The Covid “Killing Spree” – And the “Robotization” of the Survivors. We Need A Nuremberg 2.0/ By Peter Koenig

By Peter KoenigGlobal Research, October 06, 2021

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During Hitler’s Nazi Reich, doctors and nurses were obliged to kill disabled or handicapped children – for the good of society, for obtaining a clean Arian State. And for economics.

Most of them complied. They killed innocent children, adults, and old-age people as well, for the same purpose. The elderly and infirm were injected with a poison, so they wouldn’t cost money to the state.

Did they have scruples? Maybe some of them did. But not following the orders of the tyrants, would have cost them their jobs – and livelihoods. And probably more. Punishment was not excluded.

At the end of the war, the criminals were judged.

The Nuremberg trials lasted about a year, from 20 November 1945 – 1 October 1946 and condemned the surviving criminals, those who could be apprehended in Germany or elsewhere in the world.

Many fled and went into hiding, many of them in South America, into states with military governments and who were “quietly” sympathetic to the Nazis. See this.

Today, the Situation is much Worse. In fact, there is No Comparison.

All 193 UN member countries are involved. They are subscribed to the same evil agenda. They are under the same diabolical blackmail spell, even the entire UN system doesn’t dare to oppose its tyrannical system. The UN and members of the UN family, in particular WHO, they actually help drive the agenda forward.

The people around the world have to be made aware of what’s behind this sinister plan – this outright killing spree.

The people have to know what is in the injections that go as “vaccines”, because most people haven’t a clue.

The mainstream media and their governments, in many cases governments elected and paid by the very people, who are now being betrayed, miserably betrayed and killed by their governments, still believe in their governments.

Simply because they cannot imagine the unimaginable. Yes, it is very difficult. But they should listen – and observe and research for themselves in those alternative media that the big and powerful mainstream hasn’t censured or shot-down altogether. The one publishing this article is one of them.

We Need Urgently a Nuremberg 2.0

We cannot wait until humanity has been extinct – and extinct it will be, if we do not react NOW to this madness, to this crime of biblical proportion, a crime of dimensions humanity has never experienced before in known history.

There is this phenomenon called cognitive dissonance, meaning they, those who bend over to the tyranny, believe in the devil’s narrative for comfort, but in their heart they now its false, it’s a lie. That happens when it’s easier to believe in a lie that accommodates their immediate life, rather than dealing with the often hard and devastating truth – which, if not attended to, will catch up sooner or later.

The Spanish Fifth Column Research Team, when they first examined a vaccine vial, they discovered that these vials are filled largely with a fluid called Graphene oxide, which has electromagnetic properties, thereby transforming your body into an electromagnetic field. See this.

Video: Interview with Ricardo Delgado***

The Spanish Fifth Column Research Team also discovered that babies born to parents who were inoculated between December 2020 and January 2021, were born with black eyes. These babies are also known as Pandemic Babies or, more recently, Black-Eyed Babies. See this. Is this a coincidence? What will be other consequences? We may find out, as time goes on.

What’s In the Vaccine Vials

As if these occurrences weren’t disconcerting enough, Dr. Carrie Madejgave a shocking interview on the Stew Peters show on 29 September 2021. What she had discovered after examining different vials from different batches of both Modern and J&J injections, called “vaccines”, is hair-rising. She appeared obviously shocked by what she had seen after examining the “vaxx” vials. It is absolutely devastating.

You should take the time to watch and listen to the entire video. But, starting about minute 11 (of a 15 min. video), she mentions the Bill Gates experiments in West Africa, where vaxxed adults were literally robotized with credit cards, which were their only means of payment, no cash – and that in a part of the world were talking digital money is like a foreign language. See this or watch the video below.

The West African experiment had started in August 2020. Bill Gates then openly spoke about how humans would be digitized, so that all their personal data, including their money accounts would be “built-in” an electromagnet system in their body.

READ MORE: The WEF’s Great Reset – Euphemism for a WWIII Scenario?

He even used the term Operating System, that we will be living with a built-in Operating System. It was too strange to believe.

Now it’s happening. A trial, for what will come to us, if we do not stop it.

It is in our power. We have to become a unit of people in solidarity around the world, because We, the People, around the globe – those of us who survive the “killing spree” – are destined to live the same horror towards the new future, towards The Great Reset.

Of course, belonging to this “dark cult”, he had to tell the world, they have to tell us ever so often what they are up to. That’s part of their cult’s rule. And they obey it by the letter, as we can see when we go back in history. But they present these atrocities in such ways that we, who are conveniently blind-folded – don’t see it, or do NOT WANT to see it. And they, every time, are moving a step closer to their end goal of total control of a drastically reduced population.

The WEF Officially Announces “The Great Reset”

Almost in parallel, in mid-2020, Klaus Schwab, WEF, brought us The Great Reset. Its contents are also difficult to believe – with the ending, “You will own nothing and be happy”.

This infers that the human is no longer human, but has been transposed to become a “transhuman” through artificial intelligence, robots – and other digital gimmicks which control his life – if one may still call this a life.

“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future” — Klaus Schwab, WEF (June 2020)

What is envisaged under “the Great Reset” is a scenario whereby the global creditors will have appropriated by 2030 the World’s wealth, while impoverishing large sectors of the World Population.

In 2030 “You’ll own nothing, And you’ll be happy.” (see video below)


Of course, such algorithms may also be used to turn off lives that are not worth having roaming-authority around Mother Earth, because somehow, they have found ways to oppose the system, or otherwise do not contribute.

Killing a “transhuman”, a half-robot, may not even be considered murder – since it is for the good of society.

Video: Towards Digital Tyranny with Peter Koenig

Click here to link to bitchute version

People! That’s the world we are living in, and have been living in for almost 20 months. That’s the situation we are moving towards, if We, the People, just let it happen. For this new world, “new normal”, as many like to call it, we need the dangerous ultra-shortwaves of 5G and soon 6G. They will transmit the algorithm-calculated signals, with which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots control us all, our behavior, our money, and, of course, our” wellbeing”.

This may happen, if We, The People, just keep slumbering in our cognitive dissonance dreams – that all will be the same as before, we just have to sit it out. Wrong, so wrong.

“Sustainable Development”: A Nightmare

The next ten years are crucial. It’s not by accident that they are called, UN Agenda 2030 – or “The Sustainable Development Goals. These SDGs are a deviation bait for the developing countries and for all those in the UN system who work for them.

The 17 so-called SDGs are not achievable, because they would require several trillions of dollars, or dollars equivalents, of investments, money that is not available; money that is being spent for producing and selling injections, so-called “covid-vaccines”, the satellites and earthly antennas, millions, it takes to beam and receive on earth the 5G and soon 6G ultra-short vaves down to earth; and for paying Big Pharma to come up with ever new vaxxes, with new boosters every six months or so, all with the same or similar contents, to make sure your body becomes an electromagnetic field if, and this is a Big IF, you survive, as not all people react the same to these injections.

Never forget, the more you are “vaccinated” with these poison jabs and, in addition of deadly graphene, spike proteins are injected into your body, the more you jeopardize your own immune system. That’s what they want, of course. So, you become vulnerable to every little disease, including the common flu and covid.

Do not – ever – believe that these vaxxes are for the benefit of your health. They are for killing or dominating you, for controlling you, for stealing your assets and savings and transferring them upwards – to the ultra-rich – you know who they are, no need to mention them by name.

And even if the money was available for the 17 SDGs in some 130 developing countries, in the so-called Global South, these countries would lack the absorptive capacity to implement their largely foreign imposed ambitious dream-plans. Western money is simply stamped out of thin air, and as soon as it is transferred to a Global South country, it becomes debt. And as we know, debt is a rope around the neck. In other words, enslavement.

Back to where we are today. Thinking about Dr. Carrie Madej’s most recent video – see above – portraying the most recent knowledge on what these deadly injections are supposed to do, there is only one key warning – be aware, stay away from it. Stay away from the electromagnetic poison jab.

Why do you think they push so hard that every soul on earth – except them, of course, those in government, in their science, in their medical world, who play along with their narrative – is being inoculated with this deadly poison?

Today, the Government blackmails people, corporations, schools, universities, airlines, railway companies, hospitals, and of course, their own administration is the master example to request that all employees be “vaccinated” – if not they lose their job. Can you imagine? This means either you inject your body with a deadly poison, or you lose your livelihood. Not even Nazi Germany exerted such horrifying blackmail upon her citizens.

This concerns two to three generations today, who have to struggle to make a living – if they don’t give in to the vax coercion.

Many of them have to support families, pay rent – let alone food – and many will starve, because they do not have a support system that would share their income or housing with them. We are talking about hundreds of millions of people in the Global North, who are threatened and potentially lose their work.

We are only in 2021. This masterfully thought-out plan, The Great Reset, is supposed to finish its work and reach its targets in ten years, by 2030.

What may come next?

The unvaxxed are not allowed into super markets, and are not allowed to order food online.

Friendly vaxxed neighbors, a friend or even family member may then soon also not be allowed to shop for the unvaxxed – surveillance will be everywhere, is already everywhere.

We are moving towards a world for which the term tyranny is way too soft, a new word needs to be invented. It was shocking to hear all EU governments declare in lockstep: No jobs of the unvaxxed. George Orwell’s imagination in 1984, of how the future may look like, was way too benign.

“We are at the Gate to Hell”. So says Dr. Mike Yeadon – and he may be closer to the truth than you can ever imagine. See this.

Listen to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, talking about the pandemic and the COVID vaccine.

Watch the video below.

We Should Stand United

Why do the vaxxed and unvaxxed not unite in solidarity to fight their common enemy?

How many have been force-vaxxed and already died from the vaxx-injuries? The mainstream media will not tell: Cancers of the ovaries, prostate, breast, they affect often the reproductive systems – blood clots that move to the lungs, impairing breathing, oxygen intake, or move to the heart, causing heart embolies, or the brain, resulting in brain strokes, and so on. It will be difficult, as Dr. Yeadon, former VP and Chief Scientist of Pfizer, says, to link the cause of death to the covid injection – as the injuries can be very diverse, and autopsies are in most cases not allowed, exactly, to keep a veil over the cause of death.

They, the vaxxed, injured and death, leave families behind. Imagine what it means for so many children, for no reason, and no fault of theirs, they cannot go to school, or have to wear the oxygen-starving, totally useless masks, and / or losing one or both of their parents because they had to be poison-injected in order to continue earning a living!

We are so far gone, that all those who have submitted to the deadly potion have no idea whether they will live or die, and if they live how they will be ‘robotized’ or ‘trans-humanized’, by the all controlling “elite”, the dark, sinister side of non-humanity among us, still roaming Mother Earth.

How do these people at heads of governments, heads of the UN system and its multiple agencies, the bought – or coerced – scientists, lawyers, teachers, doctors – and so on – sleep at night? And live a seemingly normal life? The answer is, they are not humans. They are not even trans-humans. They are — a new term has to be invented for this abhorrent species of living beings.


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020)

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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