More Voices from Syria: How Many Times Are We Going To Kill Syria?

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Sumaya Al Essmael At this highly crucial moment we need to act morally and minimise suffering as a matter of urgency, otherwise, those who initiated the war against Syria, supported terrorism, and imposed sanctions, will be brutally killing the same nation three times in a row. Don't Stab the Cradle of Civilisation Three Times in a !Row'


May be an image of text that says 'SanctionsOnSyrians years, theS people have been sanctions mposed USA and many ountnes, with one hour electricity per gas, medicine, no medical aids pharmacies were middle earthquake Richters, and the Syrians an out- 4:00 AM, was heavity raining. some people slept 900 deaths were documented. expect international community he innocent Syrian people and save Injustice and never ending suftering rubble emoval venicles/ equipment, ambulances. third world people, we are from civilized has provided humanity with your contradicted with international law, t's manity, your sanctions were the eason wheel development, oreventing us our country after war, you punished forced them #SS'

It’s high time you all asked to #Lift_the_sanctions_on_Syria .STOP SANCTIONS. We are dying . YOU ARE KILLING THE SYRIAN PEOPLE. Stop bragging of your Democracy, you are just (B)LOOD SHEDDERS.
You are , in fact, RAPING humanity. When you RAPE INNOCENCE, childood. Who do you thing you punish ? You’re PUNISHING A WHOLE COUNTRY PEOPLE. War, displacement , destruction, poverty, and now natural disasters. What else to satisfy your arrogance.
#under the name of Humanity

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎URGENT APPEAL: SYRIA EARTHQUAKE RELIEF عاجلة استجابة سوريا في للزلزال Beset by crumbling infrastructure and food shortages, Syria's war-ravaged population was unprepared for the deadly 7.8 magnitude quake Major commercial and urban areas like Aleppo and Latakia were left in ruins. 1400+ have been reported dead in Syria, with hundreds missing and others stuck beneath rubble amid freezing temperatures with limited rescue resources. Give generously to help us lessen their suffering and provide them with necessities. Please Commonwealth Bank of Australia donate Account Name: St Michael's now at: Community Services BSB: Account No: 10472614‎'‎


Here is the website for donating to Syria. Also if you purchase the Second Edition of Voices from Syria, by me and Basma Qaddour, my share goes to Syria.

Syria Support Movement
solidarity with the Syrian people


Who to dontate to for SYRIAN humanitarian relief. (

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