Psychological Operations Against Humanity/ By Cory Morningstar

Both psychologically and physically, in every hidden crevice, across every imaginable realm, children and youth have been the most impacted, and the most damaged by the global lockdowns.

Behind the lockdowns, the fourth industrial revolution architecture is being implemented – a new era to which Deloitte posits the question “who will survive, who will perish?”

Each passing day, children and youth are being conditioned to adapt and endure the transition to a virtual existence. As human bonds are slowly yet deliberately being eroded and severed, children are encouraged to bond with technology. We bear witness to the psychological damage inflicted to the most vulnerable of our society, under the guise of saving lives.

Willful blindness does not make this any less true. Today I would like to call attention to the experiment on the physical bodies of children that is about to commence.

Within this single year, 2021, Salesforce et al. intend to vaccinate two billion people. Over the coming years, the world’s most powerful corporations and institutions intend to vaccinate every person on Earth. This includes children and infants. This is a permanent program ushering in digital passports, surveillance, and a new data economy, global in scale. [“By the age of 18, the average person is defined by at least 70,000 data points.”] This global experiment also serves as the bedrock of fourth industrial revolution biotechnology going forward. Gene editing is the new eugenics.

Most governments in the world now fully function as an arm of corporate power. In this way, ruling class aspirations and emerging markets are now able to advance in ways like never before.

With the median infection survival rate from COVID-19 an impressive 99.77%, children, from the onset, have proven to be largely impervious to the virus. In fact, babies and children are far more at risk from the seasonal flu (which we do not blink an eye at).

This presents a major problem for covid vaccine uptake. Why would parents choose to inject their babies and children with experimental vaccines – for protection against a virus that does not pose a risk to their health. A virus, which their immune systems protect them from. Of course, a rational parent would not.

Here, the question becomes, how to create vaccine uptake for a demographic that is not at risk. The answer is media manipulation. Emotive based – coupled with fear of variants, newly discovered syndromes, and the leveraging of regret. Media flooding our collective psyches with fear, confusion and panic. Outside of physical force, there is no other way for the desired uptake to be achieved.

Let’s take another look at the high-level vaccination communication manuals. “Three messages that have been used effectively by vaccine-hesitant communities are choice, regret and control. Scholars suggest these might be flipped to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Paul Slovic, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of Oregon and founder and president of Decision Research, suggested the potential effectiveness of regret: “Wouldn’t you regret if you did not get the vaccine and you or your loved ones got ill and you had decided not to get it…Heidi Larson pointed out how the regret angle is really important to leverage, because it’s something that parents really struggle with.” [Emphasis in original. p. 26, UN [Share] Verified Guide to COVID-19 Vaccine Communications, Released November 18, 2020]”

Judging events or situations to be risky can also lead to fear, worry and anticipated regret, all of which have been shown to be associated with the intention to accept the offer of vaccination. Among these, anticipated regret – when people expect that an unpleasant future outcome would lead them to wish they had made a different decision – shows promise as predictor of intentions and behaviour.”

“If people perceive that they are at low risk of contracting COVID-19, or that the consequences of becoming infected will not be severe, they will be less willing to get vaccinated.”[p. 6, On 15 Oct 2020, the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on Behavioural Insights & Sciences for Health held a special meeting w/ the WHO Department of Immunization, Vaccines & Biologicals to discuss behavioural considerations in relation to COVID-19 vaccine acceptance & uptake.]

In the coming weeks, as events continue to unfold, we must resist media and ruling class manipulation. We must be cautious and retain our capacity for sound judgment and critical analysis. Gaining speed: “A recent study, published in The Lancet, suggests that multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) is a newly identified and serious health condition associated with Covid-19… Despite overwhelming evidence based on data that Covid-19 rarely turns fatal for children, around 1,300 babies have died from coronavirus, according to a BBC report.”

Most know full well that BBC serves as an efficient propaganda machine. One needs to look no further than the White Helmets propaganda outfit (incubated by Purpose, financed by UK Government, etc.) – to observe how children are used to exploit/manipulate emotions to achieve acquiescence (and even demand) from the citizenry to bomb/kill whole populations. To gain support for imperial conquest or corporate objectives.

Such marketing is egregious and depraved, yet often also the most effective in cutting through fierce resistance (expected or existing). Veteran journalist and documentary film maker John Pilger describes the White Helmets as a “a complete propaganda construct”.

Articles on the covid virus and new variants, now said to be impacting the health of children and youth, have begun to roll out.

Language is key, and here the emotive headlines incite anxiety, empathy, and fear. Such headlines include “massacre of children”, “babies dying”, “covid carnage”, and ‘humanitarian catastrophe’.

Sample list: April 11, 2021: “Pfizer to seek Health Canada approval for COVID-19 vaccine use in kids 12-15 within weeks” [Global News]

April 12, 2021: Harvard’s ” Coronavirus outbreak and kids” is quickly followed by “When will children be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine?”

April 12, 2021: “Potential 4th wave of COVID-19 could hit Canada’s youth: expert” [Global News] April 12, 2021: “More young people are getting hospitalized as a ‘stickier,’ more infectious coronavirus strain becomes dominant” [CNN]

April 13, 2021: “Michigan at ‘record high’ for COVID-19 hospitalizations of children” [Detroit Free Press]

April 15, 2021: “Covid, massacre of children in Brazil: over 850 deaths in one year” [Italy24 News English]

15, 2021: “Rare post-COVID disease sending children to hospitals [Montreal Gazette]

April 15, 2021: “New medical concern for children related to COVID-19” [Fox News]April 15, 2021: “Why are so many babies dying of Covid-19 in Brazil?” [BBC]

April 15, 2021: “In Brazil, an alarmingly high number of babies and children are dying of Covid-19” [NBC]

April 16, 2021: “Is India’s second Covid-19 wave impacting more youth and kids than the first?” [Quartz India]

April 16, 2021: “Babies dying from Covid in Brazil as ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ hits country” [Independent, Yahoo]April 17, 2021: “Kids not immune to COVID carnage” [The News]

April 17, 2021: ” Covid-19: In Brazil, young people have become the variant’s prime targets” [France 24]

Many of these articles quote Dr. Fatima Marinho. Who is Marinho? “In 2008, she moved to Washington, DC, to work at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), coordinating the Information and Health Analysis Project. Since 2012, she has served as an advisor for the Regional Health Observatory at PAHO. In 2014, she returned to work at the Ministry of Health in Brazil.” PAHO is the Latin American arm of WHO, a division of the United Nations (which partnered with the World Economic Forum on June 13, 2019), located in Washington DC.

Here, amongst the sensationalist, alarming and emotive headlines, it is important to recognize what they hope you will overlook. Massacres of children, babies dying, humanitarian catastrophe, have been happening in countries facing imperial aggression/war/occupation for decades and centuries – including the present. Look at Yemen for example. Haiti an another. The Congo. There is zero outcry from media – unless it is framed as an act of the targeted/demonized leader or government.

It is also important to note that both Brazil and India are in partnership with the World Economic Forum, at the helm of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (emerging markets). Fourth Industrial Revolution Centers are now operational in both countries. +++

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

There is one more important aspect of this I wish to recall and touch base on. In 2020 it was reported that the World Health Organization (WHO) had hired Hill+Knowlton Strategies “to help it develop a baseline measurement of public awareness and perceptions, and create messaging strategies to build trust.” [PR WEEK, July 17, 2020]

Recall that the WHO partnered with the World Economic Forum to create the Covid Business Taksforce. The taskforce was launched in partnership with over 200 corporations on March 11, 2020, the same day the WHO declared a pandemic.

In 1992 an emotive marketing campaign would garner the approval rating required to launch war on Iraq. The story, manufactured and deployed by Hill & Knowlton, was this: Iraqi soldiers were removing babies from incubators, placing them on the freezing floor to die. It was a lie to ignite the global war on terror, which today, after decades of fear-induced indoctrination, has completely vanished – having been replaced with the global war on virus.

Hill & Knowlton Kuwaiti baby incubator lies explained by Barry Zwicker:

In depth:To Sell A War – Gulf War Propaganda – Aired in December 1992 as part of CBC programme the fifth estate:

The media is an instrument of the ruling class, wielded at their leisure to serve their agendas and aspirations while conditioning the populace and normalizing the obscene.

If we lack (or reject) this understanding, it is most certain that our chains will remain intact.