Our Retirements Gone? Where Did the 21 Trillion Go?/By Justus R. Hope, MD

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As anyone making a tight family budget knows, there are only two ways to balance it. The first is to increase income. The second is to decrease spending. Unfortunately, Catherine Austin Fitts says our government chose the latter to solve the Social Security problem. However, instead of reducing spending, they decided to lower life expectancies by increasing the death rates of senior citizens. As unthinkable as this sounds, it is accurate, and Austin Fitts has the evidence to prove it.

“The decision was made in 1995 because there was a huge budget crisis. It was the last time the leaders of the financial system tried very hard to get a balanced budget framework in place on US appropriations…the budget deal failed…Essentially they made a decision – we can’t increase the savings to the retirement fund, but we can do a series of things that will reduce life expectancy – if you reduce life expectancy, you can bring the actuarial model back into balance. So if you cannot increase savings, you can reduce life expectancy. So I think they made a concerted decision that they were going to balance the budget by systematically reducing life expectancy in America. And it has steadily come down since then. So I believe it was that moment they kind of gave up.” See her Solari Interview with the Indian Foundation Distinguished Fellow Come Carpentier [9:57].

Catherine Austin Fitts, a Wharton graduate investment banker and former Assistant Secretary of Housing, has written widely on large-scale government financial fraud and, in particular, exposed the missing money to the tune of $21 trillion – money that remains unaccounted for by our nation. Fitts collaborated with Economics Professor Mark Skidmore and published an expose about the $21 trillion in unauthorized government spending, which led the Department of Defense to conduct its first-ever audit.

They further reported this in Forbes in a July 2018 article, “Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion in Spending?”

This missing $21 trillion has everything to do with why we are short the money necessary to fund our national pension funds, and finding it means we don’t all have to die to balance the budget. Because the money exists, Fitts explains, we must hold those who stole it accountable and reclaim those funds for the benefit of our senior citizens.

Professor Skidmore and Austin Fitts explain how the government tried to hide the money and their exposure of the fraud. At first, the US agencies ignored their questions, and later these same agencies disabled the links to key public documents showing the unaccounted spending. Finally, Austin Fitts and Skidmore, both forward thinkers, resurrected those incriminating papers on the Solari Website for all to see.

Austin Fitts, one of the globe’s most courageous and savvy investment bankers, believes there is still time to hold those who stole our money accountable and not only get the money back but stop this Great Reset. She likens it to Wayne Gretzky’s strategy in Ice Hockey: “I skate to where the puck will be.”

Fitts explains we need to do the same, as we are currently being manipulated with the power of our own stolen money. We must realize where this is all going and stop them before they get there.

“If we simply accept as given books and records that are not reliable when there is significant evidence that vast sums have been stolen or transferred illegally, we will find ourselves being controlled and bought with the very money stolen from us. We will endure the ultimate leveraged buyout in the history of our civilization.”

Austin Fitt remains a legend in the investment banking world. After earning her MBA at Wharton, she made her reputation by working at the Dillon Read firm, raising money to revamp the New York Subway System.

She ascended the firm’s ladder and was promoted to Managing Director, the first woman in the investment bank’s 150 plus year history. As a result, Businessweek named her “Wonder Woman of Muni Bonds” (February 23, 1987).

George H. W. Bush appointed her as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in 1988. She immediately took on the fiduciary role of cleaning up an agency that was losing some 11 million dollars a day, mostly due to rampant fraud Fitts discovered [2:45].

Following her successful tenure in Washington, Fitts founded Hamilton Securities, an employee-owned brokerage firm, and in 1993 it won a competitive contract with HUD to manage the Housing Department’s $500 billion portfolio. While doing so, Fitts cleverly developed a software program – Community Wizard – that saved the government several hundred million dollars. 

It exposed specific geographic regions of questionable mortgage failures, resulting in pockets of fraud being exposed. 

As Fitts described it, “When I was the commissioner, I used to regularly get an inventory of where the foreclosures were in a place where I was going.  So I’d fly to Dallas, walk out, and look at that plot of land.  My inventory said we had 10 homes there, but we didn’t; it was an empty lot [11:09].

Initially a bright but naive financial wizard out to slay the world, Fitts found out the hard way that exposing the wrong people comes with a penalty. And that penalty was her company, Hamilton Securities, getting dragged through a lengthy and expensive investigation brought by the HUD Inspector General, the FBI, and the SEC.

After 11 years and six million dollars in legal fees, Fitts and her company were cleared of all wrongdoing and she emerged older and wiser.

Fitts founded the Solari Report and now functions as a consumer advocate and whistleblower for her subscribers and the general public. So naturally, she is still attacked by the government and those media and companies that stand to lose if her message gets out.

And her message is clear. A Great Reset is coming designed to transfer wealth from you and me to a small group of Oligarchs. And this is being accomplished through propaganda, deception, censorship, and psychological operations. Most significantly, it is backed by at least $21 trillion in dark money – money not officially on the books and money that has been stolen from us, the citizens. She refers to the people controlling the money as “Mr. Global.”

Where specifically does she see Mr. Global going with this? What is the endgame?

When asked what would become of the US dollar, Fitts, perhaps the most qualified person to answer, responded, “There are several possibilities… One of Mr. Global’s goals is to break up the United States. And if that is successful, you have some scenarios versus others. But to me, the big question is, what is the state of play in the invisible weaponry? And that’s why I think Russia and China getting together is so important and what Russia has been able to do in the last 10 to 15 years in terms of invisible weaponry. Right now, the planet is increasingly being controlled by satellites and invisible weaponry delivered from space. And the big question is who owns what and controls that weaponry and how it works [49:46]?”

Fitts mentioned “weather warfare,” which means it is controlled by satellite. In other interviews, she refers to this as Eco-Terrorism or Eco-Warfare.

“Who controls the capacity to deliver real force from space? When he was Secretary of Defense in 1997, William Cohen gave that famous comment where he said, ” People can create all of these ‘natural disaster’ events, earthquake and tsunamis; he called it Eco-Terrorism [51:35].”

Fitts focuses us all on the question we need to ask now. It is not about how we will pay for gasoline tomorrow or who we should elect as the next President. It is not about getting baby formula or growing a garden. It certainly is not about what pronouns we should use, climate change, or even gender or racial equality. It has nothing to do with gun rights or abortion. These are designed to distract you from the bigger picture of a Global Coup d’etat happening right under our noses.

Fitts says we should pay attention to the fundamental question – who is stealing our freedom and seeks to enslave us all in a One World Government?

“If the genie came out of the bottle and said you can have the answer to any question you want, that would be my question. Who controls what weaponry? Because I think that would tell us pretty quickly. We have 190+ sovereign governments, and they are clearly being blackmailed. That blackmail is being delivered with force in a variety of mechanisms. But one of them is clearly weather warfare and fire from the sky [52:25].”

However, Austin Fitts believes this plan of mass population culling and control began in earnest in 1995 with the decision to lower the life expectancy. Since then, she explains, Americans have all become victims of “The Great Poisoning.”

The Great Poisoning is many things – it’s the spraying, it’s vaccines, and the annual flu shot, it’s the COVID-19 injections, the deterioration of the food, it’s the increase in environmental pollution, it’s problems in the water, it’s the fluoride, so it’s many things. But what those things all aggregate up to is suppressed immune systems and rising toxicity, and then people die of whatever their weakness is…it’s a general slower long-term poisoning. Its lower life expectancies [18:20].”

When asked if COVID-19 is a scheme to depopulate, Fitts clarified, “I think the budget deal busted in 1995 in October. And in November, they approved Oxycontin at the FDA and started the predatory lending. And those pill mills and that predatory lending was targeted at the same neighborhoods. I think when they couldn’t get a financially responsible solution, they said ok, let’s start bringing down the life expectancies, and they were off and running. It’s been going on ever since [19:20].”

“Whatever has happened with COVID-19 has simply accelerated something that’s been going on for 20 years. You’ve had Dane Wigington on – when you spray aluminum over people’s heads, and they breathe it in, what do you think happens [20:15]?”

The answer is that aluminum nanoparticles are deadly to human beings and cause reactive oxygen species to form along with neurotoxicity. In a documentary produced by Dane Wigington, electron microscopy and spectrometry were used to identify these aluminum nanoparticles that are being found in ever greater quantities in the soil and on snowpacks – in what Austin Fitts believes is part of Weather Warfare [5:35].

These aluminum nanoparticles share specific harmful properties with lipid nanoparticles. They are toxic, inflammatory, and oxidative—both increase cell markers of inflammation such as tumor necrosis factor, IL-8, and IL-6. The aluminum nanoparticles can also cause cancer and dementia [7:07].

In other words, both are deadly, and exposure can lead to severe disease. Wigington’s documentary makes a compelling case that the government has covertly manipulated the weather using aluminum and microwave radiation to harm the population [1:42:40].

Austin Fitts agrees and states, “This is one of those life or death choices. But we are not just talking about my life or your life. We’re talking about something that is killing the fundamental living system on the planet [1:43:35].”

While everyone is familiar with COVID-19 and the increase in deaths, most remain in the dark about the military-industrial complex’s control of us through Weather Warfare. The trail of patents tell on the bio-pharmaceutical complex’s planning of the COVID-19 pandemic with vaccines and viral sequences that pre-dated it. 

Likewise, the widespread spraying of aluminum nanoparticles beginning in the 1990s coincides with the patent record supporting this technology and Fitt’s depopulation timeline [00:21]. The remaining problem is getting the word out to those who remain unaware. Those not asleep must awaken those who are if we are to  bvresist and succeed.

As Fitts explains, “We are in a war. Somebody’s trying to kill us – right now. What is it about the Great Poisoning – spraying aluminum over our heads and putting nanoparticles in the food, and trying to feed us insects and synthetic food, inject us with secret ingredients – I mean, what about this is not obvious [51:40]?”

Catherine Austin Fitts can be watched weekly on Financial Rebellion hosted by The Children’s Health Defense Fund. Her insights about using cash, refusing vaccine passports, and implementing a community-based economy are priceless.

Better yet, one can subscribe to her Solari Report and access the best intelligence information by a former Washington insider. Her recent article on Tennessee Senator Frank Niceley’s accomplishments shows us all what Tennessee did to stop the Great Reset and should be the model for every state. He passed a law making Ivermectin available over the counter and is working on another law to facilitate the use of gold and silver as an alternative to digital transactions.


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