Syrian Presidential Elections, Syrian Voices/ Interviews by Eva Bartlett

Transcript by Rawan Mahmasa:

E: What do you think of today?  

Of course, Today is a historical day. Victory is written and renewed for Syria and for our saviour Bashar Hafez Al Assad.  

E: Do you live here? 

Yes, I do live here. 

E: Were you here at the time of terror? 

No, I went out for a while and then I would go and come back. 

E: When did you come back? 

Since the beginning of the liberation. 

E: How did life come to be here? 

Perfect. There’s a huge difference to those who lived during the days of the crisis and the days of the siege they are finding the difference. The people are here by their own choice to confirm that there is a difference how they lived before and how they lived during the siege and how they are here. 

E:Thank you so much. Your name? 


E: Thank you so much. 

E: Hi. Do you live here? 


E: Were you here at the time of terror? 


E: How did life come to be here? 

A little difficult. 

E: How old are you? 


E: During the occupation did you go out on the street? or did you stay at home?  

No, I stayed at home. Of course we thank the Syrian Arab army who helped us and freed the country. 

  • E: Who else wants to speak?