The Media is the Virus

COVID propaganda is similar to war propaganda. Actually, in many respects they are one and the same since the war is being waged against us all in both cases.

Consider the similarities:

The truth about the war on Syria (or Ukraine etc. etc. etc.) is available but suppressed, just as the truth about COVID is available but suppressed.

The war lies about Syria are amplified and repeated just as the lies about COVID are amplified and repeated.

Those who tell the truth about Syria are defamed and censored just as those who tell the truth about COVID are defamed and censored.

Fake experts are given legitimacy in the case of COVID and Syria, as the real experts are suppressed.

Mainstream journalists are either script-reading stenographers in the case of COVID and Syria and/or non-script-reading establisment narrative regurgitators.

In both cases (Syria and COVID) the toxic lie prevails and we all suffer.

The fact that the truth about COVID is making inroads now is largely due to the fact that people are more aware from personal experience that the jabs are harmful. The jabs are impacting them personally and directly. — Mark Taliano


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