Russian Military Ops in Ukraine: Explained in 6 Minutes/ By Brian Berletic

Russia is not starting a war in Ukraine. Russia is ending it.

Original Link Here: Russian Military Ops in Ukraine: Explained in 6 Minutes – The Greanville Post

The US has admittedly interfered in Ukraine’s internal political affairs in violation of the UN Charter, admittedly spending billions of dollars to shape its political system and influence the outcome of its political process.

In 2014 the US overthrew the elected government of Ukraine and installed into power a regime answering to Washington, not the Ukrainian people – and for the benefit of Washington at the very obvious cost of Ukraine’s present and future stability and prosperity.

Russia thus begins military operations in Ukraine.

Russia isn’t starting a war – as the US has claimed. It is ending a war that has raged for 8 years, claimed 14,000 lives, and has been spearheaded by state-sponsored Nazi military formations officially incorporated into Ukraine’s armed forces.

For more information, please check the video descriptions of each video by opening them on YouTube where a long list of references can be found. Brian Joseph Thomas Berletic was formerly known as Tony Cartalucci. He is a 38 year old American industrial designer living in Bangkok, Thailand since he left the United States Marine Corps and the US altogether in 2004.