President Bashar al-Assad on the Ukraine war (English subtitles)

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa:

As we all see, the world is not moving towards stability. On the contrary, wars spread and instability is what we see in the foreseeable future. Today, the (political) events do not concern us in their details as much as the connection to the past events. When we can make this connection then we can read the future.

At the same time, we must link these events with the Syrian positions during the war and before the war and with the old Syrian political positions. When we make this connection we can say whether the Syrian vision was once true or false, realistic or far from reality.

Therefore, if I want to talk about events today, their essence today and in the past is the West. Because the West has been managing negatively for hundreds of years perhaps more than two centuries. All the problems of the worlds over hundreds of years are caused by wars, occupation and killing which the West has always sought in order to achieve interests.

If we want to address any topic, we must talk about the common denominator today first, because the suffering of the world, as I said, is caused by the West. Secondly, because our suffering in Syria and in this region which is now over a hundred years old since the Ottoman exit in 1916 is directly linked since the French occupation until today with the Western countries that have not stopped plotting against Syria.

The other side is what the West is going through a historical juncture regarding its role, presence and image, specifically after the Ukraine war.

The Syrian and Libyan wars affected the West but the Ukrainian war now is essential for the role of the West.

The fall of the Soviet Union was an important detail but the West considered itself strong. The real transformation took place since World War II and this (Ukrainian war) is the second major transformation.

Since all problems and disturbances and related to West I will go through some points related to it and for us in Syria most of them are old known but for the Western audience they are new. And for many of the deceived in the world, they are new and these points are what we will build our future vision on, perhaps for decades, not for days, months, or a few years.

The first point is that the colonial West. When I say the colonial West, we are not talking about peoples but rather about Western regimes and the institutions that drive Western policy. So when we talk about the West I describe the active institutions: the lobbies, the governments or the regimes that work closely with them.

The colonial West has not changed at all throughout its history until this moment. There is no change. The difference is that America replaced Britain and France in the 50s and those two countries, along with the rest of the other countries in the West became dependent on American policy. The West has become more experienced lying and deception and more adept at wearing deceptive masks in order to deceive different peoples.  And it has been able to do so for decades. The West today uses more humanitarian terms but it commits more crimes against the peoples of the world.

In fact, all these masks that they wore during those decades they could not deceive Syria even once and this is the problem of the West with Syria and the Syrian people. But the events that took place in Syria forced the West to gradually remove these masks.

The Ukrainian war came to push this West to remove the remaining masks at once. The West became completely naked in front of its audience first and in front of the people secondly. But removing these masks was not without a price.

Removing these masks destroyed the foundations of false Western propaganda which they began to adopt after World War II. The first point is that the West has proven that international law does not concern it at all and it is the West that has destroyed international law the most headed by the US. The West has trampled on the institutions of the international law over the past decades and turned the world into a jungle.

Here some ask, with a little romance and simplicity. What is the legal justification or what is the legal document for the Russian intervention in Ukraine? They must know that the law is not what is written, but rather what is applied. If in the country there is a written law but there is no judiciary and there are no judges and there are no police. Then, what is the value of the law? The country will effectively become a jungle and who ever respects the law will have no place in this country the country will be only for out-laws, bandits and thieves. The truth is that the World since the fall of the Soviet union has been a jungle and thieves are the West. There is no international law. There are no international institutions and there is nothing. So, talking about international in the absence of its existence and its non-enforcement is meaningless.

And these words were said publically by Russian officials exactly fifteen years ago that the policy that the West seeks is the policy of power. And the politics of the strongest and therefore they seek to turn the world into a jungle. As for freedom of expression and opinion which is one of the most important foundation that the West boasts about. It has fallen into the abyss. At least since George Bush came about twenty years ago the entire Western world came with one opinion and everyone is moving in the same direction. Governments, lobbies, companies, media and most recently, social media. What is this democratic West in which hundreds of millions of people live but which has only one opinion? When the US is angry with Syria  suddenly all opinion becomes one opinion against Syria with the same terminologies.  When they want to defend Zionism and this thing continues everyone speaks one language. And more recently, when they became angry with Russia and allowed violence towards it so too was one opinion. The truth is that freedom of opinion and freedom of expression is to have one opinion that is identical with the West. This is the truth.

The freedom of property is one of the most important pillars of the capitalist system. Suddenly when they became angry with Russia, they confiscated or the property of Russian abroad whether for the state or for businessmen. And this reminds us completely of the confiscation of Syrian funds and the confiscation of Libyan funds and before that, Iraqi, Iranian and others.

So the freedom of property of the West’s ownership of the property of others. The West has shown its racism and hidden hatred against everyone who is not like them and this does not apply only to Muslims and to Arabs, as we think… No. It applied to everyone. The hatred that we have seen today against Russia we have not seen against any country in history. But this hatred is not new. This hatred is centuries old towards Russia and towards others. One of the important examples of World War II was that the West was very pleased with Hitler’s entry into Russia and no one talks about more than 26 million victims in Russia. The West has no problem with him (Hitler) and they did not try to attack him. Rather, they attacked (Hitler) when he began to lose and in the final stages of WWII so that Russia would not be able to hijack this victory, as the West thought. So they carried out the Normandy landing.

The West proved that it has no friends and no enemies. The West proved that it has no, it has only one enemy; whoever stands in the way of its material interests. Neither communism, nor Islam, nor Nazism, nor China. If they meet their interests, they are friends and if they stand against interests, they are enemies. Zero principles. But the last and most ugly truth- and few people know about it is the lie that the West is against Nazism and Zionism is against Nazism. Few know that the Nazis in Ukraine. The Nazi organizations that worked closely with Hitler on the security, military and ideological levels. When the Second World War ended some of (Nazi) leaders were sent to Europe and some to America. In the fifties, the CIA demanded that the American administration lift the ban on these Nazi groups because they were a necessity for the U.S in Ukraine which was part of the Soviet Union. What confirms this talk today – this is historical talk – is that Zelensky is a Jewish Zionist but supports the extremist nationalist organizations that fought in WWII with Hitler and part of them participated in the massacres against the Jews. How can this Jewish Zionist support these organizations?

The West supports these organizations, which are called today the right-wing “Azov” and the Zionist Israel that cries over the victims of the Holocaust supports a leader who supports the Nazis that Killed the Jews.

This confirms that the West lies with everything it says and the west only cares about controlling the world, plundering resources and filling its coffers with money.

But what does all this mean to us? What concerns us is that when Syria started dealing with the West in the past over the decades Syria was accused of being extremist, unrealistic, and not reading the world map well. We never proceeded except from adhering to our rights and adhering to our realistic vision, because this West offers us nothing. So, Syria has proven to be correct in its vision and positions.

Secondly, we cannot bet on the change of the West in the foreseeable future because the one whom the centuries did not change will not be changed by the decades. Therefore, we cannot expect that this West will come one day and play an objective, just or hopeful role in any of the issues that concern us in Syria and in any other countries.

The third point, what the Syrian state and the Syrian government put forward in 2005 about heading east is now more correct than ever before.

First, because events prove the fact that the West cannot be relied upon.

Secondly, because the East has become a developed East capable of meeting the needs of most countries in the world away from siege superiority and far from controlling our destiny in every field.

Today we do not doubt the progress of the West technically, scientifically, organizationally and administratively  but we have no doubt that the political West is a morally degenerate West.

In short, this picture will shape our vision of the West in the future and the way we deal with it. It differs only very little from the vision that was formed over the past decades. So, as we see, the world is heading towards conflicts and the price of these conflicts has begun to be reflected on everyone in every corner of this world, especially in the economic aspect. We are part of this world and we have to think seriously about what solutions exist to face the harsh reality.   

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