The West’s Failed Efforts to Destroy Syria: The Women and Men of Syria Will Not be Caged

Obliterated and denied by mainstream war propaganda are core facts which are foundational to understanding the depth of the West’s degeneracy as it continues its efforts to destroy Syria.

First, President Assad is hugely popular with the vast majority of Syrians. During the 2014 Presidential elections, government-secured areas had a voter turn-out rate of 73.4%, of which 88.7% voted for President Assad.[1]

When asked to describe the context of a video showing crowds of jubilant Syrians happy to see their President, Syrian Afraa Dagher reported:

“First of All, I Love this President exactly as all those Syrians around him love him! When you love someone you run to see him when you know he is around! So I’m every occasion ( which could be after a prayer at the mosque or after his speech at the people assembly…or whatever..people always gather to meet him and to express their love to this brother son father of them before being a great leader. God Syria and Bashar.”

Similarly, Syrians held captive by Western-supported terrorists in East Ghouta are now publicly displaying their support for the legitimate Syrian government and its military.

Second, the Syrian identity is secular and pluralist.  There is a firewall between religion and the secular government.  Western terrorists, on the other hand, seek to erase this identity and impose fundamentalist interpretations of Sharia law and some type of puppet dictatorship through partitioning of the country and the subjugation of Syrian peoples.  Syria and its allies are resisting this dehumanizing, misogynist, Western conspiracy. The women and men of Syria will not be caged. We should all be grateful for this.

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“They tried to drown out our voices, erase our heritage, deprive us of our identity, and deny us the right to live…our souls can never be caged…We are the women of Syria we hold our heads up high and carry our homeland in our hearts..” – First Lady of #Syria

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Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


[1] Steven MacMillan,“Bashar al-Assad: The Democratically Elected President of Syria.” Global Research, 05 March, 2018. New Eastern Outlook, 20 December, 2015. ( Accessed 12 March, 2018.