The Unknown War Ep1, June 22, 1941/ Commentary by Luciana Bohne

From Luciana Bohne

GOOD MOANING on 22 Jan 2023 in the Empire of Lies.

Are you a victim of liberal historical revisionism? Do you mistake the nazis in Kiev for “democrats”? And do you send them over 40$ bn in 2022 and another 40$ bn in 2023?
You’re being scammed.

In the correct account of WW 2 the communists were the greatest, steadiest, most dependable., earliest, organized, most formidable forces against the fascist scourge . That was true in the resistance movements throughout the world, but most dramatically obvious in the victories by the Soviets, led by Stalin, and the Chinese communists, led by Mao.

The incorrect anti-communist propaganda account of WW2 evolved over 75 years, was spread by the US and its newly born National Security State/CIA, equating the Soviet Union led by Stalin with Nazi Germany led by Hitler.

In its viral spread, this obscene Big Lie came to suggest that the two weren’t really equal and that communism was far far worse.

Just recently, the CIA opened a museum of the “Victims of Communism.” You can be sure that they don’t mean the nazis. They mean people supposedly “ordinary” like you and me.

They mean to scarify us against communism.

This long-standing Big Lie today is causing people to glorify nazis, neo-nazis, and nazi- collaborators, into promoting US imperialism, funding Nato aggression, embracing russophobic racism, and viewing the liberal order as the savior of mankind, despite accurate estimates showing that this order has caused the death of over 30 million people throughout the world since Hitler’s suicide in 1945.

THE UNKNOWN WAR: a 20-part series documenting the World War II conflict between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

For anyone willing to try to learn and know better, this 1978 documentary might be a helpful and uplifting antidote to that viciously inaccurate account I referred to above.
The series released in 1978 focuses entirely upon the events of WW2 from the perspective of the Soviet Union.

It is sympathetic to the immense struggle of all the Soviet peoples in their fight against fascism.

It counters the historical revisionism, which poses that Hitler and Stalin were kindred souls.

It is implicitly critical of the totalizing myth arisen across the western world which portrays the United States along with Britain and France as the victors over fascism.



German Leopards: More Killing, Collaterals, No End in Sight. With a Historic Perspective on Germany’s Repeated Role in Attempting at Conquering Russia