Vanessa Beeley Interview – Syrians Are Pummeled, Starved, Looted & Indoctrinated, And You’re Next

Vanessa Beeley Interview – Syrians Are Pummeled, Starved, Looted & Indoctrinated, And You’re Next – YouTube

Transcript by Rawan Mhamsa

Welcome to The Last American Vagabond, joining me today is one of my favorite guests to have on the show, we haven’t had her on in quite a while. And this is Vanessa Beeley here today to talk about what’s going on in Syria predominantly, as well as just her views on a lot of other things going on in the world.

But as we were just kind of chatting before we started, it’s really incredible how much is being overlooked right now because of covid-19. And it’s not the covid-19 is not incredibly important. It’s not the end game, as I might see it. But nonetheless, we are missing how it ties in with so many other situations and even the overt reality that they’re ignoring exactly what they pretend to be fighting around the world and in the worst possible time during what they claim is the world’s biggest pandemic.

So we’re here to talk about all of this and flesh out what’s going on in Syria, as well as Israel and the US government and everything else to get to the bottom of it. So thank you for being here today. Vanessa, how are you?

I’m I’m not sure, actually. It’s like the world has just gotten so crazy. It’s really difficult to keep up with it. And and then being here where you know we’re living through the effects of American hybrid war strategy, which though I would say is also now being reflected in Western society, because guys, the governments have turned that strategy on you right now with the Covid-19 rollout. So, you know, I think although I’m talking about Syria and what’s important to understand there is that Covid-19 is, you know, it’s just one narrative in what is effectively this multi spectrum strategy that is being rolled out against humanity, not just as it previously was, the imperialist prey nations, you know, whether that is Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Venezuela, it doesn’t matter.

And now this is a global issue. But what is going on in Syria? It’s kind of very sinister for me. But it’s also very interesting because I think it’s an insight into what’s coming your way. Oh, yeah.

And I definitely agree that that’s something we need to remember, is that it tends to it’s almost like they’re testing the waters in other locations to see before.

And it’s almost kind of a running joke or I mean, not really a joke, but kind of a quip or statement that’s made throughout history. That’s really more relevant now than ever that, you know, we’re all Palestinians now, right? That we’re all this. That’s and that’s kind of the idea. That’s really sad to realize that Americans right now, this is this is what really I try to break through to our allowing ourselves to be under sanctions, essentially, like the US government, US people are now under US sanctions.

I mean, in a way, it’s an abstract. It’s more of a you know, it’s not exactly. But the idea is that we are now under their thumb to the point to where they’re driving us to desperation. So we have no other response other than to say, do what you’re going to do, you know, take this away. And it’s the same thing they apply with sanctions is that we start you we make it so bad that you don’t care who’s in charge.

You just want the problem to go away. And that’s ultimately what I feel is driving this. And let’s make sure we do touch on your thoughts on Covid-19 and everything after this week. Yeah.

Yeah. I think also another important element of it is, again, what they always use and these kind of hybrid war strategies against prey nations is to divide and conquer, you know, to divide along sectarian lines, to turn civilians against civilian. And of course, what we’re seeing in the West now is basically the abolishing of the family structure, you know, through the isolation of the elderly, the masking of people, the fact that the kids are not allowed to hug their parents anymore.

It’s this entire kind of tearing apart of the fabric. And then, of course, all of the, you know, the race issues that are the the turning of race against ethnicity, of left, against right and so on. And so that’s what I’m saying is exactly what is happening in Syria is being mirrored now. Before it was not people were but definitely cushioned in the West from this entire you know, what was happening in Syria was kind of it was terrible, but it’s kind of over there now.

Now it’s amongst us. So that’s where it becomes very important to start, I think, analyzing what’s going on in countries that have already been battling against this kind of strategy for the last ten years in Syria’s case and what to expect?

Yeah, most definitely. And I think that’s it’s sad, of course, that it takes it to come to, you know, right at your feet for it to matter that it’s happening elsewhere, especially when it’s being done with your tax dollars. But it’s good that people at least are beginning to see this. And hopefully it’s broadening out in some degree, maybe. Hopefully it’s not too late. But to that point, what we’re seeing happen in Syria is pretty.

It’s I mean. Really, it’s the same stuff that we’ve been reporting on for a very long time, but it’s happening at a point now when it’s I mean, the whole world seems to be calling for, you know, whether it’s real and genuine or not, a cease fire and a lack of these wars. And seemingly it’s just continuing to increase from the usual suspects. So we’ve seen things like burning wheat fields coming from us, let’s just say U.S. entities as well as Turkey.

We’ve seen them. Trump literally just openly stated that we took the oil and repeated it. No one even batted an eye. So first off, we’ll start with these basic concepts and you can go into why that is what you describe is their strategy and why that’s not just what we’re doing it to save it from ISIS. So we’re doing it because bad guys here, we’re trying to stop. It’s a concerted effort. Right. Can you go into that for me?

Well, yeah. I mean, it’s extraordinary when Trump is condemning the looting at home, quote, he’s basically looting and plundering globally, but particularly in Syria, I mean, now, which I think is, you know, a sort of an unprecedented step. I mean, they’ve now basically set up and it’s Delta Oil. So an American company is now basically establishing itself in territory in the northeast of Syria, which is occupied by American troops illegally, unlawfully.

And the oil refineries are being guarded by both mercenaries and, of course, the Syrian democratic forces, the Kurdish separatists who kind of flip flopped between Damascus and negotiating with Damascus and Russia. And then when America when Trump, of course, sort of said he would withdraw towards the end of last year and then as as Covid kind of rolled out, in fact, what happened is America started rolling back in, you know, and effectively what they’ve done is to reestablish bases they previously vacated.

They’re building new bases in the northeast. They are effectively settling on Syrian soil, both directly through US military but also through U.K. military, German, French, etc.. So the US coalition, of course, they are really quickly.

I just want people out there listening to that. Just to think about what you just said right there, the idea that before this, Trump saying, we’re leaving Syria, we’re leaving Syria, you know, we don’t want these forever wars on and on.

And then Covid-19 happens and there’s no new justification. There’s no well, Assad did this or so on. It’s just because no, you’re not paying attention anymore. We’re going to push back into Syria that people need to understand what that shows them.

Please continue. Yeah, I know.

Exactly. And I mean, you know, people who are saying to me, yeah, but this was all happening anyway without Covid-19. No, actually, no. You know, America had effectively reduced its military footprint on Syrian territory since Covid. So let’s say since March. And  the equipment and the military hardware that has been coming into the northeast. And, of course, you know, while claiming that they’re fighting ISIS, of course, a lot of this equipment is ending up in ISIS hands.

ISIS are then now reemerging and leading kind of incursions into further into Syria, into the towards the east of Palmyra. If you remember, Palmyra, which is a World Heritage site, was occupied twice by ISIS. And during the second occupation, they virtually destroyed it. I mean, they they detonated it from below ground and destroyed what was effectively part of our the entire World Heritage. So now what’s happening is ISIS, of course, are being re power multiplied, and they’re being dispatched both from the northeast, from from east of the Euphrates, but also from the Altun of space, the American base, which Trump never actually vacated, which is further to the southeast, close to the Jordan border. And they’re in the Rukban  refugee camp. Basically, America is running a recruitment center for al-Qaeda and ISIS. No Russian or Syrian vehicles are allowed within a twenty five kilometer radius of Al Rukban camp. So, again, America is occupying Syrian soil.

It’s built its military base. It’s running an ISIS Qaeda recruitment center. All mobile SIM cards, for example, are American supplied in that camp, according to reports from sources that I’m in touch with. So that camp is American-run Rukban camp, which is this terrorist extremist recruitment and training center. And that entire area is ring fenced by American military or by American proxies on the ground.

One of the many armed groups that they’re aiding and abetting. At the same time, we know that British military intelligence is operating clandestinely in the south. We know that they’re running training operations for the reemerging extremist groups in areas like Daraa around Kuneitra and so on. We know I think it was back in March, funnily enough, the same time as the Covid narrative that there was an S.A.S. operative, Special Forces, British Special Forces, who was airlifted out of Syria, having injured himself in an IED explosion.

Fast forward to about three weeks ago there was an explosion and a massive and the Egypt to Jordan gas pipeline, natural gas pipeline to the north west of Damascus. Now, at the time, the oil minister, Energy Minister basically said this is a terrorist attack. So let’s make the connection between the American base in the South, the British special forces operating clandestinely in the south. And, of course, there is no British government statement saying, Yes, of course, there are special operatives, but we know that here.

We know that here. We know they’re in the south, we know they’re in Idlib. And we know they’re in the northeast and every area where there are still al Qaeda dominated occupations of Syrian territory. We know there are Special Forces and intelligence forces in these areas running the operations. Right. So this terrorist attack on a major pipeline which basically supplies three of the power stations to Damascus. That completely blacked out Damascus and the countryside for I can’t actually remember, I think it was at least twenty four hours until they could actually battle the flames and get the pipeline working again.

So effectively, what we’re seeing is this absolute ramping up of this maximum pressure on Syria. And of course, at the same time as Covid-19 came in, the sanctions came in  and the criminal new sanctions regime, which is based on on a Qatari commissioned a fraudulent report which has been discredited by by a number of independent journalists. The best report would probably be from Rick Sterling, which I would recommend everybody to go and read. So about 30 pages of basically dissecting and discrediting and debunking the season report, which, as they say, was Qatari- commissioned.

And of course, Qatar is also funding. And many of the extremist groups, including al-Qaida and including the White Helmets, which work alongside al-Qaida in the areas that are occupied by these groups. So we’ve seen this this ramping up of economic pressure. Then we have to look at Lebanon. Lebanon was already in economic freefall, deliberately orchestrated by the US coalition and Israel. Then we had the explosion in Beirut on the fourth of August, which actually from where I am in Damascus, I could see the nitrogen dioxide cloud as it came over because that day was incredibly windy.

So the cloud from the explosion actually came over here within about 20 minutes of the explosion. So we knew something had happened. And then, of course, the video started to come in. But of course, what this has done and the investigation is ongoing, but of course speculation is rife that Israel had a hand in it and it’s very possible that they did, although their agents were involved in it. Why? Because, of course, what this will do is to shut down the main trading port in Beirut, which has a knock on effect on Syria.

Right. Because Beirut is effectively the only semi- open border, although Covid-19 shut this border down. All right. So that Covid shut all the borders apart from entry of American troops and Turkish troops and, of course, the incursions from Israel. So you’re beginning to get the picture. Basically what Covid has allowed is the ring fencing of Syria, the blockading of Syria, the besieging of Syria, the influx of American troops, hardware, equipment, weaponry, etc.

The increased annexation of Syrian territory, both by Turkey, which, of course, is a member of NATO and of the US coalition, one can say, although they clash in their agendas at times. And then the absolute economic savagery from America at a time that is effectively what they’re claiming is humanity is under threat from a global pandemic. Right. And I mean, this really shows you I mean, what’s interesting is that you’re talking about the effectively the resurgence of ISIS that they keep saying is going to happen and we need to protect against is being fueled by their actions intentionally.

And this just goes back to the concept of I mean, I had a great interview with Ben Swann in the past in regard to the origins, as well as James Corbett of ISIS. And that’s that’s the story that we need to put to bed, that clearly these governments are in bed with these and arming and protecting and training. These things are very clear. But it’s interesting, as in yet another thing that we keep saying on this show, it’s just another agenda that’s long been there that’s being justified or rather secretly done in this case because of Covid-19.

And it’s really interesting to see how that ties back.

And I just had an interesting conversation with Robert  Lacash about the idea of the control aspect of al-Qaida or ISIS or these operatives and whether this was something that they’re currently in control of or rather that the lost control of and so on.

It’s just kind of becomes this nebulous idea. But ultimately, we see the the onus, the stems from actions that they took. Now, I find that really interesting to see hear this back and forth on the U.S. agendas that we see being attempting to be accomplished and then ISIS actions on the ground and how they ultimately end up aligning very, very frequently where we see them bombing a group that they’re after. And, you know, it just it just makes sense, as well as the fact that Israel literally just used all … to attack Syria.


So we are making this picture. You know, you’re clearly painting this all encompassing picture that all of these things are part of a grand agenda, which is exactly my kind of mindset on this and that they’re using this time where they’re telling us everyone’s in danger and that yet bringing in troops, not taking precautions, which have already shown on the show. So what does that suggest? That they think it’s not real or that they don’t care? Or is it just something that they’re yet again using to continue these agendas?


I mean, what’s your thoughts on those? Well, I mean, I think for for for sure, I mean, Covid-19 is, you know, I kind of.

Just talking about this today with a group where we share ideas on what’s happening with Covid,and I think now it’s basically reached the point, look, they the pandemic is over, right? I mean, the stats are full of seasonal flu patterns. It’s now flattening out. I mean, in Syria, actually, we’ve got a very, very, very low mortality rate, probably lower than the standard flu season.

Right. And the actual measures that have been introduced here have been very appreciative of the fact that they can’t look down economy because the economy is already being locked down from outside. I mean, just to give you an indication today, I mean, I talked about the terrorist explosion on the pipeline, but of course, also the fact that America is now fundamentally capturing the entire oil field area, it’s moving and Delta Oil, it’s it’s it’s basically considering that this is its price from this war. And Trump is quite openly said that. Right. But here, for example, we had a meeting last week. Sergei Lavrov actually came for the first time in eight years and they sat down. And Russia has now committed to oil exploration projects and also projects to repair and renovate and to to old electrical power grids and power stations that, of course, were either bombed or attacked by the armed groups at the behest of the US coalition, of course.

And of course, this is another thing which is standard. The American M.O. is to destroy civilian infrastructure. They don’t necessarily want the oil, but we’ve said this before. They don’t want the Syrians to have the oil. And here, for example, in Damascus, in the rest of the country, there is no fuel for cars right now. And this is this has been something that that’s crept up in the last week. That’s it from last Friday.

There is no fuel outside Damascus. Here in Damascus today, I drove past a which stretched out onto the main highway. We couldn’t figure out why all these cars were at a standstill. I was like, OK, where’s the accident? And then suddenly we figured out this five kilometer line of cars is with fuel. So these guys are going to be there probably until tomorrow queuing for fuel. And so this is what I want people to to really understand, because I know everyone is focused on what is here, in my opinion, somehow is going to come there.

Also, could you talk more for me on on on the further effects this is having on the individual on the ground? That’s one of the things I wanted to get into. And you touched on the idea that the gas for their cars.

But I don’t think a lot of a lot of people outside of these countries understand what that actually does to remove oil or the wheat from their daily lives.

So could you explain, like, the far reaching effects it’s having on the average Syrian? Yeah, sure, I mean, just to give you a few examples that people will maybe understand a little bit better. Let’s look at the electrical situation, the electricity situation right here, for example, in the suburbs of Damascus. But here I have electricity three hours on, three hours off. Right. But if you go a couple of miles or a couple of kilometers further out towards the west, you’ll have people that don’t have electricity for 14 hours a day.

Now, what this means is Syrians every year they will produce enough food during the summer when there’s a lot of fruit and vegetables available, they’ll produce enough food and freeze it to see them through the winter. What’s been happening is the freezes aren’t working because of the electricity failures. So the food is it’s gone rotten. So most of these people who’ve seen massive hikes tripling, quadrupling of prices of lemons of standard items. Right. Which they would normally be able to buy for the equivalent of a few cents.

Now it’s costing them dollars. Now, the average government employee here and the average Syrian Arab army soldier, to give you an indication, earns around fifty dollars a month. So when things start to go up and into the dollar range into four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten dollars, I mean, a kilo of chicken now is equivalent to four or five dollars. That gives you an indication it used to be around what used to be less than one dollar.

This is I’m just trying to give an indication of the absolute misery and poverty that people are facing here because of these sanctions, because of the blockade, because of the closing of borders, not necessarily now, because of the war. The war is relatively calm. The cease-fire, Idlib. Yes, the Syrian Arab army still retaking bits of territory bit by bit. There are still backwards and forwards there, but it’s relatively it’s not touching the rest of the country.

What’s touching the rest of the country is the American occupation, the American theft of resources, the destruction of infrastructure, the imposition of a savage, sadistic economic. Regime, the deliberate …. and the plunging of Lebanon into chaos. Remember the whole chaos strategy as well? And so and then the fact that they can’t get fuel, you know, most people here, most, for example, injured soldiers, they will be driving a taxi. That’s the only way they can make a living.

And when I say make a living, they’ll maybe be earning maximum ten dollars a day. Right. But without that ten dollars a day, they can’t feed their family at night. Quite so it’s just for people, because people may think, oh, well, what if you don’t have fuel? You can just stay at home, you can work from home. That’s how people in the West will think. Know here people have to have fuel. All of the services, which are the the cheap little buses which pick up 20, 30 people, all crammed into a little camper van type thing.

All of these need the fuel. Without that, people can’t go from this suburb into the city center, for example. Right. People can’t travel between cities. It has a massive impact, not to mention the psychological impact that all of this has. You know, I’m seeing really tired people now, and I didn’t really see that before. They’re exhausted. And this is what is coming in the West, right? We’re already seeing it. Just to give you one small example, I rang my pension company today and totally he has no idea who he was talking to, but he said to me, oh, I just wanted to know why you’re calling, because he said, we’re inundated by people ringing us to cash in their pension because they can’t eat, they can’t afford to eat.

So we’re heading in this direction. Right. And there is nothing more exhausting than poverty. Nothing. And that’s where the corporatocracy want is. They want us exhausted to the point where we we are utterly dependent on the state. Right. And I mean, obviously here in Syria, the people here are dependent on the state and the state is doing its utmost to take care of them. But of course, what America wants is to drive people into a level of despair that they will turn against the government know this is they’re not giving up on this entire regime change agenda.

Of course they’re not giving up on it. I mean, this has been planned for four decades now and then the same way the whole Covid-19 lockdown and the introduction of a kind of biosecurity totalitarian state and a global health tyranny that’s also been planned for decades. So we are going to be driven into food insecurity in the same way that you see the fires in America and so on. You know, I mean, I saw something today that they’re afraid now that there’s not going to be food stores enough.

So food security, food insecurity is coming globally, but it’s manufactured food insecurity.

Yeah, I actually just saw on a recent discussion that that is preliminary. It’s only happening in a small area, but it is quite alarming in Germany where they’re claiming they found cases of Asian swine fever.

I believe, in these pigs and they shut down everyone in the area. You’re not allowed to harvest crops. You’re not allowed to forest. You’re not allowed to you know, it all gets shut down. And it’s like some people may go, yes, right. Because it’s safety. But think about the precedent. And the guy who made the video and forgetting his name right now, he made this good point that if they could that’s the precedent. I think of it on a large scale.

Suddenly we’ve got a massive outbreak and, you know, same thing on the economy. Because of lockdown, no harvesting.

And I think you’re absolutely right on the idea that it’s a it’s an intentional right. It’s a manufactured scarcity, just like we saw where they were testing the waters with the with, oh, we’re out of toilet paper, you know, and watch how people respond. You know, these are these are cues we’re we’re being you’re showing us are this predictive programming in my mind. And I think it’s right.

And it’s also yeah, it’s it’s also the like for example, covid-19 is an all the meat factories, you know, Ekso farming, agriculture again, like it was in the foot and mouth disease, which of course was another model. But that was incredibly alarmist. All of the 12 million cattle were slaughtered in the UK for nothing, for nothing, you know, and and then, of course, you have the gates meat and the pollution. And that’s the thing.

It’s like whatever is being targeted, look for the money, right? Look who’s who’s who’s infiltrated this market, who’s benefiting from this in the same way that all of the billionaire complex that has benefited from Covid-19, it’s very clear who’s who’s going to benefit from it.

The meat part is really interesting because people need to ask themselves this. And this is basic even from a business perspective. Right? Is it is it the case that they created this situation so that they could promote their meat, make a product, or is it possible that they, you know, this the other way around?

It doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, we have to realize that finding themselves in a situation where they’re created or not, it’s obvious that there’s a there’s there’s a lean there. He’s going to go, oh, well, perfect. The meat’s going to be a problem. Let’s make sure we lean into the fear mongering around that. Let’s make sure we lean. And that’s how this stuff works. That’s the corporate blending with our government.

And that’s it’s very clear. And we see that in every aspect. And the idea that you made in regard to the government as the same thing I was saying in the beginning about sanctions more is like a metaphor, right, that we are in that position, that every action they’re taking, every single one of them drives people to be more dependent and reliant on the government, which is what you’re saying.

It’s that. And and that’s that’s exactly what they’re trying to create and using fear. And the bigger point than all of it is that the numbers and the evidence, which you’ve also been pointing out, are just simply not there. But before we get to that, I definitely wanted to talk a little bit more about about Israel’s actions in regard to Syria. Well, and then we could finish with touching on some Covid-19 topics. So, yeah.

And I think I think just it’s also really sorry. It’s also really important. I did a recent article for Whitney Unlimited Hangout, and it’s also important to look at what’s happening with the refugees because this rounding up surveillance, monitoring, tracking, tracing of people is exactly what’s coming in. With us as well, so, yeah, so I think Israel and then it would be good to talk about this because there are CIA programs being run in Syria right now.

Well, I’ll tell you what.

Let’s I mean, we we could let’s just we can have an interview every day for I love talking to you. Let’s just stick with that. You know what? Why would that change my mind all of a sudden, as I just covered yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security discussion where they openly said that we’re going to now start increasing or they’re planning to increase their biometric retention of immigration. So it’s an interesting topic. I’d like to hear more. And then we also just talked about the U.K. extending six months of their retention and collection of DNA, your prints.

But it had a really alarming paragraph about affecting people’s capacity to make decisions in regard to national security. So what’s your take on the immigration part?

And then you have the Covid, the marshals coming in and it’s all very, very alarming, really nice.

But no, I mean, it’s not actually a whole new series for for Whitney on basically what’s happening in the northwest of Syria. But now I’m also bridging to the north east and effectively what’s happening there is an organization called the Violet, which I believe kind of morphed out of the White Helmets that I’d been writing about for a long time that funded by all the usual suspects, you know, CIA, USAID to Chamonix, SAM Syrian American Medical Society ICRC, which is an interesting one, the International Rescue Committee, which is headed up by former Labor MP in the UK, David Miliband, who has close ties to the Clintons.

READ MORE: Meet the “Violet” Successors to the White Helmets’ Syria Propaganda Throne

You have Madeleine Albright and Kissinger on the board and it’s been held up for hushing up sexual abuse cases. And Whitney wrote a brilliant article about the fact that it’s introducing ID 2020 into newborn refugees, newborn refugees and Myanmar. Right. So so this is an organization. It was it was involved in the food for sex scandal in West Africa in 2001, as well as, of course, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders. So almost every organization that is funding the violence has a history of its members being accused of or being involved in the sexual abuse, either of, you know, people close to it, like the CEO of Mercy Corps who abused his own daughter for four years.

And people at most Europe knew about it, but said nothing to the wholesale abuse and violation of refugees. So that’s number one. But the really sinister thing for me is the fact that this organization is being given equipment, is being given AI technology like the IWARN system and which is a monitoring surveillance system which was developed by Gates or funded by Gates or given to the UN. It’s now been given basically to to the Violet organization. I mean, Violet, anyway, the naming of the organization in a violet it is a color associated with power.

I don’t know if you remember when Hillary Clinton lost the election and she turned up in her purple dress and everyone around her during a purple tie. I mean, the symbolism of that just struck me immediately. You know, this was like High Priestess moment. So everything about them is sinister. The fact that they’re being given this state of the art technology, they’re basically corralling refugees into what I call internment centers, particularly the children are going into these internment centers.

Right. To education systems that are being introduced includes robotics. They include basically this kind of dehumanization and the distancing of children. It’s this entire programming of the younger generation for the Great Reset. You know, if you if you read that the World Economic Forum manual, you’ll see what this means. So this for me is a massive programming campaign. Then when I started to look into it, one of the education systems is actually run by Tim Onex and Tim Onex is CIA.

I mean, this is a complete revolving door. Now, when I was in the Northeast and when I entered some of the areas that previously had been under the control of the Kurds and the American proxies, so areas like Manbij, Ain Al issa, I managed kind of through the back to the Syrian army, actually got me into one of the former American military bases. And in that base, I found strewn everywhere thousands of kids, books, kids videos, kids learning.

And I kept thinking like. They’re doing this to our kids, you know, it makes me think about what we’ve been talking about up until this point in regard to our schools, the normalization of the police state, having police there and the way that the way that they’re basically using this watch, which hopefully viewers of my show know we’ve talked about the past is Prussian based system for our schooling, which basically was designed to produce obedient workers. That’s what the system was based on. But bring it today that we have this normalization of a lot of different things and you just bring it to the Covid-19 world in which we find ourselves.

And it’s the same concept. You know, they’re just they’re training these children to to act and believe certain things that aren’t normal are now going to be normal. And think about this in regard to the discussion of the flattening the curve just till we get the vaccine. You know, just, oh, it’ll be over. We’ll go back to the normal. Right. That’s why they keep beating us to fight over the top constantly talking about the new normal, which doesn’t make sense.

But think about what it means to have this kind of world normalized for a long enough period. For children that don’t know any different, you’re creating an entire generation that’s going to think that this is safe, like this is what it looks like to be normal and safe. And that’s why that’s happening. And it’s just something that they’ve been doing for a very long time and that that’s not going to go away. That’s the point. This is not meant to go away.

And everything they’re doing is showing us that across the board, in my opinion.

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And also, if you look and this was something I kind of you know, I had a light bulb moment. If I look at the members of the Violet  organization, of course, very like the White Helmets, you know, they’re working in areas that are dominated by al Qaeda. They’re a sectarian organization. In other words, they’re not inclusive of minority communities inside Syria. How can they be you know, they’re in the al Qaeda haven.

They’re in Idlib. They’re operating with financing from organizations that have connections to the CIA, to British intelligence, to British governmental agencies, blah, blah, blah, et cetera. But when I actually started to look at the photographs of the pilots, I was like, hold on, these guys are probably 18, 19. So that means that the beginning of the war, they would have been 10, 11. So they were the program. They were the program.

Now they’re being used to pass on the program. Wow. That’s fascinating.

Really interesting like that. They’re the new White Helmets. Like we’re watching real time. That’s incredible. Yeah.

Yeah. And they started an ad lib in 2011, 2012, right at the beginning of the conflict. And they were started by a 16 year old. Right. So basically kids recruiting kids. I mean, you know how it happens. And now what they’re doing is if you if you go to their website and then the articles up Unlimited Hangout, you can go to their website, go to the media gallery, look at the the absolute kind of tsunami of kid pictures.

And this is the terrifying aspect is what they’re doing, having been program themselves. Now, of course, they’re taking in young kids and the same sort of age and this is the future generation. So, you know this again, looking at what’s happened in Syria, the sanctions, the increased poverty, the divide and conquer, you know, the extremism. We’re seeing a kind of extremism in the West. It’s not what we associate with terrorism and so on and so forth.

But it’s the same kind of sociopathic and censorship, oppression. Silencing of dissent. Right. So, in other words, it is a form of sectarianism, it’s saying you don’t have the right to have this opinion. You know it. I’m on two strikes on YouTube. Why? Because I’m posting experts, medical experts, virologists, doctors, nurses and so on that are challenging the Covid narrative. I’m not allowed to I’m not allowed to to present something which contradicts the World Health Organization, even though the World Health World Health Organization is contradicting itself.

But I’m not allowed to do that.

And they continue to be shown to be wrong, in fact. And they adjusted the information, which shows you would have been right to say in the beginning, it’s controlling narrative.

It’s exactly what stands out to me in this in this image, this picture that’s being painted here in regard to the training of these children and using them to be the new operatives as this goes forward, is it brings to mind what Whitney also just wrote about in regard to Thorn and and this idea of scanning children’s irises around the country. And it’s happening here in the United States right now. So this is it’s I think we can clearly see these pieces falling into place.

And it’s all the same ultimate agenda. And I think we can’t forget we cannot forget that in war zones, as you know. Well, human trafficking is is out is out of control when these things happen. And so when we see these things, like in this situation, we have to ask whether or not that’s also part of this. And because there’s that has been something in the past with these very same groups. So you wonder in a way, coming back in the same full circle with groups like with Ashton Kutcher, who are arguably trying to use the concept of stopping that to create a network that ultimately could have at the very least or ignore it happening.

And that’s that’s alarming. Absolutely. Absolutely. And if you look at every as I said, almost every single organization that is funding this group, the Violet, they all claim to be invested in the protection of the child or the protection of the child’s rights. But in reality, when you look at the history of these organizations, they’ve done the opposite. They violated and abused their position of influence, their position of power for the most vulnerable in society.

As I said, the food for sex scandal in 2012, which, by the way, was investigated by the organizations that were accused of carrying out the abuse. So, again, come back to Israel. This is exactly the same thing. Or Saudi Arabia or Israel abusing the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia funding terrorism globally, abusing the Yemenis. But they’re allowed to investigate themselves nine times out of ten. Independent investigation, to my knowledge, has been carried out into these various kind of sexual abuse scandals that have been involved, the likes of Oxfam, the likes of MSF, Save the Children, all the organizations that everybody puts up on this pedestal as being the most influential in the protection of child rights.

I say for children, for example, is not against intercountry adoption. You know, it puts in slightly sort of preventative clauses, but it’s not against it. Right. And right now, those who are in charge of the children, let’s say, on behalf of Save the Children, have affiliations to the White Helmets who are suspected of child abuse, child abduction, the use of murder, children to provide propaganda to enable US coalition aggression against Syria after the the doing the chemical hoax, which was basically fabricated by the White Helmets using dead children, which potentially they murdered, which is effectively the children’s proxy.

Sorry, this delay potentially is potentially an al Qaeda accelerate. But nobody seems nobody seems worried about this fact. So these so-called protectors of child rights who basically endorse intercountry adoptions, which is legalize trafficking anyway, it’s a multi-billion market in itself, which is. Consistently being abused. Look at Romania, look at the history of intercountry adoptions, and it’s one of the most powerful lobbies in the world actually protecting intercountry because they’ve recently tried to I think it was Denmark that actually stepped in and tried to get it stopped.

But, you know, The Hague, believe it or not, is that didn’t go. And I think we’ll keep it going. But then when you look at it and when you say who’s influencing The Hague, then, you know, it’s it’s too lucrative and the entire. Child trafficking industry, the organ trafficking industry, the human trafficking industry, of course, this is what provides revenue for these countries, for these armed groups, for these terrorist groups that are effectively proxies of the US in the same way that the kind of the branded groups like the White Helmets, the Violet and so on are the proxies of the NGOs.

But we know in future society, the transnational corporatocracy is going to be the top layer. We’ll get away from nation states. We’re going to go to this transnational corporatocracy. So the ruling elite, the billionaire complex in each country is what’s going to be in control. And then, of course, there a second layer, if you like, in the chain other NGOs. Right.

So when you look at it like that and you look at it like a like a, you know, a top down chain, then effectively what these organizations are the runners. For the for the for the middle class and for the elite, yeah, and you could argue that that’s what we’re currently in and we’re just realizing that, like, it’s slowly being shown to us, you know, either way.

Yeah, definitely. Right. That is where this is going. And I think to kind of put a point on this, at the end of the day, one of the reasons why I appreciate in value your work so much is that there’s just nobody out there who’s trying for few out there who are speaking on behalf of these people that don’t have a voice and people that have nobody that cares about what’s happening to their countries, what’s happening to their families, what’s what’s being openly done by countries claiming to fight for against the very things they’re doing to these people.

I mean, that’s just about the most nefarious thing I can think about. And we and people need to stand up and speak about this. I mean, think about the kind of things that are being done to children all around the world and realize that that’s the kind of thing that’s being grown and being pushed. It’s being it’s beginning to happen even in the West as well. And I think it’s really interesting to think about the picture you painted there where this is all going, the the technocratic revolution, if you will, that’s happening right in front of us.

That is completely OK. If not just that. Just don’t even care one way or the other about what happens to innocent people. And I think that’s being very clearly shown to us. So thank you again for being here today and Vanessa and talking about what’s going on that people just don’t want to look at. So hopefully we can awaken some people. We should actually come circle back and have another one in the next couple of weeks and talk about more of this.

I love talking to you, so thank you for being here. Yeah, I know. Thanks so much for having me on the camera and, you know, social media links or anything else you want to leave for people before you go.

Now, if people can just go to my Patreon, I’ll probably I think you’re on, Rafkin. All right. I’ll probably be joining you in Rokfin, hopefully soon, but to Unlimited Hang out, of course. Whitney’s new site, excitement for US News Last American Vagabond and UK KLA, Russia today.

Awesome. Well, as always, I’ll make sure include everything down below for everyone to check out. And thank you for being here. And as always, everybody out there question everything.

Come to your own conclusions, David..