The Barbarity of US-NATO, War Propaganda and the “Rule of International Law” Transcript of Speech, General Federation of Trade Unions Conference in Damascus

Greetings delegates and organizers.  My name is Mark Taliano. I am a writer and Research Associate at the Center For Research on Globalization (Global Research).

My book, Voices from Syria, and my website represent my efforts to take a stand for civilization and the rule of international law against the barbarity that NATO and its allies have been imposing on Syria and its peoples.

I have not stood idly by and I will not stand idly by as Western governments and their agencies indoctrinate the Western collective mindset with criminal war propaganda.

Our resistance demands cohesiveness, a shared, truthful vocabulary that distinguishes us from the lies of the broad-based media. Our words are words of truth and justice, and clarity. Our words are not  isolated soundbites, fabricated to deceive. Our words are embedded in historical truths, historical contexts.

The globalizing war that the West is waging is not a War on Terror.  It is a War Of Terror. The West and its agencies support the terrorists in Syria. This is the truth.

The pre-planned NATO war of aggression against Syria is not a “civil war”. The term “civil war” connotes a false equivalency between both sides, an internal conflict. It is a war lie.

The Western -supported terrorists are chameleons with many names, and they include al Qaeda and ISIS. The Syrian people overwhelmingly reject them. The West supports ISIS and all the terrorists.  It is not going after ISIS. The “Caliphate Project” is a CIA Project.

The elected Syrian government is legitimate.  It is not a regime. The terrorists are the brutal dictators. Our governments are the brutal dictators.  President Assad and the Syrian government are not.

Similarly, the notion that the war is a “revolution” is a lie. Western-supported terrorists displaced peaceful demonstrations, murdered government security personnel and others. It was an “intelligence” operation. Weapons and terrorists came from Libya and beyond.

It was never an “intervention”. Intervention is a sanitized word that camouflages the anti-humanitarian reality which is that Empire and its proxies mass murder children, women, and men. Empire’s sectarian terrorists mass murder Syrians, Empire’s bombs mass murder Syrians, and Empire’s economic warfare mass murders Syrians. The intent is there. Have we forgotten Madeline Albright and the mass murdering economic warfare imposed on Iraq? “We think the price is worth it,” she said.

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The so-called ”sanctions” that the West is imposing on Syria are criminal economic warfare. This warfare murders children, women and men.  Again, the intent is there.

Even the term “proxy war” is misleading. There is no equivalency between the warring sides. Syria and its allies are fighting a just war, self-defense, all within the framework of international law. The other side consists of al Qaeda, ISIS, anti-democratic SDF, criminal occupiers. NATO and its allies command and control them all. There is no equivalency.

“Moderate” terrorists never existed. Think about that one. It’s true.

When we use the same truthful nomenclature/word choice, just as mainstream media uses the same lying nomenclature, the people’s resistance becomes a more powerful humanitarian intervention. It is a  reality-based “intervention” that supports rather than destroys humanity.

I join with my colleagues here in a unified resistance against imperialism in all its forms, against colonialism, and against Zionism.

Thank you.