Ukraine, Russia and the repercussions for Syria/ By Vanessa Beeley

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The following are my notes for my interview on Syria TV with journalist, Elissar Moualla: 

Are you concerned about international tensions. Do you see more political and security hardships ahead? Are you concerned about Europe?

International tensions have been a way of life for decades, of course with their origins in US, UK, Israeli allied agenda to secure global hegemony and to maintain a Unipolar world without economic trade or military competition. Europe should be concerned about Europe – Germany for example has de facto been occupied militarily by the US and UK since the end of WW2. The US alone still has an estimated 40 bases on German territory. Europe needs the Nordstream gas from Russia  and other resources from the Ukraine like coal. It is worth noting that the largest coal deposits are in the Donbas region. Effectively when it comes to Russia and a multipolar world Europe is instinctively heading East as is Syria and this is what the US fears above all else. The NATO occupation of Ukraine since 2014 when Obama introduced the neo-Nazi regime is to prevent the collaboration of Russia with the EU. It is also worth pointing out that the US enabled the escape of Ukrainian Nazis at the end of WW2 with this aim in mind – to use them against Russia in the future.

SInce occupying Ukraine in 2014, the NATO backed regime has been carrying out a genocide against the Russian speaking people of Donbass, killing an estimated 10,000 since the Odessa massacre engineered by the US alliance, just as they had done in 2011 in Syria.

NATO has reneged on the Minsk agreements which protected Russia against NATO expansion eastwards and NATO has refused to honour this agreement and to provide Russia with the necessary reassurances to avoid conflict. Russia has now responded and the world is in shock. Will this increase international tensions or reduce them? Only time will tell. I somehow doubt that NATO will come into direct confrontation with Russia, preferring to use their proxy forces they installed in Ukraine which include ISIS fighters drafted in from Syria. NATO has however been providing direct military aid and technology to the Ukrainians including the possibility of nuclear expertise and even potential bioweapon laboratories that are collaborating with the US Ministry of Defence.

Where are these countries heading politically speaking. How do you read what is happening and NATO?

I think that for some time some members of the EU have been trying to break away from NATO and to become more autonomous – this crisis in Ukraine is being used to seal NATO supremacy and to also prevent any EU break-away from the group.

NATO member states Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have triggered NATO Article 4 to launch consultations within the alliance over Russia’s attack on Ukraine.  According to the NATO website, consultation under Article 4 can lead to collective action among the 30 member states. It has been invoked 6 times since the NATO alliance formed in 1949.

What we are seeing, I believe is a global power shift towards Russia and China which are in ascendancy while the US and UK empires are really dying. This is demonstrated by Russia taking such decisive action at this stage.

How would you describe the western media handling of the current events?

They do what they are paid to do which is to manufacture consent for war and to criminalise any nation or leader that challenges US Coalition hegemony. The western media is nothing more than an extension of national security and intelligence agencies, there is no such thing as “free” press in the West. Of course they are obfuscating the complex reasons for the Russian recognition of the Peoples Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. As they disappeared the Syrian victims of the US terrorist war waged against the Syria since 2011, they are also erasing the victims of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime.

In your opinion how is the region influenced by the events, especially for us living in Syria?

The first sign of how the region will be influenced is that Israel has attacked Syria three times in one week and the most recent attack last night which resulted in the death of three Syrian Arab Army soldiers and coincided with the start of Russian aggression against NATO aligned elements in Ukraine. Ukraine is a crucial element of the Israeli tech industry, as many tech companies in Israel outsource their work to the Eastern European nation. But beyond that the collaboration between Ukrainian and Israeli military and intelligence agencies is well documented. Israel was instrumental in the regime change operations of 2014 even commanding Ukrainian militants and taking part in rallies. Israeli money sponsored the regime change. Israel has significant political influence in Ukraine. “Ukraine is a den of Russophobic Israelis” whose purpose is to limit Russia’s sphere of influence.

Ukraine has been used as a blackmail by the US to pressure Russia in Syria and to a lesser extent in Yemen. Now that bargaining chip is lost – this may lead to greater belligerence on the part of Russia and the Resistance axis towards the US occupation and sponsorship of terrorism inside Syria.

President Assad has talked about the building of economic partnerships with Donetsk and Lugansk – this must take into account the rich mineral, oil and coal deposits in the Donbass region and in Ukraine as a whole.

Russia is expanding their military hardware and presence in Syria (bringing landing ships to Tartous ready to despatch to the Black Sea) so while the US was very probably trying to force Russia to leave Syria to protect the Russian speaking Ukrainians the plan has backfired and Russia’s answer was to increase their military footprint in Syria and for the Minister of Defence, Shoigu to hold a meeting with President Assad on mutual cooperation followed by the visit of Faisal Miqdad to Moscow on the day that Putin took the decision to recognise the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk

Syria is the centre of three wars – Russia/Ukraine, China and US and Iran/Hezbollah and Israel.

The economic sanctions is the style and slogan of the West, how do you view this procedure? How does this procedure affect the targeted countries?

US sanctions began against Syria in 1979, increased in 2004 based on Syria being an extraordinary threat ie supporting enemies of US and Israel – Iran, Hezbollah, Palestinian resistance designated “terrorists” in the US/UK allied playbook. Sanctions are a weapon of mass destruction designed to unilaterally punish the population of a sovereign nation that is denying the US Coalition its agenda in the target region. They are never confined to individuals or named institutions but are always used against the people of a country to coerce them to accept and comply with US foreign policy. In reality by necessity sanctions actually strengthen perceived enemy nations such as Iran and Russia.

The act of withholding means of sustaining life to innocent civilians in order to coerce an entire nation into submission to foreign agendas in the region must surely qualify as economic terrorism. The destruction of essential civilian infrastructure is a war crime, the withholding of essential resources or occupation of those resources is also a war crime. One could argue that the US Coalition is responsible for genocide in Syria under Genocide Convention article II (e) – deliberately inflicting on the group, conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”.

This brings me to the use of the word “genocide’ in Russian discourse, even from President Putin – this represents a huge threat to the West because they know Russia is capable of carrying through at the highest level – prosecution of countries involved in genocide which could include the US/UK-led alliance in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Yugoslavia etc

Britain and USA are at the peak of fear and hostility towards Russia, do you understand these concerns?

Declining influence and supremacy. The birth of the Resistance axis very much facilitated by the war against Syria which has given a foothold to Russia, Iran and even China in the region – the very thing that the US and UK were so keen to prevent. Russiaphobia has been the driving force behind more than 75 years of CIA and MI6 intervention in Syria including prior engineered “uprisings” most notably in the late 70s/early 80s. As Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Syria has said UK foreign policy towards Syria is now nothing more than a vindictive one embittered by the strength of the Russo/Syrian alliance and formerly the Soviet Syrian alliance. Russia is defending global security and international law which the UK and US are systemically violating. Russia is recognised as an honest broker on the international stage while the US and UK are increasingly seen as ignorant, thuggish and dishonest.

Explaining the reasons and consequences of Russia attacking military centers in Ukraine.

Destroying NATO military capability . Precision strikes. The consequences are the demoralisation of Ukrainian armed forces, many are reported to have surrendered and Russia is offering Amnesty if they lay down their weapons.

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