Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem says speaks at press conference in Damascus/By Basma Qaddour

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem

⭕Neither James Jeffery nor anyone else decides how Syria’s future will be.. we will never allow them to do that.

⭕President Bashar al-Assad will remain in power as long as the Syrian people want that.

⭕We depend on ourselves to shape our future, and this is the road

⭕Syria and Iran have deep-rooted relations and our coordination is going on.

⭕We will take any step that serves the interest of the people of Syria.

⭕America does not defend its own interests . It defends Israel’s interests in the region.

⭕We are able to confront the Caesar Act.

⭕The new US sanctions against Syria aim to affect the next presidential elections in Syria that will take place in 2021.

⭕The US Caesar Act aims to open the door for the return of terrorism to Syria.

⭕Syria is used to deal with the unilateral sanctions that have been imposed since 1978 all the way till the new Caesar Act.

⭕The Syrian government is working to secure the needs of the people and enhance the livelihood of the Syrians.

⭕We must make the Caesar Act an opportunity to improve our national economy, achieve self-sufficiency, deepen cooperation with friends and allies in various fields.

⭕Our fight against terrorism will not stop.

⭕The Syrian government has already started taking steps to face the sanctions through contacting “friendly countries.”

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