U.S. and NATO Fuel War in Ukraine “To Make it Permanent”/ By Manlio Dinucci and Bruce Gagnon

By Manlio Dinucci and Bruce Gagnon

Global Research, April 22, 2022

This special episode of Grandangolo includes an interview with Bruce Gagnon, an exponent of the U.S. No War movement.

The news preceding the interview and Gagnon’s analysis confirm the seriousness of the situation.

Having initiated with the 2014 coup in Kiev the sequence of events that led to the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the United States and NATO are doing everything they can to fuel this war in Europe, making it permanent.

The political-media campaign is intensified to make Russia appear as a fierce enemy that slaughters civilians in Ukraine and threatens the whole of Europe,

At the same time the Azov Regiment and other neo-Nazi formations, the spearhead of the 2014 coup and the attack on the Russians of Ukraine, are presented as brave partisan brigades resisting the invader to defend their people. In this situation, the news that neo-Nazi armed formations are preparing a new massacre of civilians, like the one in Kramatorsk caused by a Ukrainian missile, in order to blame it on Russian forces is particularly worrying. There are serious indications that they are preparing attacks on churches during the Orthodox Easter on April 24.

In this volatile situation, the U.S. and European allies continue to send increasing amounts of weapons to Ukraine. The U.S. has provided Kiev with armaments worth more than 3 billion dollars: among them more than 50 million bullets, 20 thousand missiles, 700 kamikaze drones, thousands of anti-personnel mines. Also 30 countries allies and partners of the USA, including Italy, provide weapons to Ukraine. At the same time, the Kiev forces, especially the neo-Nazi ones, are trained by the US, which in fact commands them.

This is confirmed, based on his direct experience, by Figaro journalist Georges Malbrunot.


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