The Disgrace And Supreme International Criminality of Western Foreign Policy. Commentaries by Vanessa Beeley

Photo by Vanessa Beeley. #AlSkeilbiyyeh

Vanessa Beeley May 26, 2019 · 

HTS terrorists (Al Qaeda) in Northern #Hama & #Idlib have been targeting the Syrian Christian city of #AlSkeilbiyyeh for most of today. Among those targets – the hospital, a real hospital not the military headquarters described as “hospitals” by the lying mainstream media in the West.

Initial reports were of one civilian injury and material damage. Sputnik Arabic is reporting 5 martyrs and 12 injured and that the City has been hit by 39 missiles. RIP innocent souls.

GRAD Missiles have targeted civilian infrastructure and residential areas again in this battered city that last week mourned 5 child martyrs and one woman after terrorists targeted a Monastery that doubles up as a community center and school.

Children were forced to sit their exams during these attacks, already traumatised by the loss of their schoolfriends. This is the fear and horror that these steadfast civilians have to live with every day of their lives.

Sky News was working with the same terrorist group that is targeting real hospitals and murdering innocent children. These criminal terrorist apologists that call themselves “journalists” should be prosecuted and imprisoned for enabling war and the wholesale suffering of the Syrian people for eight years.


Photo by Vanessa Beeley

Never forgive, never forget.