Part 4: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Global Technocratic Takeover w/ Alison McDowell/August 4, 2020

Alison Fourth Industrial Revolution Interview #4 Summary

In Part 4, Alison continues exploring what it means to live in the debt finance matrix.   The mRNA vaccine platform, unlike booster vaccines required in childhood, is not precision medicine.  It is biological engineering of the global population with unknown consequences.  She reminds us that this “software of life” platform is a question of bio-ethics; yet in the age of Covid no one is asking these crucial ethical questions.  What are the long-term implications beyond just financial profit for the vaccine industry?  Detailing a robotic future that includes “learning lockers”. “Internet of things” and the “learning eco system” that boasts “mastery of skills”, will this future ensure sovereignty of the self expression or will it be mediated and controlled through the surveillance stage?  Part 4 offers a glimpse into what the marriage of this vaccine platform into our DNA might mean and alerts the viewer to take a closer look at trans humanism, disruption of human consciousness, how our digitized life overshadows our real life connections and the moral implications of the loss of human personal autonomy.

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