Arab Army after the terrorists surrounded her and threw them with death shells daily.


To demonstrate the deception and hypocrisy of Western governments, the author reviews the realities of Iraq and Libya before the war on them and their destruction, and presents the realities of quality and free education, free health services and a good standard of living in Syria, according to indicators of specialized international centers.

In the introduction to his book, Taliano says that the secular government in Syria is led by President Bashar al-Assad, who is characterized by progress and a vision for the future. President Assad has won the support of most Syrians by supporting and protecting them. Health care and education, including higher education, are free of charge in Syria. Before the planned and externally enforced war on Syria began, Syria was one of the safest countries in the world.

The author lists President Al-Assad’s most notable achievements since 2000, including the construction and restoration of 10,000 mosques, 500 churches, 8,000 schools, 2,000 institutes and 40 universities, as well as the development of tourism and public transport.

The War on Terror

“The global war on terror is a major deception, it is literally a global war for terrorism, the empire creates and uses its agents to achieve its goals, including ISIS and Al-Nasra,” Taliano says. The Gulf kingdoms, Israel and NATO — including, of course, Turkey — are involved in the plot to impose regime change in Syria illegally and at any cost.”

“The imperialist West is savage and barbarian and not human when it comes to implementing hegemonic and expansion projects, it plans and knows the consequences of its wars and sieges, and nothing happens to it by chance, and when they killed, because of the siege of Iraq, 500,000 children under the age of five, and more than a million other people, did not lift an eyelid, but said U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright : The price we want is worth it.

The “global war on terror,” falsely and fraudulently known as the “war on terror,” is a global war for terrorism. The empire creates and uses extremist terrorist proxies, including ISIS, to advance its geopolitical objectives, Talianu says, noting that neoconservatives want to destroy the Middle East so they can control it.

The author talks about “the west’s destruction of the values of life in the countries it targets, and then besieging and starving them in the way of the work of gangs,” and adds: The writer, researcher, university professor, and translator of the book, Dr. Ibrahim Alloush noted that “America , by caesar law, seeks to assassinate Syria and punish its people collectively, where militias belonging to both America and Turkey prevent the sale of wheat and barley by Syrian peasants east of the Euphrates to the Syrian state, and the two parties participated in the burning of fires in the region in an attempt to eliminate the crop of Syria’s strategic wheat and barley. Fires have become an escalating annual event before and during the harvest. More recently, millions of fruit olive trees have been burned just before they are harvested on the Syrian coast and other parts of the country, specifically in areas controlled by the Syrian state.” “The United States and its agents control 90% of the oil wells, 50% of Syria’s gas wells, and America is plundering these wells in a mafia manner,” the author said, quoting Dr. Alloush.

Friends of Syria

“Syria also has cosmic enemies, and it has cosmic friends as well, which is normal because the war against it is of a cosmic nature,” says translators Dr. Ibrahim Alloush and Basma Kaddour, in presenting the book. Syria’s enemies are well known, and not all of its friends are known, and in this book the writer reveals friends of Syria, who for years fought a battle to defend it in front of Western public opinion in the face of a dominant media machine presented by its enemies.”

The author continues to dismantle media statements used to justify war one by one, starting with allegations of “shooting at peaceful protesters,” “Assad’s government kills its people,” “Baby Imran,” “Tyre Caesar,” “Eastern Aleppo,” Daraa, and chemical weapons. Etc., to their claims in the war on terrorism, democracy, human rights and Syrian refugees, all of which are accompanied by documentation of the West’s support for terrorists.

What they can’t steal is destroying it.

Taliano understands that the United States is committing “major international crimes” in Syria, and says the “caliphate project” is a CIA project, where NATO and its allies are waging a “regime change” war against Syria, using terrorists as agents and strategic assets. The West, including Canada, directly and indirectly supports all terrorists in Syria, supports al-Qaeda and ISIS, and the so-called “Kurdish” forces led and controlled by the West, like all terrorists, adds: The West has been plundering Syria throughout the war, terrorists stealing industrial equipment and shipping it to Turkey, and what they cannot steal destroys.

Professor Tim Anderson, writer and lecturer in political economics at the University of Sydney, Australia, writes: Canadian Mark Taliano has compiled an excellent mix of anecdotes and analyses to create an easily accessible small author on the terrible conflict in Syria, a book that must serve as a preliminary book for all those who feel curious, resentful, or cheating, by the almost homogenous chorus of war for the common Western media. Taliano is one of the few Westerners who bothered to travel to Syria during the war years, to talk to Syrians of all ranks and to learn about the humanitarian realities of the country, which, in 2011, became the last target of the Washington-led coalition.

The courage of a nation and a people

Unlike most geopolitical analysts on Middle East issues, Taliano focuses on what unites humanity with the people of Syria in their struggle against external aggression, speaking and listening, and revealing the courage of a nation and a people in their daily lives. Taliano shouts loudly that the causes and consequences of the U.S.-led war on Syria, not to mention war crimes and large-scale atrocities committed by terrorists on behalf of the Western military coalition, are routinely obscured. He is committed to communicating with Western public opinion on behalf of the Syrian people, and his book Voices from Syria provides a carefully documented overview of daily life in Syria targeted by terrorism, and about the daily struggle of the Syrian people to protect and preserve their national sovereignty.

Taliano seems confident that Syria’s final victory, led by President Bashar al-Assad, will be a victory for civilization itself, over the dark forces of a brutal empire that forms al-Qaeda, ISIS, and its associated terrorists, its actual ground forces.