Resident of the Mine 6-7 District, DPR, Shows Damage to her Home After Ukrainian Shellings/ By Eva Bartlett

On September 12, I visited the areas just north of Gorlovka, Mine 6-7 and Zaitsevo, to see and document the extensive damage to civilian homes Ukrainian shelling has inflicted over the years and recently.

In spite of a ceasefire, Ukrainian forces continue shelling residents of these areas, terrorizing them at night.

In this video, one such resident–an elderly woman living alone–walks me around her property, showing structural damage to her home and wondering how she will survive the cold winter. She, like many other elderly in the area, won’t leave, she has no where to go.

Please note at the start of the video when Dmitri, the DPR Press Officer, points out that the Ukrainian forces are using 82mm mortar shells, in violation of the Minsk Agreements. “They connect it with the engine of the grenade launcher. That’s how they trick to OSCE: they don’t use the mortar itself but they use the mortar shells with the RPG engine.”

RPGs are not prohibited under Minsk. Ukrainian forces are roughly 600 metres from her home, I was told.

Ukraine is committing war crimes, targeting civilian populations in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

This is only a brief glimpse at aspects of Ukraine’s most recent crimes.

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