Tom Duggan and War against Syria, which is a War against us all.

Since 2012, reports Tom Duggan, the U.K government has spent 3.1 billion pounds on Syria, most of which goes to Idlib and the North East, both terrorist-controlled and occupied areas.

Duggan was present at the liberations of Aleppo, Daraa, Douma,and Palmyra. He witnessed former White Helmets headquarters that were shared with al Qaeda, al Nusra Front, al Zenki, al Sham, and affiliated terrorists.

He saw the boxes of Western aid and medicines, strewn on the floor, defecated upon, urinated upon, by terrorists before they fled.

He went to villages that western-supported terrorists had ethnically-cleansed. He spoke to women whom the terrorists had raped and sold into sex slavery, one woman whose lips they cut off because she wore too much lipstick.

These terrorists are not moderate. They rape and kill in horrible ways. They light children enslaved in cages on fire. They execute people publicly, hack off their heads with dull blades, run over people’s legs with tanks so they slowly die.

Duggan has lived in Damascus as Western-supported terrorists mortared and bombed civilians. Terrorists murdered about 11,000 innocent civilians in Damascus alone. He has lived beneath the bombs of NATO warplanes and beneath the bombs of Zionist warplanes.

People are starving now. Western-imposed criminal embargoes are killing people regularly, even more so now that the criminal, unilateral Caesar Act is in force.

The UK is guilty of these and so many more war crimes, but so are its allies, including Canada.

Western media won’t interview Duggan, because he tells the truth.

All of these misspent, criminally spent, tax dollars and pounds should be spent on worthy causes, on education and health care, on productive economies.

Duggan implores us all to write to our MPs, to tell the truth.

Took me a while to calm down .3.1 billion spent on Syria since 2012 refugee camps in surrounding countrys aid and food .none of that money went to the goverment side .

Posted by Tom Duggan on Saturday, July 25, 2020