NATO Wars Against Freedom and Justice and Humanity

NATO commits Supreme International War Crimes Against Peace as military doctrine. The criminality is normalized. Perceptions are inverted and Western populations are hypnotized to believe that NATO and its serial war crimes are making us safe.

Fares Shehabi sends a message to western audience

Syrian independent MP for Aleppo Fares Shehabi publishes this video and sends a message to all those who still think there is a rebellion in Syria.

Posted by Syriana Analysis on Friday, February 14, 2020

Hidden from view is the fact that 90% of people killed in modern wars are civilians. (1) War is not an “adventure”. All of these terms, “rebels”, “adventure” serve warmongering psychopaths alone, sitting in their rocking chairs.

Tell the slaves digging tunnels for ISIS/al Qaeda that it is an “adventure”. Tell the people being terrorized, bombed,tortured, crippled, and beheaded by NATO death squads that it is an adventure. Tell the kids dying due to lack of medications and dirty water that it is an adventure. Tell the people being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves that it is an adventure.

70 corpses were discovered and most of them were handcuffed. Source:

Everything that NATO and its allies do to Syria and Syrians is designed to destroy the people and the country. When industrial cities are destroyed and vandalized and looted, Syrians are disemployed and the economy suffers. This is all by design. NATO commands and controls it all.

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When NATO countries steal the oil resources, it is a direct affront to the Syrian people who are facing a cold winter.

So, when the SAA liberated Aleppo (again) yesterday, the joy was palpable. It is the joy of liberation, the joy of freedom from Western-supported terrorism.

مسيرات فرح في حلب الشهباء بانتصار حلب على الارهاب وتأمينها بشكل كامل

Posted by ‎Kinana Allouche كنانة علوش‎ on Sunday, February 16, 2020

All of Syria will be soon free from the scourge of Western crimes against us all.


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