Syria Update: June 23, 2020/ By Lilly Martin Sahiounie

I wish I could tell you that Syria is being rewarded for resisting terrorists and because we have returned to peace and security through blood and sacrifice that we are now able to rebuild and resume our lives. But, we cannot rebuild, and cannot live a normal life. The United States government and the European Union have place sanctions on Syria which prevent importing any medical machines, prevent importing medicines, prevent importing parts and machines for factories, prevent any and all items necessary to rebuild Syrian homes, shops, factories, schools, and hospitals. We are surviving on local fruits and vegetables and meat, but we cannot import anything whatsoever to do farm work. No tractors, no farm machinery, and no specialty supplies to grow foods. The US-supported terrorists destroyed my home in 2014, and I still can not repair it, because the US-EU refuses to allow me and my neighbors to import necessary items that we can not make with our own hands. Don’t try to blame Trump with this, because the US Congress backed him up, and those are Democrats as well as Republicans. Also, the European Union marched in step with the US. This is not created by Trump, this is all of the American people, who are the ones who control the US Congress, and all the Europeans, who are the ones who control the European Union. Because of the sanctions, our currency has devalued. We used to be 1 dollar equals 50 Syrian Lira. It rose to 4,000 Lira to 1 dollar. Imagine a dinner for 2 for $50.00. Now, imagine you go back to the same place and that dinner for 2 is now $4,000.00. Can you afford it, when your salary is the same, or your job is lost because of COVID-19? This is my life now in Syria. We are suffering. We are good, decent people, who have never done anything bad to USA or EU. We just want to live life and rebuild our homes. The US and EU sanctions are causing hunger and suffering in Syria. It is a real shame on the American and European people. You are well aware of what suffering you have caused in Syria, but you prefer to dwell on your own problems and not accept responsibility for your role in my suffering. Lilly Martin, June 23, 2020, Latakia, Syria” (via Lilly Martin Sahiounie)